** If you understand and agree that this video is a matter of concern to us as citizens then please forward to MEDIA, newspapers, reporters, and let’s get the story out there. A pro-forma email, which except for the addition of WHO source and a reference to the full original video, is taken directly from such an email sent by a viewer, is available as a link at the end of this description **

We reveal a new slide which shows how the government had access to clear data demonstrating that long before the declaration of UK lockdown and even at the time of the Prime Minister’s March 3rd broadcast, the data showed that Italy, Germany, Sweden and the UK were all decelerating, levelling off, and then falling away in terms of the rate of growth of the contagion. The crisis was over though the contagion would continue until exhausted. It is as inevitable as a ball thrown into the air, slowing down, and coming back to earth. Our work has shown for now 42 countries just how simple and smooth the progression of the virus is. It isn’t difficult to track its trajectory. It is difficult to understand how supposedly decent human beings – our leaders – could choose to so utterly disregard an opportunity to present simple and basic facts to reasurre us, and instead could choose to pluck a figure out of thin air to scare us, deliberately so, and so immediately order us into our homes. What matters now is that they chose to do it, and chose to do it contrary to any possible logic other than their own desire or agenda, whatever that might be. Now it is our turn. Here is the information to bring down the governments who so abused their power. How long this video remains available, we have no idea. I suggest you download the PDF promptly and ensure that a record remains, and then distribute both this video and the record as widely as possible.

The PDF of this video is here: https://peerlessreads.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/CV19FNF_GovKiller_200405a.pdf

Unusually, I’m also including a link to the underlying source video file. I have a feeling people might need it. I’d suggest downloading it as a precaution, and I may do the same for the other videos.


A pro forma email if you wish to contact newspapers, news shows or similar, is available here, as sent to me by a viewer. I have merely added the “WHO data source” line, reference to original video and *** starred *** the bits you may wish to personalise. It is a far better email than I would have drafted and I have thanked him for taking the perfect action, which I had been minded to include in the video, but didn’t. My bad perhaps, but he did it anyway. Thank you.



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    Many thanks for sharing your time, skills, and calming vocal energies with us faceless masses. You're deeply appreciated, sir.

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    Brilliant work, well done and keep it going for as long as you can, there are those of us that appreciate the truth. Truth sets us free!

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    New Zealand is following your pattern – we are flat.

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    amazing video keep it up

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    cool video keep it up dude

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    Thank you, sharing with people with blinkers on, but I am trying

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    I appreciate all you have done sir. Even if I do not understand it all, I understand enough.

    Praying for you and your family.

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    Very much appreciate the regular updates, with clear and calm explanations of where things are heading. So thank you! I am very curious to see the “no lockdown” counties in your next graph, with countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and Sweden for comparison. Since my country is stuck in lockdown state (Canada), I think it would further validate that lockdown is unnecessary when non-lockdown countries have proven to “curl over” without exaggerated death tolls. Until the next update.

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    What is their reason then ?? To do all this … to pluck numbers out of the air and scare everyone ? Why are they doing this ..

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    Thank you for your diligence and for your service to humanity Andrew. Never fear, be love:)

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    Thank you so much! as expected this was all just another recent example of perception management #hypernormalisation

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    No dr kelly on you I have prayer of protection for you every day!

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    Thank you for your absolute wonderful work!

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    What the hell are you talking about Andrew ? The number of cases are still increasing in UK 🙂 It took sometime for me to get you, but absolutely amazing! In fact some other video did comment that there are NO pure exponential curves in nature, it has to cur lover at some point of time. But this is brilliant indeed!

    But why are you sounding scared though ? I would rather publish these findings as a paper or something and challenge the governments and scientists behind that.

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    Peerless Reads: Bravo!

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    Thanks for your amazing videos

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    We have a prime minister utterly incompetent a USA president utterly incompetent. Get rid of both liars

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    I appreciate all of the data, it certainly reassures me. I did email you, thank you for your response. I think it would be great if you could start including NHS capacity data. As I understand it, that is one of the main reasons for lock down, to ensure the NHS can cope.

