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    Love the work, awesome daily! What about blood donations? Its impossible to avoid infected blood?

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    there holes in ears as well as your eyes they never tell you this so block ears as well wear ear plugs, you know go up lift your ear pop as air in nose come out your ears.

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    So I’ve read that dogs have been found to be infected with it. At least two so far were found to carry covid-19. Here’s a link to one dog, at The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/05/hong-kong-warns-residents-not-to-kiss-pets-after-dog-contracts-coronavirus

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    Stay safe doc! Praying for you!

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    This doctor is incredible..so much value..Country leaders should hire him!!!

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    The death rate is higher than shown here.
    Not just in elderly, but from 30+. And the infection rates (transmission rate) are almost even, beginning at 30-39; 40-49; 50-59 and 60-69, then actually tapering, IIRC. All near 20%. FYI.

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    A message to all the introvert idiots here…they are all gloating about how their lack of social skills are so useful. I am an introvert and I have been in a disaster situation. Trust me it is worse. Suddenly I had to deal with all the people I hated and had to get supplies on my own and so on. My lack of social skills became even more apparent. When thereis no disaster I didnt have to struggle so much. I could just go to work, do my job and come back. Please understand that this crisis doesnt benefit anyone. As usual extroverts would come out on top, manipulating others and getting what they need.

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    What's with the dry cough on a respetory desease? Where's the mucus?

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    Cough…cough….excuse me! Thank you sir for the timely information. Take care of you and your family!

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    We assume that this virus comes from animals. What if nature designs this to balance the earth.
    If we cure this disease then we should expect an even stronger virus in the future

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    I dont agree the virus came from an animal. I think the virus was man made.

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    There are no antibodies and there is no "fully recovered". It "jumped species" via the SARS bio weapon, which was taken from bats. Then had HIV segments added onto the spikes. It sure as shit didn't come from a bit of random bat snot in a wet market. Evidence has it that 14 of the first 40 people had nothing to do with the fkn wet market. It went INTO the market, before it came out of the market. Start acknowledging facts.

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    Echinacea was one of the few herbal products to have any effect on the deadly SARS virus in 2002. A lot of research was carried out to establish why this was the case.

    It must be taken early in the infection as it interrupts the way the virus behaves when it infects an individual, before symptoms arise.

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    What the world needs to do collectively is enforce a strict, China-like quarantine for a month. This could be controlled but unfortunately it won't happen.

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    Did we really think they were going to pay a Universal Income to 7 billion redundant wage-slaves, now that we have built all their shit..?

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    Governments are all in on it. Its called Agenda 21 population reduction. They all signed it. Except maybe Syria and Venesuala

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    there sumthing else going on trying isolate people so less people on streets this cut down drugs and other things going on around world so less people out there more easy for them catch you when u are out there as no one around so u out side they spot u faster by heat you give off, as well telling stop smoking and doing other things u not do, so people not law or army are criminals up to no good in a way it good stop a lot criminals up no good help stop human trafficking, drug lords doing there deals.

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    My Niece and Nephew are flying from Arizona to Washington DC next week and they both have Juvenile Arthritis. Should they cancel? The Arthritis foundations is sending them and since the organization has not told them to cancel they trust that they are ok.

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    I don't think the case fatality rate is lower as Dr. Campbell suggests. Yes, there are many undetected cases and this brings down the CFR. However, it is also wrong to take the number of deaths and divide it by the number of infected people _right now_. People don't get sick and die immediately, it takes a couple of weeks for them to succumb to the virus. We have to use the number of infected people two weeks ago to get a more accurate picture. So there are two factors influencing the current CFR: Unidentified infections decrease the CFR while computing the CFR using the number of cases two weeks ago increases it. The question is, which of these factors is bigger? Given the high infectiousness of this virus, I fear that the actual CFR may actually be higher than currently reported.

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    I stopped shaking hands years ago, so I'm just gonna stick with that. A nod will suffice for me.

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    I literally had a flashback when he said ,"It is Wednesday".

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    My son works in a large health care clinic north of Seattle, USA. They had to scrounge in the janitorial and maintenance department to find a couple dozen additional dozen N95 masks. They have a few of those back-tie aprons and a a few gallons of disinfectant, nothing more. As part of the feel good e-mail the director in charge sent to employees was this instruction: Avoid contact with people who are sick. This idiocy, from the director of a large health care clinic. I told my son to quit his job — our front line health care workers are like the Russians on the roof at Chernobyl. They have no hazmat suits, none of those isolation cocoons to put the infected into, no test kits to see who is infected and who is not. It is staggering, an utter failure — despite seven weeks of prior warning — of every system.

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    I'm now wondering if Neti pots and squeeze bottle rinsed are s good idea …would some virus get forced into the sinuses??

