1. Just to clarify, western leaders believe so much in democracy, that when you say something they disagree with, they'll get up and leave.

  2. The UN has lost it's way and is no longer relevant.

  3. urinates into pitcher
    "Sorry you want some?"
    forces on the Israeli delegate
    Level: Admiral General Aladeen

  4. Gaddafi , The mad dog of Middle East by Ronald Reagan

  5. the most greedy country who can kill for oil and money – USA
    But one of the best people u would find r in -USA


  6. I would've thought Netanyahu's bomb drawing might've made the grade of UN weird moments.

  7. Bush was motherfucking . He only put sanctions on developing countries

  8. Why has UN installed bathroom tiles behind the speaker?

  9. Muslims r always dangerous to the society

  10. Chaves and Gadhafi epic!

  11. Seriously no mention of Krushchev? He banged his shoe on the tables ffs

  12. 0:48 First they stole the german weapon technology, and now the tricks of the NSDAP

  13. UN is designed to solve small conflicts, which helps. When Major powers start wars, UN disappears.

  14. 'Superbowl of deplomecy'…good one!

  15. Every UN meeting is just the Countries that are in the Organisation for Islamic CoOperation taking shots at Israel for existing and blaming it for comically untrue stuff and these OIC Countries are basically the most ridiculous abusers of Human Rights to ever exist in this World some of them go home to plan ethnic cleansing of non Muslims, while Israel is run by Rational Good Folk of Great Courage and is Safe and Civilised.

  16. Who was worse? Bush or Trump?

  17. If you listen to Gaddafi speech, you'll realize he was saying the right thing

  18. Surely George W. Bush smells like sulfur and is a warmongering war criminal. Bush Jr. led the US into an Iraqi invasion because the CIA fabricated reports that said Iraq had WMDs and the US had the international joke that's called the UN had The IAEA, one of their jokes too, make fake reports confirming the lie. All the lies were later confessed by CIA and government officials live in public hearings in a despicable outrageous act. Only to mobilize the US army and invade a foreign country in the 21st century to plunder its natural resources namely fuel , create political unrest in a hostile region, plunge a foreign nation into total chaos through overthrowing a regime, arming militias and paramilitaries causing over 2 million iraqi casualties during a 9 year active military invasion.

  19. I wonder if they still have that ugly green granite background

  20. a great applause for Sasha baron Cohen.

  21. 1:21 ERDOĞAN, there’s not G in there it’s erdouan at least

  22. UN is like external affairs ministry of USA. It's like a court of the world where US representative are judges.

  23. This week on United Nations…

  24. damn this guys lips lookin thicc

  25. Special event without Pakistan 😂😂
    Ooopsie terroristan.

  26. This is nothing compared to the British House of Commons.

  27. Why is the common denominator a Fuck head from a Islamic nation ??

  28. "Craziest moments", i.e. when some heads of state actually stand up to the bullies and imperialists in the West and Israel.

  29. UN is the ultimate toothless barking dog

  30. Gaddafi is right. Unfortunately, Elon Musk and BoBo is wrong.🙄🙄

  31. Lol – that all I gotta say!

  32. Talk what you want but Ghadafi had the best style to come up.

    Sunglasses always works.

  33. Watch the video of most powerful leader Zulfiqar Ali bhutto in un… this video is nothing to that video

  34. I don't know why, but to me Chavez is looking like a Chinese

  35. No one puts the credibility of the UN and threatens the security and peace in the world more than the USA and Israel. Yet they have the face to stand up and talk about it knowing very well that they lie .

  36. haha I was looking for the DOTARD to be here

  37. Remember the moment when trump walked into the UN? Yeah… that was pretty crazy.

  38. Indian parliament has many

  39. 1:25 Yeah I could imagine Erdogan causing something like this

  40. uu Guys making history jokes whwile im wonderign whybthus video even . Exists haha funny un moment

  41. @isa ! I don’t like that you left a bad comment on this video

  42. U.N. Cringe Compilation

  43. West don't like to hear about its own Sin

  44. Bush asked to go to the bathroom, how historical…

  45. And y'all think politics is boring

  46. 上次 Bill Gates bull shit 没有来,这次我们打赌他会不会来?

  47. 2018 general assembly:
    Everybody laughs at the US president donald trump

  48. Damn you make is sound like a normal day at the office there m8.
    Now let's talk about USA WAR CRIMES ?

  49. What about every single time the US veto's UN sanctions on Israel.
    Every single time, the UN allows human rights violations..
    That's less crazy than Bush going to the bathroom? Sigh

  50. Wtf where’s El Presidente?

  51. White people praise vhalla and gold

  52. "The superbowl of diplomacy" so more revenue for corporations?

  53. Destroy UN
    And p5 country.

  54. UN is a joke:
    The west controls it
    The only good thing they do is charity
    4 of the security council members are western
    Why isn’t Hindi a main UN language instead of Russian?Way more people speak it

  55. When you pull a fast one against North Korea when the Soviet Union is boycotting its seat

  56. The great moamar kadafi ,utube it.

  57. Donald is going to trump them all. All that came before him are nothing…nothing.

  58. I don't understand what's UN for which have no power

  59. oh man i was rolling i laughed so much with chavez i was looking for another similar video but this one did it for me i laughed for a while so funny it made my day lol.

  60. Dictators always causing trouble for everyone

  61. 911 IsraHELL op. Gaddafi murdered by Jewamerica on behalf of the rothchilds banking cartel.

  62. UN resolution 661 killed (murdered ?) half a million children in Iraq. This resolution is the reason for ISIS.

  63. The great son of Africa he was killed for it ghadaffi

  64. If they walk out i guess someone must be saying something true ?? !!

  65. Still, I think Nikita Khrushchev's shoe banging incident on October 12th 1960 was the best.

  66. The way this Interviewer/and or News reporter pronounces Erdoğan is big sack obviously.

  67. Death to the Rothschilds/Rockefeller Banksters UN.

  68. fuck Un ,, they are a branch of USA

  69. Yeah….let's just make Erdogan, Ahmedinnajad and Ghaddafi look bad- typical Western propaganda….I'm surprised Putin wasn't there too…

  70. hallo die ost republik partei in amerika.

  71. brauchen sie mikrofon oder red ader. hn niderland ist mikrofon. die mikrofon ost sehr teur.

  72. Thanks to Trump, Bush seems like a nice guy now. Seriously I would take Bush over the orange man any day.

  73. You forgot when aladeen's double throwed piss at the Israeli ambessdor

  74. United States of America is only problem in world keep this in mind if you want peace in lovely Earth

  75. May gazafy burn in hell

  76. Lest we forget Kurt Waldheim.

  77. United Nations… where the self-appointed 'elite' ignore or pay mere lip service to natural rights then pass edicts to progressively strip them away from the electorate of its member nations.

  78. un has no credibility, front for gray aliens exterminating the human race, as an American I say to the un, get out of America now while you still can, America is waking up and smelling the United Nations eugenic coffee, you have right to be on us soil and you will be pushed into the sea Eventually

  79. No one respect UN
    That's the problem,
    power come with respect

  80. Fake news!!!!! MAGA!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

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