>Recopilation of cool extensions and tools that will help you in your AI art journey. Stable diffusion, controlnet and more!
If you know of tools that are cool for this, please share it with everyone, ty!

Make AI art easier and faster!

————- Links used in the VIDEO ———-

InstallControlnet: https://youtu.be/9mYeHTTJ7Is

Watch the full process for ultimate control: https://youtu.be/aBiGYIwoN_k

clipDrop relight and other features: https://clipdrop.co/relight
ClipDrop Uncrop: https://clipdrop.co/uncrop

pureRef (overlay references easly): https://www.pureref.com
lightshot(screenshot a specific zone): https://app.prntscr.com
you can use “windows+shift+S” to do something similar without downloads

metahuman: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/metahuman-creator-apply
ReadyPlayerMe: https://readyplayer.me
Vroid: https://vroid.com/en/studio
Daz3D: https://www.daz3d.com/

mixamo (free 3D characters and animations): https://www.mixamo.com/#/

3D enviroment and more with TinkerCad: https://www.tinkercad.com/dashboard

3D Posing tools:

sketchfab(look for 3D models): https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/youtube-subscribe-button-338b1ea1284f4de092b21a80aceb444b

PosePacks from civitAI:
SportLike: https://civitai.com/models/37925/sport-like-poses
SittingPoses: https://civitai.com/models/54740/nice-ground-poses
SwordPoses: https://civitai.com/models/72118/sword-poses-depth
DobleWield Poses: https://civitai.com/models/73246/dual-swords-poses
Big thanks to everyone that posts these in civit AI :3

Extension for SD:
3D-openpose-editor: https://github.com/nonnonstop/sd-webui-3d-open-pose-editor.git
Old OpenPose-editor: https://github.com/fkunn1326/openpose-editor.git
DepthLibrary: https://github.com/jexom/sd-webui-depth-lib
PhotoPea in SD: https://github.com/yankooliveira/sd-webui-photopea-embed
CanvasZoom for Inpainting: https://github.com/richrobber2/canvas-zoom.git
SegmentANYTHING: https://github.com/continue-revolution/sd-webui-segment-anything.git
AspectRatioHelper: https://github.com/thomasasfk/sd-webui-aspect-ratio-helper.git
New OpenposeEditor: https://github.com/huchenlei/sd-webui-openpose-editor

face reference with angle posing: http://referenceangle.com/

animal reference with angle posing: https://x6ud.github.io/#/

webcam/Photo reference

FreeStock images:

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-Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/not4talent_ai/
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/not4talent

Tried to make a less overedited video, let me know if you think this is better or worse!! Ty everyone for your feedback and patience :3

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0:00 intro
0:24 Methods for creating
1:10 3D scene builders
1:25 PoseMyART and tips
2:50 New Exporting option
3:20 MagicPoser
3:30 Depth for hands
3:54 NEW open pose editor
4:16 Model Variety w/Mixamo
4:27 PureRef random use
4:40 Import YOUR models
4:50 Create avatars FREE
5:20 Future tutorial info
5:32 Info for exporting Chars
5:52 TinkerCad
6:10 SketchFab or others
6:25 Open poseFACE tools
6:54 animal reference
7:03 Photobashing
7:15 Check for new SD plugins
7:26 Photopea Extension
7:56 Quick How to use
8:24 Fast Photobashing example
8:55 Free stock images
9:12 Generative fill for free
9:30 Inpaint Selection
9:40 Canvas Zoom for inpainting
9:52 Inpaint Anything SAM
10:45 Aspect Ratio helper
11:00 Please help everyone!
11:30 Extra and TY for watching :3

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