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    Well organised and processed. However, it seems slightly melodramatic to be in fear of your life. It seems far more likely that they will just attempt to rework the data accordingly and use assumptions to get it to be more like their previous estimates.

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    This group of analysts agrees with you, Andrew. Have a linear and a logarithm view.

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    Thank you for bringing these figures to world attention. As well as explaining them in a clear, calm and easy to follow way. Nobody can argue against the very figures our governments. Have used themselves, to house arrest the entire country. Stay safe my friend…

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    Problem is that sweden is not testing much these days, and that could show as the decline. People are dying in droves though. Twice as many as reported according to latest news.

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    Boris is trapped, he CANNOT ignore his "expert" advisers. Once again, just like the "climate emergency" lie, it is incompetent and/or politically motivated academics that are controlling policy.

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    The difficulty for any of us trying to interpret these curves is the unreliability of diagnosis methods. There seems NO reliable source for flu stats or this new flu stats. Models are impossible without reliable diagnosis.

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    amazing videos and insights. Im over in Indonesia, and its so difficult to see whats happening here in terms of the numbers, hard to say if being tracked correctly. could you include indonesia as biggest SE Asian country in your next charts? much appreciated!

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    Thank you Andrew, I hope if we can each reach even one person , we can end this tyranny soon. I hope you will be safe sir, we know what they are capable of but too many people are on to them now, unlike when they took Dr Kelly. 🙏❤️

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    Giving a hope and truth. Thank you. Greetings from lockdowned Serbia.

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    Hi @Peerless Reads – I have a question regarding your video from 3/4/20 – At minute 18, you refers to an exponential curve when in fact you are showing a linear curve, two very different things.. Can you explain? You say you smoothed the curve into a line , but i don't understand why its not, as usual exponential curves.

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    Merci … ⚜️🥀🙏

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    Brilliant work, absolutely brilliant and using THEIR data! I stand with you, Andrew! So many thanks! <3

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    I am a supporter of your point of view but you need to adjust the bit at about 4.07 where you say that todays cases is 1 x yesterdays cases. If that were so the number of cases would never change.

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    Hi Andrew, thankyou for doing this.. There's a massive problem with sharing.. on social media it's being removed under the reason of not wanting to stress people out mentally etc. So if I post this or any other credible information, it's not seen on others feed. Also, unfortunately, it's getting mixed in with so much information that people are turning off even if I send it personally. They can't process anymore and th ed ones that do, don't know what they can do about it. They've so called stacked the deck. Now what?

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    excellent work PR thank you

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    They are Stupid AND they ignored it. Its time to visit their home addresses I think.

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    mate … cut the ball talk and the other bring down the government bullshit and stick to the data.
    you made yourself sound like and conspiracy nut, not me 😉
    the lockdown in Italy started 21st feb. as you can see on your own chart IT WORKED.
    So yes, the crisis is over BUT WE STAY HOME TO FLATTEN THE F*ING CURVE. bcs the total amount of cases is growing but not the beds in our hospitals. you briefly mention the rise in total but chose to ignore otherwise as it doesnt serve your purpose. luckily the speed its spreading is slowing down but we sit this out for our vulnerable, not for our personal benefit.

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    Please post your stuff on bitchute and Dtube as well to protect it from Youtube censorship. Great and informative video.

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    Thought you made the prediction of UK total deaths around 3300. And we are past try that already will likely be double that in a few days. You are way out on all the predictions you've made and is still weeks of cases to complete. Total deaths will be over 50 thousand. You believe Hubei data which means everything you say is completely flawed.

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    ** A viewer (who I'll happily acknowledge if he gives me permission) has sent this link to his Vancouver newspaper with an exceptionally well-written and perfect email, far better than I'd have drafted. I've added a link to the bottom of the video description for a pro-forma email as a txt document. It is his email word for word, with only the addition of the WHO data source, a reference to the full briefing video of 23rd March, and * starred * bits to identify the bits you might want to personalise (your name, go figure). If you agree that this is of concern to us as citizens, he took the perfect action, which I'd been minded to include as a recommendation or request in the video. Maybe I should have, but he did it anyway, and perhaps it's better that it's 'clean' as a video. Share it because you believe it's important, not because I asked you to.

