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Coronavirus has evolved, Peking (Beijing) University’s School of Life Sciences and the Institute Pasteur of Shanghai


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    The virus was locked down for the reason of study. Designed by criminals.

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    Thank you dr John you do make me smile amist what's going on , I love the wash hands in big letters if that dosnt get through nothing will👏

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    Thank you for your weeks of information!

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    We have had 2 forms since at least early January. WHO says 3.6% death rate.

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    I read this too just the other day Dr. Campbell. I appreciate that you give China credit where credit is due.

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    so this is sars 2 covid 19?

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    Just like plenty of other vaccines, all it does is make the drug companies a lot of 💰

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    Thank you for your work.🙏🏻

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    sounds like the combination of s and l types are a new type possibly mutated and should be called something else. like it is developing and building. if it builds, won't it be even more difficult.

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    Only the Chinese authoritarian CCP could lock down and quarantine major population centers. The US population would complain, rebel, PC every effort to ineffectiveness. The combination of the complexity of this situation and ignorance leaves no other option than authoritarian action and responses. BTW: WASH YOUR HANDS.

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    This article also talks about strains:


    Notice they say it started in 2018, a year earlier than what was currently thought!

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    Thank you. Thank you very much.

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    Thank you for how you deliver all this information. You are a born teacher.

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    Is it your belief that immunotherapy would be effective for both the S and L types? Would you think based on the number of deaths in Iran that the L type may be more prevalent?

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    Very understandable lesson. Great job! I understand.

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    Thank you for your fabulous explanations. This is clearer than anything in the US right now.

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    Here in the USA I think the virus will spread pretty fast, especially since a corona virus test costs about 1400 $ (with insurance).

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    Good afternoon, i have recent viewed video on youtude which i must warn are very distressing and only to watch at own risk. The video's titles usually are title; Hidden bitter truth about corona virus Wuhan China. Its really dishearten that as a human race there are still countries allowed to control individuals free speech and cover up facts, feel this is a time for all humanity to be transparent and co-operate together for the humanity's survival

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    These mutations can happen again though…there is no telling unless they check the genome of all cases around the world

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    Just one question. Why isn't the government doing these talks? It's their job isn't it?

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    THANK YOU! The mutation possibilities is exactly what I’ve been searching the internet far and wide for. Appreciate your stuff, Doctor!

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    This virus was created in a lab. The elite are not shy about their goals.. Bill Gates saying we are overpopulated, the Georgia Guidestones… Its a sick world we live in.

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    L or s type what's out what's not can only be confirmed by countries who do the decoding on their patients and if they have the facilities prepare for both , this only means people will get sick twice , very sick twice ,

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    The Western governments won't be able to "lock down" in the way China has because the populace is not terrified of the police and government as the Chinese are, that is the one advantage of having a brutal socialist regime in charge.
    I think the West will lock down without being told to when people start dropping dead in the streets, nobody will leave their homes and the economies will collapse.

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    Waves of infection…just like predicted.

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    Thank you, Doctor Campbell!

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    Saw a woman in a bakery handling the pastries , not using the tongs….. I said out loud " Don't use your hands".. she just carries on… looks at me with a nasty look.. ( this wasn't in the uK by the way. In one of the few remaining countries without the virus

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    I hope L and S is not based on the jag .. nomenclature that is

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    does anyone actually know a single person with 'covid-19' ?!

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    This man has earned my respect. Dr. John Campbell willingness and ability to explain medical knowledge started well before Covid-19 showed up.

    His explanations of what this disease is and what it does as understanding of this disease grows has been exemplary.

    I could only wish for such from the governments and organisations we have trusted with healthcare to follow his example.

    China results would be amazing if they did not lie for cultural reasons of keeping face.

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    Check mate corona virus. Im a vegan.

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    Thank you! You're channel is a great form of important information. I'm not a scientist or a doctor but I was able to follow you easily 😊

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    Are those base mutations simply unfortunate or skillful engineering?

