The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Ghebreyesus, said that for the past two days, there were fewer new cases reported in China than in the rest of the world, adding that in the past 24 hours, seven countries have reported cases for the first time.

Speaking to reporters in Geneva today (27 Feb), Tedros said Brazil, Georgia, Greece, North Macedonia, Norway, Pakistan, and Romania each reporters cases for the first time. In a message to the newly affected countries he said, “This is your window of opportunity. If you act aggressively now, you can contain this virus. You can prevent people getting sick. You can save lives. So, my advice to these countries is to move swiftly.”

Tedros said in Guangdong, scientists tested more than 320,000 samples from the community and only 0.14% were positive for COVID-19, which suggests “that containment is possible.”

The WHO chief said every country must be ready for “its first case, its first cluster, the first evidence of community transmission and for dealing with sustained community transmission.” He said every country must be preparing for all those scenarios at the same time. He added, “No country should assume it won’t get cases, that could be a fatal mistake, quite literally. This virus does not respect borders. It does not distinguish between races or ethnicities. It has no regard for a country’s GDP or level of development.”

Dr Michael Ryan, Executive Director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, said there were vulnerable populations in “every country” including older people and people with underlying medical conditions. He said, “We also need to move to build capacity to treat and save lives everywhere, not just in one part of the world.”

Ryan said the the best way of making a diagnosis is still with a validated test in a lab, adding that almost all countries in the world now have that capacity to conduct these tests. He warned that the data from China and other places does not suggest that asymptomatic people are the driving force behind this epidemic, adding that this was becoming a sort of a myth.

The Executive Director said, “It’s not to suggest that scientifically someone cannot be infectious before they’re sick. That could happen. But the vast majority of transmission and this epidemic is occurring from symptomatic individuals to other individuals, that it’s important to get that. None of the data from the extensive studies to China have shown that asymptomatic individuals have been driving this epidemic. So that’s important to reassure people. Not saying it can’t happen, but it’s not the major factor in this epidemic.”


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    W H O.
    Please arrange world test.

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    Glad to see and hear greetings. After all, we are on only one planet. Thanks

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    When Thedros said you have window of opportunity
    ,that means your nation will be infected.

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    Stop global travel now shut down countrys from travelling between each other or cross contamination is inevitable

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    If you act aggressively now you can save lives who

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    Instead you play around and wont do it

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    He never mentions the uk

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    I'm not sure whether to be insulted or not

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    WHO is a pathetic UN and China puppet that has facilitated the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen through misinformation and inaction. WHO is irrelevant

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    We shouldn't discriminate between races either iwe should maybe take a lead out vivid 19s book

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    He isn't even wearing a mask

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    It could already be there what do you mean when it arrives, haven't you watched china and how it got a foothold in china, they struggled with it and that should be the lesson we need to close our borders to travelers now not later

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    No nobody has nothing to battle this thing you and me both know this so why are you even asking ? This dude needs to get a grip for sure this is nethandrial mentality.

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    There r no masks found in pakistan coz mafia r making money selling it on black. Kindly take any action

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    Make the countrys close down if they wont as it will end up in a town near you if you dont, you dont look like you want that.

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    We are all worried and you do nothing to put rest in our minds, keep talking and no action, or by the time you act it's to late if you immeadiatly stopped global travel then it wouldn't have made it to other countrys it doesnt take a rocket scientist to work that out.

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    Why not stop all travel to and from countrys that dont have it yet wich would stop them getting it ?

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    Finally Tedros said about dangerous of the virus and sent clear message to states authorities what actually this virus is and how much is dangerous because many didnt understand this virus seriously. Thanks.

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    Please shut off 5g and radar asap.

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    Look what China had to do for containment. Are other countries willing to do the same.

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    Sir, when everyone in Wuhan was getting infected quickly, why in the first place travelers to and from China was stopped in the first place a month ago ? That would have stopped epidemic in other countries. Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines stopped all travels to China immediately after outbreak, that's why there are no new cases, this should have been done early in other countries too. Thank you.

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    Dr.Michel's voice is not audible as mic was in a different direction.

