WHO – Press Conference: Update on the situation regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID – 19) (Geneva, 24 February 2020)

We’re in a phase of preparedness for a potential pandemic,” officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday at a press briefing in Geneva, in their update on the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus.

“Now is the time to prepare,” said Dr Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme. “It is time to do everything you would do in preparing for a pandemic.”

Dr Ryan explained that the WHO can sometime announce an influenza pandemic earlier since “we know we’ve had previous pandemics and we know with influenza that when there is highly efficient community transmission, as we see with seasonal flu, that the disease does spread around the world.”

According to the WHO, as of 24 February, 79 331 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed globally, with China accounting for the vast majority of cases (77 262). WHO’s officials have visited China recently and praised the country’s government for good management of the crisis.

“It is clear that China and a number of other countries with smaller events have managed to suppress and contain the virus,” he said. “So, we have to now see, can we learn the lessons? And I think that’s going to be one of the important things coming from the mission to China, is collating and bringing together all of that experience that China’s had over the last eight weeks, to see what we can learn about, what the right things to do, what works, what doesn’t work, what’s effective, what’s not effective,” Dr Rayan added.

For his part, WHO’s Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said “every country must make its own risk assessment for its own context. WHO is also continuing to do its own risk assessment and is monitoring the evolution of the epidemic around the clock.”

WHO also warned against an increasing number of reports of public stigmatization against people from areas affected by the epidemic and called for cooperation between countries in containing the outbreak.

“This is about good risk management. It’s about good communication between States,” said WHO’s Dr Rayan. “It’s about management and early detection of cases and their appropriate isolation and treatment. It’s not about shutting borders, it’s about, coherent, coordinated public health action by a number of Member States who share borders in order to effectively manage the public health consequences of, any importation of COVID-19.”

As of Monday (24 Feb), 77 331 case of COVID-19 was confirmed globally – 77 262 in China alone and 2069 in 29 other countries. 2618 people have died from the disease.


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    General director will lie to your abused mother

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    Tedros must resign! Add your name to the petition at "Change dot o r g".

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    I can't believe anything these guys say when the information coming from people on the ground in these places contradicts what the WHO says.

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    WHO is super corrupt in regards to vaccines.

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    Regarding the city of Costa Mesa-We do not want Covid 19 in this populated College town. The building at the Fairview development center is run down and cannot contain the virus.The Fairview development center is not even fit for the homeless. The virus would escape easily.They want to place 30-70 infected people in the building. There is a restraining order in place. Where else can these poor ill people go?Why Costa Mesa?

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    This guy can not even speak english… Please

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    Time to train recovered patients to become medical workers who take care of the still ill.

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    BS it's all about depopulation which is why millions of people die every year, for being too poor to pay for affordable healthcare.

    Which WHO & UN do nothing about those crimes <<< NWO THUGS

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    Damage Control 101

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    something important like this, you think they could sort the sound out.

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    Lock everything down

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    If Mr. covid causes an epidemic in North America it will show the Americans what an inhumane National Health Service they have which discriminates between the rich and the poor.

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    Dr. Michael changed the definition of Pandemic based on the info from their website. They will wait until the 11th hour to declare it.

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    He did not answer the question I got a dictionary from the Greeks on gobble pandemic.

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    Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil……. all are convering this up….. so sad 😞

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    We are not talking about the flu are we can we stop……

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    I only watch to talk in the lies.. so I know where to watch….

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    How many countries will it take before you clam a global pandemic? and do to the slow late and covered response you have been giving, how many are now infected because of this…

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    Hopefully, the virus, in the future, and the fight against it, will help to improve the health services and the cooperation between world health services, for all people in the world.

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    The chinese numbers do not represent the situation on the ground and yet this guy keeps using numbers coming from china to claim that this outbreak can be controlled.

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    We need a new UN! Not this corrupt one!

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    the executive director m j ryan reminds me of alastor moody from hairy potter just needs that glass eye

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    The message was loud and clear. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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    These people are telling us all lies they know more

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    Prepare for the Pandemic …..it should be try to avoid the Pandemic. But what they probably mean is it will be a Pandemic, so let’s prepare. They just don’t say that to avoid panic however I think sometimes a little panic is needed for some people. Just the WHO seems to be not very concerned.

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    There is no 'DNA' in this RNA virus…

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    The who should have declared this a pandemic weeks ago, but the who is so vile and corrupt that they chose profit over people.

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    … I find his words carried little value of credibility, considering China's habit of watering down facts.

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    Do not trust WHO. It's hard to understand that those childish levels are paid high. The more Tedros speaks, the less trust he has.

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    This guy and WHO already being bought by the Chinese….crazy to say it's not a pandemic when almost 80,000 and over 2000 people have died…and have infected almost 30 country ….totally corrupt people…history will remember this!!!