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    I was reading that most people are catching the S type now since the L type stopped spreading and it's struggling to survive. The S type being more mild. Which is why new infections are showing mild symptoms. Which is good news. I think the reason why China saw such a high infected and death rates is because type L was the one spreading. Since China shut everything down to L isn't able to spread.

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    Question? If RH factor blood has no protein on outside of cell wall verses positive having both inside and outside proteins could this lower receptions? Anyone can receive o neg blood without a shock reaction. Obviously there is a huge difference in this DNA bloodline. Perhaps their should be more evidence of their push for DNA databases.

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    Doctor Campbell, you absolutely must not stop making these videos for the duration. I will contribute to your project and I encourage others who have come to rely upon the excellent instruction provided. Doctor, you provide both calmly-delivered information and a degree of comfort to those of us who worry excessively. The smattering of humor is a delight and makes digesting this topic somewhat more manageable. Thank you so much for the extensive time and effort you expend and the very wonderful lack of self-serving motives that accompany many other channels.

    I hope I survive to the point where a vaccine is available to me. I seriously doubt some of my family members will survive any infection. 🙁

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    Confirmed case in South Africa.

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    I do not believe for one solitary second this came from animals or bats

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    But wait….they didn't lock down until AFTER early January. Meaning the L type is likely what has spread around the world. At the rate of spread, if the S is less infectious, you would think we would be seeing a SLOW DOWN of disease progression but instead we are seeing an INCREASE of progression. I am not a Scientist Dr. John, FAR from it…but the DATES don't line up to the theory that it is S spreading and L has slow downed. In Washington State (my neighbor!) We have 12 deaths and only 109 confirmed cases. This tells me there are THOUSANDS infected because of the R-Naught and the 3.4 mortality rate (increased by a W.H.O. specialist)…what are your thoughts on this? And one more thing, TESTING has slowed down. Here in the U.S. they have hardly tested ANYONE. The L type is not PROVEN to be slowed down because there is no testing being done to confirm the TYPING of the cases…tablets here in the U.S. where travel to and from China is greatest.

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    I believe there is a possibility the S type is more prevalent because it's less severe and less virulent. Weird as it may sound, people with light disease are more likely to misrepresent it as a regular cold or flu. These people are then less likely to visit a doctor and lay down in bed as they instead push through, go to work etc. Others then are less likely to worry because "I ain't got the symptoms and Jeff's fine too, it was probably just cold.". This way the S type can than happily spread from people who go to lock down too late and take no precautions. Hell, I have cold and didn't stop working. It's almost over though, finally my nose can heal up again.

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    What? Corona Chan is evolving!

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    Well done , thank you.

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    Hi Doc, apologies if you have already covered this in a previous video, but if some people, predominantly younger healthy people are surviving having the virus, could their antibodies be used in some form to assist in producing a vaccine.

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    I wish we had a universal Flu Vaccine that works on all flu virus. Wishful thinking I'm afraid.
    Enjoy your podcasts and hello from Florida.

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    If this is the narrative Chinese scientists are pushing to pat themselves on the back for their actions, I’m very skeptical. That’s the exact kind of propaganda that CCP would want their citizens and the rest of the world to believe and admire their government’s efforts.
    Doc, do you at all believe the narrative that Covid-19 was possibly lab created or do you 100% think it occurred naturally?

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    Is there a T-type? I mean like the

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    Imagine CCP claiming it's the leader fighting the corona virus now, and demand the world to respect it's authority.

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    This is a cold. It spreads like the cold, is as incurable as the cold, is as mild as the cold IN THE BEGINNING. It then attacks deep lung surface cells, kills them, and leaves holes in the surface, where pneumonia bacteria can start the attack. There is no way to really stop the spread. What we should have started with from the beginning, was to shield those who can be most severely affected, old people and those with illnesses that can make the infection dangerous for them.

    There is aerosol spread, so washing Your hands is not a good enough prevention. With the precautions taken in most countries, what will happen is rapid spread of the infection. Locking down air traffic, trains, buses, ships and so on can help, as well as closing schools, restaurants, stadiums and so on. But this will only slow down the spread.