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    Cunning scallywags indeed Doc. Take care..your videos are informative

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    It seems most people are not going along with the name “Covid 19”. I am one them.

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    What about eating lots of fruits and vegetables? Doesn't food packed with vitamins and minerals keep your immune system functioning well?

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    4 cases in west of Ireland. 3 in N.Ireland. 1? I think in Dublin. The health service in N.Ireland is very under funded. There is a drive through testing facility at Antrim area hospital. I worry about nurses( like my sister) and other health care workers.

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    Question: If it is zoonotic in origin then it would stand to reason there is an animal somewhere that it could and did infect. If it is only able to reproduce in humans then it would seem to reason that it is engineered. You seem to present the theory that it was both zoonotic and only able to reproduce in human cells. Could you please expound in a video of how that is possible. Thank you for your time and your great videos.

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    So if everyone, every where wore a mask to prevent the spread, the Ro would fall below one and it would die out. It would only be for 3-4 months.

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    If only our governments would act this fast with global warming…

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    Dr Campbell. I watch you everyday day. You give excellent information and is a great teacher. I learnt so much from you. There are cases of people being "reinfected" by the coronavirus , the latest being a 39 year old (in Wuhan) re admitted to hospital where he shortly died. He was only recently cleared to go home with the all clear. Here is the link https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3065091/coronavirus-recovered-patient-dies-china-reports-139-new-cases. His is definitely not the first case. My questions are , in your opinion on, could the two PCR tests be wrong (some kits are are giving false positives and false negatives, again, it depends on the quality of the swab. Sputum should provide a more accurate results). 2. Could this coronavirus remain dormant in our body (I hope not) ready to strike again. 3. Could this be a case of ADE, where the second infection is deadlier. BTW, China is now testing for anti bodies from all patients from now on. It seems they have this capability for a while. Some experts advice on prior to releasing patients, they should be given 3 PCR test with one of them being an anal probe swab. On top of that a CT scan should also be done (There is in fact a study which concludes that CT scan is more "accurate and reliable " than PCR tests.)

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    Could this virus live in us permanently like herpes or chicken pox even after the patients recover?

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    I am in the USA I live in Minnesota which doesn’t have confirmed cases YET!! I have respiratory issues. I can’t remember what the Lung specialist called it but basically when I’m walking my heart rate runs high the my O2 decreases. I am on oxygen. I have Asthma to so I’m am so worried about getting the virus and being one of the fatal cases. It seem like everyone with underlined existing medical problems passes away. I have some heart disease to. I’m pretty sure my immune system is very good. I have the tummy flu a couple weeks ago. No fever. Just mild 1 x vomiting and runny number 2’s for half a day then I was fine. Besides that I haven’t been sick I a good long time. Can you answer from what I’ve told you if I have cause to worry??

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    USA what a epic fail. My Grandma was English I think she was great! I guess I’m stuck in this crap schoot?!

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    Honest question – is it out of the question for cashiers at major stores to wear basic gloves? Especially if they live with people with weakened immune systems? Thank you!

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    I can’t help but wonder why are we not seeing many interviews from those who have recovered from this?

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    I went to the dentist today. With all the mist and spray from the drill there is no way dentists are not going to be infected. Even if they wore complete containment ppe, the clinic would need sterilisation between patients. 😟

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    Dr …. u need to read this https://twitter.com/PDChina/status/1235475133713678338 People's Daily, China


    Beijing hospital has proved for the first time that the #COVID19 can cause damage to patients' central nervous system. Doctors from Beijing Ditan Hospital announced Thursday that they have cured a 56-year-old male patient whose cerebrospinal fluid had the virus.

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    So this thing came from animals but now somehow only replicates in humans?
    I don't understand 😤

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    Dr. John can you explain about the difference between this and MERS. Or explain what Dr. free is going on about?

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    Well said doc, my worry from the beginning has been our vunerable residents, 100% of which have underlying health conditions all of which you have previously listed, thankfully, our manager and company are being extremely (rightly so) proactive.

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    The animal market theory is widely doubted now. It is very likely we are dealing with a lab-engineered pathogen. When you say "what we know" do you mean what me know from the Chinese, or we know from elsewhere? What are your sources, doctor? Hopefully not the WHO.

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    Everyone in this comment section makes me realise that in this selfish world, there are some nice genuine people…and it warms up my heart. I feel really happy. If you're reading this comment as you're watching this video, I want to let you know that I'm glad you exist…you are one of the reasons humanity is still intact! Thank you for being you!!!

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    14:00 "All I know is the Chinese data" This is exactly what is troubling me, doctor. The problem is that the Chinese data is largely disinformation.