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    I do not think the calculated data they get or have & eventually report to the public is accurate enough nor current enough to trust. How can anyone analyze data, make determinations & projections when the statistical data they have is so 'uncertain' to say the least. Already obvious to everyone, the window IS closing just based on the statistics WHO already does have. Scientists say little to nothing seems 'certain' about the behavior of this virus, not its origin spread, not its ability to spread, number of days to incubate, false positives, false negatives, reinfection, does it mutate, eventual deaths; what does identifying an actual pandemic exist of; cuz the only thing we know for certain is this is a new virus, a deadly virus with high method of transmission & spread, with a potential 20% severity rate THAT means most hospitals will NOT be equipted to monitor & treat and THAT means HIGHER death rates.
    Under the varied circumstances hindering & inhibiting countries calculatiing & also reporting, we MUST ASSUME MANY IF NOT MOST CASES & DEATHS even…are going undetected/unreported. Do you REALLY want to control the spread of a virus… or do you just want to control the result it can have on world economy?

    Regarding curious about "window of opportunity":
    I can try for you, but I am not an authority. To my knowledge the term' window of opportunity' is/was an early period of time to stop this COVID-19 from becoming a PANDEMIC (country to country epidemics) and do so by taking necessary precautions to slow down the spread which must remain at or below a contagious value of 1-R naught… data shows we have not been able to contain it & it is well over 2-R naught … it means for each infected case, 2 more are infected. Many areas have shown as high as 6-R naught. Over the 1-R naught with so many countries already affected, it probably cannot be stopped. That window to stop it has already passed in many peoples' opinion… & any window of time we have to 'slow' it's spread down now, before it can be stopped, is certainly hindered by many factors. Foremost, people must take it serious & respond seriously… & I don't see that happening bcuz of officials & others falsely claiming that regular flu is worse… & The WHO also pretending… I mean, they won't even call it a PANDEMIC yet… when they do, no doubt, the window will be CLOSED. The WINDOW is basically a time of action & preparedness that can make a difference. Anyway… that has been my take on it all. Hope I remembered it & got it straight & hope that helps you.
    My sources are many, but particularly I daily follow reports from Doctors John Campbell, Chris Martenson & Matt Seheult, also FOX News & The WHO.

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    The WHO doctor 'thinks' it is 'contained'. I am not a medical profession, but I & many medical professionals do not see how he or the WHO can arrive at that conclusion. The R naught of contageous spread in every country surely tells us it is NOT contained yet. I mean, to stop it or even slow it down, I understand the R naught must be one or less to 'reveal' success that any country is containing, slowing it down or stopping it… and all involved countries, I believe are 2 or above. Oh well…

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    May the Lord pour out his Holy Spirit on you and bring you to repentance. There will be No Liars in the kingdom of Heaven

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    We the people are tired and sick of your lies WHO and United Nations!!! May the people rise against you with strong prayer!!!

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    As you speak..ill manner and boastfully commend china..you are a fool and dont have a humanity for your reporting….

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    I think its a good idea for high risk areas to go thru a controlled infection. Tourism is going to be at an all time low for those places; suspend school for like a month and make hotels and schools as controlled infection quarantined areas. Let as many of the younger healthy generation take it. Confront the virus not run away from it. Let the resources such as masks be for the elderly and the immune compromised people.

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    WHO says what the west want to hear: authority on public health.

    WHO says what the west doesn’t want to hear: Corrupt! Step down!

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    My former spouse went to D.C. and he learned that all politicians have one thing in common, truth filters.

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    Dr. Ghebreyesus is right, a label will not change the situation nor will it save lives.

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    Dear U.N. The left side of the panel always seems to have microphone problems, can you please fix that.

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    Crimes against humanity. This communist stooge should be EXECUTED!

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    and the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series goes to…

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    WHO who who hahaha you guys are a joke

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    This guy lies as well as Obama

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    WHO is a puppet of the communist Chinese regime. Nobody trust you!!

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    If you believe these puppets you have zero intelligence and are nothing more than a zombie.

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    It can be contained. You can rest assured They will stop it before it reaches outer space.

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    You are a sold out Illuminati-puppet and a murderer, the lake of fire will be your destination – soon. Without any doubt.

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    1 Belt 1 Road initiative Tedros home country is a huge main part of this much money given to him by CCP. What a sold out clown. ARREST HIM

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    THE most effective way to combat ANY virus is with COLLOIDAL SILVER! It kills on contact. Whether  on the surface of body or in blood! There is nothing more powerful or faster acting. Best of all, you can make it yourself! ! !  If you are of Chinese ethnicity of speak Chinese please, send this info to someone in China or to someone in ANY of the affected countries.

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    Why is this non MD Tedros still Direcror General?

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    the WHO is corrupt !!

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