    I think we finally must realize that this epidemic must run it's course, and there is no real hope of stopping most of the population from getting infected. So as I said earlier, shielding the old and others most likely to suffer really serious effects. That means homes for the elderly and neighborhoods with an old population + people in risk groups should have been the ones isolated from the rest of us, and thereby from the risk of getting infected, as long as possible, until a future cure is at hand. I do not see the WHO, CDC and public health officials making this logical conclusion, or acting upon it.

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    When this first hit Wuhan I thought it was an accidental release from the lab. They rounded up all of those people and released another less deadly virus because it would have looked incriminating if nothing spread. This confirms it. Kind of a relief, really but I feel bad for Wuhan

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    I need to start taking videos and photos of all my fellow Japanese who have no clue on how to properly use masks or the fact that still probably over 50% of ppl walking around in Japan aren't wearing masks and just coughing without covering their mouth.

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    Dr John,
    Is there something that can suppress the ACE2 adsorption/acceptance rate of the virus? Or make the ACE2 sites hostile to the virus? Enough that the body can keep up and then develop the antigen to it.

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    Dr. John still being a volunteer here while WHO rakes in all the money. where the f are we going too.

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    Thank you for making and posting your videos, John. I live in Zambia – Africa – and there is little to no trustworthy info coming forth from officials here.

    Nevermind the fact there is little to no medical help on just normal days….and 1/3 of our population is HIV +.

    We have accepted one of more people in our family will eventually get it and we have prepared as much as we can to self medicate and go into self isolation for 3 – 4 weeks, when the time comes.

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    Appreciated the "summary" bit at the end, my note-taking fell behind……Thank you.

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    Gonna ask Dr, what shall i do ? Dr: don’t ask me, I don’t know you..! You’r Amazing, We love what you doing for all of us, god bless you.

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    How often do these types of viruses mutate to be more of a "fit" for infection? This a common mutation and is there any parallels in time frames, duration, etc?

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    Excellent video. In hindsight, two strains was always the most likely explanation for there being both mild and severe cases.

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    I don't get it to be honest how the S strain would be less prevalent if its the ancestor type, even if you take into account china's lock down.

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    ooo this stay with us a long time

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    IS IT POSSIBLE (with nowadays high technologies available to build up viruses in lab) that SOMEBODY ON PURPOSE CREATED A VIRUS WITH THOSE SPECIFIC SPIKES ABLE TO CONNECT WELL WITH THE CELL RECEPTORS ACE 2 RECEPTORS ??? And why WHO is NOT an independend organization but instead is made of and financed by big pharma companies???

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    Here in Toronto I'm afraid of lock down for weeks or months, thus, sinking into huge debt. Take care ppl.

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    Could this be the reason some people are being "reinfected?"

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    On the recent developments in NY. There was “no indication” that “casual contact,” such as riding a subway with someone who is sick, is “going to increase the risk to everyday New Yorkers,” said Oxiris Barbot, the city’s health commissioner(from how the flu on steroids spread in New York)…… officials in the government are still complacent about anything regarding this virus.

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    This is a disaster. Boris Johnson just told ITV's This Morning programme: "One of the theories is perhaps you could take it on the chin, take it all in one go and allow the disease to move through the population without really taking as many draconian measures. I think we need to strike a balance." . This is a catastrophe as it will mean thousands of ICU beds being needed to have any chance to save lives. As we don't have the beds or the staff what he is saying is that the Government wont try to save people, just let them die untreated in their homes and let the virus die out on its own. This will no doubt say the government a lot of money. All they need is body bags and a truck.

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    question: If the L mutation came from the original S-strand, then could the S-strand cases still turn into L-strand? Where does this mutation take place exactly? in the human body? it is a little difficult to get our heads around it as lay people. Thank you.

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    Dr. Campbell, you are a treasure.