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    Well it looks like I’m in that bloody group, auto immune disease, 33% of each kidney knackered after biopsy test and after over ten years of going to the hospital and no one still knows what Has or is causing it 😕 so I’ll be avoiding every man and his dog for months.

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    I still don't believe that it came from a market in Wuhan. I believe that it is a bio weapon that came from that lab in Wuhan.

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    Obesity and certain types of cancer may be risk factors for COVID-19 due to ACE2 expression

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    "One sure-fire way to keep flu and other viruses at bay is to wash your hands often and well.

    But, if you can, avoid high-speed jet air dryers in public restrooms. Research shows that they spread — rather than remove — germs. The same is true to a lesser extent for warm air dryers.

    The clear winner: Good old-fashioned paper towels.

    “We often say that handwashing is the key to preventing the spread of illness. But wet hands increase the risk of transmitting bacteria, so drying is an equally important step in prevention,” says urgent care specialist Theresa Lash-Ritter, MD."


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    I've decided against a trip I was going to do to London next month, based on this video. I don't think I'm panicking just being safe rather than sorry as I'm in a high risk group for my age. My trip would involve a train trip, several tube journeys, and crowds. Thank you for the sensible and clear advice Dr.

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    It would follow that the stronger the immune system, the stronger the immunogloblin response. ????

  53. Avatar

    SARS and other viruses still exist in labs.

  54. Avatar

    To be fair, we don't know if the virus can remain dormant. It's not clear if all the virus is cleared or if it can lie low, wait for the antibodies to become less effective and cause endogenous reinfection.

  55. Avatar

    Worth noting that 80 percent of infections in China were within households. Once the virus enters your household social distancing is pretty much impossible.

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    Dr John, thanks for your very important videos. I’m in Australia and it’s important to get correct advice rather than mainstream media. I live in a regional area on my own. I do have appointments in my capital city for other medical issues as there are no specialists where I live. I had one such visit today and I felt so vulnerable in a massive city with thousands of people in the streets. I took precautions with hand sanitizer and tried to maintain distance but it is impossible in an elevator. I understand the isolation and quarantines are necessary but there’s no way this can ever be controlled. Keep up the good work.

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    What happened to the theory that this virus had "jumped species" is the Wuhan market? People are told to not worry about their
    domestic dogs and cats. They can harbor the virus but it does not jump the species to humans. So what happens to people who
    have snakes and lizards as pets? Should they just turn them into shoes?

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    I don't get this logic, it is believed this virus was spread from an animal to human, however it requires human cells to reproduce. So my question how did it survive in the animal when it required humans cells to survive?

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    Hi dr john, can you please advice how to deal with stress towards this situations when i work for airline crew that doesnt stop flying to italy like milan. Especially we doesnt allow to use gloves and masks. How important is the gloves when collecting trays from pax? And how to stay strong during this time?

    Would be really appreciate. Thank you.

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    Hi dr John is it normal for really sick people for there hands and feet go black I’ve seen a video from China hospital saying this is what was happening with covid19 so scary

  61. Avatar

    wasnt it a dog infected recently? or fake news?

  62. Avatar

    Great explanation 👌🤭🙏👍🙈😀💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🤜🤛

  63. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the optimism that we can stop this simply by isolating. I know there’s not a lot of chance of that happening, but it’s nice to hear we do have the ability to end this if we choose to. That’s good news!

  64. Avatar

    First wave of Chinese Corona Virus (CCV) released by the CCP turning out to be rather tame compared to the MORE DEADLY VERSION RELEASED UPON THE REST OF THE THE WORLD

  65. Avatar

    literally 3% of the people are dying. it's really nothing to worry about

  66. Avatar

    8:50 Lets just stay at home.

    Edit: and also start testing people.

  67. Avatar

    Thank you again Dr Campbell. A comment and a few suggestions on what was said here:
    View this as something positive and an opportunity to find out about new things.
    Go take a walk in the forest, or start exercising in some other way that you can do on your own.
    See those films you missed. Go fishing. Bring out the binoculars to see the stars, or to go birdwatching or whatever animals you got in your location. Start renovating that old car, motorbike or lawnmover you got in the garage.
    I don't think any of these could be considered to 'stop living' rather the opposite – as it would be something new for most!
    Good luck, stay safe -plan for the worst while hoping for the best! =)

  68. Avatar

    What of survivors' likelihood of permanent lung tissue scarring that manifests later in things like idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

  69. Avatar

    There's an article published in the BMJ with the results of a meta study showing daily vitamin D supplements lessen both the incidence and severity of respiratory Infections. Could you please address this and give your thoughts?

  70. Avatar

    We did not stop SARS, it is here right now in a mutated form, SARS-Cov-2.

