>Stable Diffusion is an AI Art Tool.

In This Video,
We are going to take a look at how we can create loRA for free using Google Colab.
As an Example, I’m going to create a loRA to generate myself. This is called using AI To Generate Yourself in the typical sense.
We will step by step train a loRA that can generate yourself with high fidelity.

Don’t forget to Watch the video till the end for detailed understanding.
I had to make this extra long.

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Links and Resources at one place –
https://docs.google.com/document/d/16v3p2ysfDAZ63KRfesZ8X_WEaxEcAJWpv2MlPX6vyOc/edit?usp=sharing– />
Full Playlist –
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBx3SDyQgOaBT2B0Y5ROTyiNwq9V1-PG2 />

⌚ Timestamps

00:00 – Introduction
02:27 – loRA Training Resources
03:18 – My Favorite Lora Guide
03:58 – First Part (Dataset Prep)
04:08 – How to Prepare The Dataset Images? (Dataset Prep)
05:57 – My Training Images (Dataset Prep)
06:44 – Bonus | Image Editing Using Photoshop and Stable Diffusion. (Optional)
15:10 – Making The Dataset | Dataset Prep
15:34 – First Step (Creating Folders)
17:02 – Second Step (Putting Images into the folder)
17:51 – Third Step (Tagging The Images)
24:54 – Anime Tagging Style?
26:48 – Bonus | Who is Hatsune Miku?
29:03 – Cooking The LoRA | Training
29:13 – First Step (Mention The Folder having dataset)
29:23 – Second Step (Training Model Selection)
30:11 – Bonus | Types Of Models
31:12 – Third Step (Processing Settings)
32:01 – Fourth Step (Steps Settings)
33:43 – Fifth Step (Learning Settings)
35:49 – Sixth Step (Structure Settings)
36:09 – Training Starts!
36:50 – Using The LoRA | Image Generation
37:41 – Downloading LoRA To Google Colab
39:11 – Settings in Stable Diffusion to Generate!
42:26 – Easiest Way to Compare multiple LoRAs.
44:25 – Generating More Images Using the LoRA.
45:59 – Using Adetailer to Improve The Face
47:09 – The End of The End! Thanks 😍

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