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    Need to test the behavior of the virus near 60Ghz and the effects on humans .
    I think the virus change form S To L when it's bombarded with 60Ghz

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    Let’s reason together. => If the initial strand mutated after a certain number of infections, I don’t understand why both strains might not mutate again. Perhaps after approximately the same number of additional infections as the initial number of infections before mutation. Using the reported numbers of perhaps 50,000 reported infections when the samples that formed the basis of the study that formed the basis of this video, were collected – we know the actual number of infected people is always higher than any report of infected people, but assuming the ratio of reported number of infection to actual number of infected people is the roughly the same, would it not be reasonable that at least a potential additional mutation would occur each time each strand infected sufficient people to have a reported infection of an additional 50,000 people? => Is it not also reasonable to suggest that some percentage of these mutations will continue to be of infectious concern? (Perhaps, there were many previous mutations of the virus and only the one mutated strain was of infectious concern.) This would seem to suggest that there will be many more strains before this pandemic is over. => If one assumed that one hundred times more people were infected than reported, than for every half million infected people, there will be a new strain that is of infectious concern. It seems reasonable to me that those moving forward with vaccines need to anticipate this potential and plan for different strains. Everyone can do the math to see how many different strains might evolve if the estimates of 80% of the world’s population are infected. Also, everyone can do the math if one assumes that only one tenth or half of that estimate actually occurs. => Also, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to suggest that the more dangerous strain may also not be the most infectious, so we may continue to see the same ratios of these two strains. =>. Lastly, if I remember correctly, at about 14:30, is it not reasonable for a resurgence of the number of infected if social distancing behaviors change, changing the then current R0? Is it not reasonable for resurgence not to just be a risk for future new strains, but a risk for changed behaviors, even if the disease is not at least biphasic.

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    Did you say Evil oution?

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    Thank you for explaining

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    I'm more afraid of the government's reaction to the 'disease'. the way they're praising China for dragging people off and barricading them into their homes, etc… the scared masses will stand silently by while the 'authority' drags off ur friends and neighbors to 'quarantine' if u really look into China, and pay close attention to how little to no PPE the police are wearing…just beating and dragging people off to these prison containers it says it all right there. they're not actually concerned with cross infection at all. they're rounding up all the dissidents and culling them. notice how more and more Chinese people have been standing against their government lately?! what better way to put a stop to it than to launch a pathogen and round everybody up!!!

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    -> -> -> ->

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    What a cunning way for the Chinese communist party to explain poorer medical outcomes compared to western counties “oh we had the more virulent form that’s why our death rate is higher”.

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    USA needs to release it's greatest weapon against the Coronavirus. "Chuck Norris" He could have this cleaned up by midday and have time to sign autographs sell a total home gym and save a kitten from a tree.

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    I hope it's a binary virus so there will be no more mutations

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    Great discussion of new strain, thank you. More easily transmitted is one of several factors contributing to Ro and it is Ro that is important in how two strains evolve in their prevalence in human populations. Thus, the Ro can actually be lower overall for L strain compared to S strain because of these possibilities which need to be researched:

    (1) If L strain infected time window to infect others while asymptomatic is sufficiently narrower than S strain Infected, the reduced time window of asymptomatic transmission may outweigh the higher transmissibility effect on Ro – net effect is a lower Ro.

    (2) Even when infected enter symptomatic phase, most present only mild symptoms similar to the common cold. Therefore, it is unlikely that those with mild symptoms would feel the need to go to a hospital or clinic, just get some over the counter cold medicine and otherwise go about ones everyday routine – all the while spreading the infection. However, if the L strain has more severe illness, a higher proportion can be identified and isolated, preventing further spreading by that individual which lowers Ro.

    (3) If more severe illness leads to higher fatality rate and more rapid progression to death, then those infected with L strain will have less opportunity to infect others compared to a S strain infected spending weeks recovering all the while infectious. Importantly, L strain would have a lower nosocomial (spread in hospital settings) specific Ro and hospitals a a major concern as a breeding ground for clusters of infections.

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    This makes sense hopefully there is hope the virus will dwindle .

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    John, I'm ready and healthy for the virus. I think my immune system will slap cheekz

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    The co-indences which happen in a biolab never amaze me.

