>Talk about a bunch of scare chickens running around with no heads on. The Crypto and UK Banks situation is causing carnage and alienating decent people trying to make something of themselves.

The harrowing plight of crypto investors suffocated by UK banks’ aggressive restrictions, plunging customers into a vortex of uncertainty and exclusion.

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00:00 Intro
00:30 We are all learning together
01:50 Never Before Has There Been Such An Encroachment
02:15 Politicians Are Stifling The Crypto Industry
03:17 Banks Are Scared Of The UK Government And FCA
03:50 My Old Brain Can’t Rember It All
04:00 Revolut- DON’T Use Them
04:51 PayPal. Scared Chickens Sitting On The Fence
05:15 Santander – OMG!
06:50 Barclays, Lloyds and Metro Bank
07:20 Monzo – The Shining Star
09:14 So, What Do We Do
10:33 Videos Coming Up

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