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    Better audio but still a loop and I see latency I know it's not important but it is annoying to see this support is being offered I hope they help you further as it affects the workflow and concentration level when questions are being asked and answered

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    God… what will the 🌍 look like in a months from now if we have so many countries listed already

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    Defund and dismantle the UN now…..

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    The UK are prepared, they've decided not to treat the old or the infirm. I'm now calling it the Pension virus. We knew they are struggling to keep paying pensions because they've been robbing pension funds for years. Boris already had plans to raid the pension funds because over the last 45 years as we've prepared to join the EU Lock stock and empty barrels, all our assets have been sold off and he has no money left to use for a disaster.
    The ingress across the world has been aided by the WHO.

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    The worst thing is that we have such organization to tell us how to prevent virus……….WHO is much more dangerous than COVID-19.

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    WHO can not be trusted at all. "Just continue travel and trade".
    Their early advice in the beginning. ( The best way to spread corona).
    And they succeeded indeed.

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    Remove Tedros from WHO!!!!!!!!!! He still would not declare a pandemic. What is he waiting?

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    by definition isn't it already a pandemic? H1N1 was declared one. WHO is being arbitrary here and people are losing trust.

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    How long will you keep insisting that this is not a pandemic?

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    FIRE HIM FIRE HIM FIRE HIM!!!! Your country is getting infected because of his negligence!! Friends and family will get infected because of WHO!!!

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    Not telling the truth who

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    Finally doing what they should have done in day one.

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    It's annoying just to see Tedros. Tedros' reluctance to China has led to this pandemic. As of January everyone was supposed to be in a pandemic. It is time for China to settle down. The responsibilities of Tedros and WHO are immense.

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    The world is infected with the Tedros virus. Tedros is more contagious with Chinese money.

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    The WHO is a joke; worried about political correctness and praising China… gee wonder who pulls their strings…

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    WHO say nothing to worry about for a month, now they say quick you better get ready or it will be your fault, by the way China has done such a good job!

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    Tedros might have a brain tumor

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    A weekly briefing is more than enough of Dr. T

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    Pride isn’t gonna save any lives

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    Follow hygenic rules .Those not affected .

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    Teddy is a criminal to humanity /

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    WW citizens all know, our enemy not Wuhan virus. Our enemy is WHO and CPC.

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    It's less than a flu, you are causing an economic breakdown for a cold. You are crazy, and criminal.

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    you corrupt fools! step down from you positions !! the WHO is a joke !!

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    Who 총장 누가 뽑았슴?책임 어떻게 질꺼임? 현재 항공기 소독과 이코노미석 밀집도에서 전파범위 테스트 필요,전세계적으 온천이나 ,수영장 ,목욕탕 , 성관계 콘돔판매현황, 확인해야됨, 변이속도 어떻함?, 한국만해도 지속적으로 호흡기,폐질환 사망자수 2016년부터 계속 상승세임,

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    There's an agenda being made here.

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    ต้องการเผด็จการในสหประชาชาติ โครงการจะได้ดำเนินการ มีอะไรดีมั่งโชว์

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    So if we are testing intercontinental and nuclear missiles in the water. As well. As in the artic, one must look at the archeological discovery of the crushing of the mastodon, the size if a bus upon the forming of the disruption of the firmament by sea floor spread of pacific and atlantic oceans.

    Sustainability is in bottled water.

    Thx to our wonderful allies of the planet who had good intentions to whose who by drills vad judgement to send them the ocean.
    The message is, dont drink the water.

    The water tables south of the artic are going to require a filtering system.

    Brita makes one for the sink faucet that attaches while washing hands use filtered water.

    The water is permanently disrupted.

    They tested the gods and the gods…reacted accordingly from apathy a Connecticut rappers very wise man.

    I apologize but a sanitary system as well as a contamination sewer system will help direct the melting to the cold

    Please test samples at random elevations.

    Path of least resistance works top heavy down hill.

    At random it slowly takes a series of alternative pathways that slows chemical process differential of speed and or acceleration of physical process.

    I apologize but I see two sides to this story

    Outsource rights to workers by our Obama implementation as separated by Donald trump into. Those that support outsource slavery, sweatshops and intimidation on our planets free trade.

    Do the right thing

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