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    Thanks Dr. Campbell, best instructor I ever had. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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    Update on the infamous Hong Kong Dog infection:
    “Hong Kong authorities on Wednesday updated their reports on the lone dog that appears to have a low-grade infection from coronavirus, saying it’s likely a case of a human transmitting it to the dog.”

    New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/04/science/animals-pets-coronavirus.html?algo=identity&fellback=false&imp_id=889046174&imp_id=70341204&action=click&module=Science%20%20Technology&pgtype=Homepage

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    Why are some people so dumb I have been told constantly by colleagues not to worry it is all hype. I am busting my backside off sanitising the work place as much as I can to keep people safe and all I am is a joke why are people still not taking this seriously

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    Okay. We know it mutated once. And no one is thinking that it will continue to mutate long before a vaccine has been produced? Some mutations being benign and others being far more deadly or infectious.

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    Ft.bend county Texas has its first case of CV! A 71 yr old man who traveled abroad. News doesn't say where he traveled, hes in a Houston hospital.

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    We have had the two forms since January, as I wrote to you a while back. If you look at the graphs you will pretty much be able to see when it happened (Notice the difference from January 17). The Chinese study was presented on the net, but was ignored by a majority. Authorities and the mass media have been more busy telling people that this is just a flu, that they got it covered, and that face masks doesn't work (which you all will come to see is a f-ing lie by authorities caught with their pant's down, and wanting to get their share). The only reason for bringing up the mutation now is because it sadly for them got out that people infact get the disease twice. Both the S and the L. That could point to that vaccines wouldn't work, and prevent them from keeping the masses calm by constantly telling stories about having a vaccine ready soon. Apperently it's easier to admit that they have to make two types of vaccine by now, which probably soon won't be enough anyway because the virus keeps mutating.
    Forget stupid conspiracy theories etc. but keep your eyes open. We don't know why, but one thing is clear: Authorities are lying their butt off.

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    Is “viral interference” a real scientific based thing? Perhaps you can make a future video discussing this concept.

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    The problem is that the lockdown in China happened after the horse had already bolted due to a government cover up. Meaning the virus had spread globally over a short period of time. Therefore theres just as much of a chance that it could have mutated into the more virolent L strain as the milder S strain.

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    Anyone else visit the live map tracker last night and get a glitch where it said 2.65 million confirmed cases?

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    82 Cases here in The Netherlands now, double as of yesterday. And testing results are now delayed by 72 Hours.

    They're really dropping the ball here. I read the RIVM and GGD didn't want to test a couple that came from a honeymoon in Japan, even though they had a 38C fever. They said they didn't come from a high risk area, so testing isn't needed… They're also telling people that do test positive to stay quiet about it.

    The RIVM and GGD also keeps believing there is no spreading risk by touching your mouth and face. It's only being transmitted via coughing as far as they're concerned. Children can just go to school as well, no risk of spreading they said until people get symptoms.

    I just fail to understand this behaviour from our government.

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    Alot off may's this time. Good Quality info here though

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    Very informative; THANK YOU

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    Love you! Thanks a lot! You aré wonderful!

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    i do not believe anything that the chinese claims about it. its a lot of eye wash, so we consume like we did, all made in china and they are let off the hook, its been around longer, its harmless now forget what got out maybe… really not believable.

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    It seems that governments & WHO are the ones panicking. If they would just buck up and pull the bandaid off quickly, let folks be stunned and get it out of their system, I think we will be better off. This drip drip drip of misinformation is crazy town. Thankfully we have the good doctor and others on YouTube and other media to fill in the truth. Can you imagine what it would be like without the internet?

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    This trust in "clever scientists" and "vaccins". I'm not against vaccins, but it's been two months and already there's a mutation. How many strains in 2021?
    What is glaringly obvious is that this came from a chinese lab and that all countries have to openly share their research data about this.
    Since the WHO completely dropped the ball, and didn't limit travel in the crucial period a month ago, some other more trustworthy organisation will have to do this.
    Openness is the key.

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    I do wish this man was in charge. More would live.

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