  71. Avatar

    I still can’t believe Dr John thinks this virus came from a wild animal market. No it came from the level 4 Biological weapons lab in Wuhan. He just don’t want to be the one saying it. I get it but the fact is, it is is bioweapon and everyone knows this. If these viruses are carried by animals, they why is this now happening? Seriously folks? Love Dr John. Thank you! As far as vaccines, I don’t trust them and they aren’t safe or effective. Vaccines are not the answer bc they can’t make them safe. They want to add all the adjuncts and they aren’t safe. When they start making SAFE vaccines, then I’m all in. To this day, they are not safe. Just look at how sick we are globally, but especially where Big PHARMA is…. 🙄🤮🦠

  72. Avatar

    Is it too risky to go to Dr's.

  73. Avatar

    Love the information I’m getting from your videos. The neighbor of the attorney in New York caught it by merely taking his friend to the hospital. This is after the attorney spread the virus to his wife and both of his children. Just riding in the same car can spread the virus. If someone is obviously sick, protect yourself! Don’t share the same enclosed oxygen exchange!!!

  74. Avatar

    As the virus mutates or not and infects more humans the necessary facilities and equipment are not going to be available, thus the mortality rate will significantly increase to 20% plus. All this does not matter because approximately every 100 years this happens to humanity. Anyway it’s a necessary for the earth to remove the burden, to remove the overpopulation of humans. China knows this and has tried to control population for many years. Now let’s discuss China as the world’s supply chain. Many countries are learning acquiring goods at a low cost has a high price and affects there security. If individual countries don’t become self supporting there economies & peoples are at risk. Globalism equals dependency on others and can cause small problems the become larger like this cold virus.

  75. Avatar

    How dangerous is it?

    It is hard to accurately assess the lethality of a new virus. It appears to be less often fatal than the coronaviruses that caused SARS or MERS, but significantly more so than the seasonal flu. The death rate was over 2 percent, in one recent study. On Friday, government scientists estimated that the figure could be below 1 percent, roughly the rate occurring in a severe flu season.

  76. Avatar

    Treat the environment around you as if it was a surgical theater.

  77. Avatar

    expert says 80% of cases ‘spontaneously recover’

  78. Avatar

    People with diabetes needs to research the use of the mineral called Chromium.

  79. Avatar

    I love watching every day! I get knowledge that I can understand. I don’t watch the news here in the US (too much drama) so I am counting on your updates to keep me informed. Thank you!

  80. Avatar

    I believe the WHO said COVID-19 does not transmit as easily as the flu. I'm wondering if there is a consensus on that.

  81. Avatar

    A Charles Lieber, Chair of Chemistry Department at Harvard, charged with working w/ Chinese Nationalist… WCVB Channel 5 Boston.

  82. Avatar

    Thanks John for keeping us all up-to-date , really interesting

  83. Avatar

    This guy taught me!

  84. Avatar

    Thank you, Dr Campbell

  85. Avatar

    Thank you for the facts . Here in New Orleans La. there have been no tests and no testing. I work in a hospital where we detox heroin addicts, most who have Hep C. Practicing standard precautions.

  86. Avatar

    Yes no artificial nails

  87. Avatar

    How could this thing become a yearly thing like the flu?
    When it is always in some human body in the world?

  88. Avatar

    https://www.sciencealert.com/it-s-confirmed-a-pet-dog-has-tested-positive-to-the-new-coronavirus So…if we can give the virus to dogs, does it spread between dogs and then to people?

  89. Avatar

    I was just told to move a pallative dyalisis patient to a room with another patient who had the flu for 2wks, and both are MRSA. we have been going into this flu patients room for over 3wks with only gloves an gown ,we were told to wear masks with shield last week. This pallative patient was just announced to us as pallative. He has many family members an friends who will visit him, Also, we were told that the flu pt has not had fever.I called the pallative pt's family to come an speak for him ,I did't feel that this was right and I wasn't the only one who felt this Am I over reacting? I know the pallative pt will die ,but his family will need to glove an gow an mask up to visit him. The ward Manager needed a bed that's why she wanted this move. I called the pallative pt's family in secret .I didn't give my name an explained that thier loved one will be with a pt whos has the flu.

  90. Avatar

    Kudos to China for their poor sanitation and bad hygiene. Thanks for exporting your virus to us.

  91. Avatar

    I say the hype about this virus is just war on China!

  92. Avatar

    Is there any chance this is airborne and not droplet transmission as reported?

  93. Avatar

    "Brilliant cunning scallywags" lol

  94. Avatar

    My last serious public illness was chicken pox in `92. Went to the dentist in early January, 4 days later a flu developed. I live alone and live isolated mostly. I understand health better than average. I expect to survive to see Trump win again.

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