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    I don't read mainstream media AT ALL, so only now do I realize that the hundreds of comments on YT videos, etc, accusing people of being dummies for "not understanding exponential graphs" were posted by trolls hired by the ministry of propaganda (and/or, repeated by scared sheeple). Thank you for your brave and sane input, thank you SO much.

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    Fantastic work. Thankyou so much. What a relief this is out there !

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    Where are you getting your decelerating numbers from if there aren't any true figures to represent this data?

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    Andrew, many thanks for all your insight. How do you think we should confront our leaders with this information? I'm thinking of writing to my local MP but given that I can't convince friends (most of whom I previously considered intelligent, free thinking individuals), I don't think it will make much impact. Mark Twain had a point when he said "It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled"

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    Can here the saliva in your mouth

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    thank you very much Sir

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    Since 19 March COVID-19 was no longer categorised as a High Consequence Infections Disease (HCID) in the UK, see Public Health England for more information. So, what's the point of locking the whole country down???

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    have you ever successfully debated politics or religion and turned someone around ? im afraid facts don't matter, we're out numbered.

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    “…data is being used to show you the lie” … Andrew replying to a comment.

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    What is the motive to crush the economy? This appears to be the result!

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    Just curious, have you seen this video by Kurzgesagt? I am interested to hear your opinion. Do you oppose most of the views expressed in this video? https://youtu.be/BtN-goy9VOY

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    Thank you for all the time spent on making these videos. I'm from Illinois and we've been on lockdown since the 21st. Our income went down to almost zero. My husband is a musician and self employed, so no unemployment benefits. I still feel in disbelief that the government has done this. From the beginning I haven't seen their logic. They throw out these horrible death totals and mortality rates, and I'm thinking 'where did you come up with that figure?'. They know way more people are infected than what's reported because there is very little testing being done. Yet, that's the figure they go with. Then they say 2 million dead without lockdown. Where did they come up with that figure? According to them they looked at data from several sources and came up with their own predictions always sure to add the disclaimer that it's very hard to come up with figures at this point in a pandemic. Gotta cover your butt, right. I started looking at graphs showing progression of the outbreak in every state and noticed it didn't matter what the numbers were, the shape of each graph looked very similar. Then I found your videos and was blown away. I am finding them to be so fascinating. Thank you again.

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    This is not about a health pandemic, it's about the Banksters takeover of the world's systems and governments. A Zionist NWO funded by the Rothschild's cartel

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    So was it a waste of time? I was told to masterbate several times a day into a specimen collection jar so there would be plenty of viable DNA to repopulate the earth after the virus passes?

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    I do not see how you can think that the Imperial College paper shows that the UK/US Politicians are lying; while giving China a complete pass on the lies of 3,000 dead. It is preposterous to believe anything short of 50 or 100 times that number dead in Wuhan alone.

    Did you actually read and examine the science in the March 16 report in the PDF?

    Your entire premise suggests that you have not read a word.

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    Thank you. This really helps.

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    15 brainwashed dullards giving this factual report based off of data provided by W.H.O. their thumbs down. lol

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    Pro China propaganda. Interesting. There is literally no way to use charts and graphs at this point. There is no accuracy in any set of numbers.

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    Excellent video and analysis! Thank you!

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    dirty trick. yet…is a 'live exercise' for the time of the end. WE THE PEOPLE are awake and know this is a hoax. the elite are stealing more funds

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    Can you tell me how Canada is doing please?

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    Thank you so much for this , I’ve known something wasn’t adding up since I researched and found an article in the telegraph from nov 2018 written with national health statistics, it said that yr there had been a 40% increase in winter flu deaths resulting in an EXTRA 50,000 deaths in England and Wales , that resulted in no lockdown , no media storm in-fact hardly even media worthy I knew then this was bollocks , also 40% of these covid deaths are over 85yrs old well given the average life expectancy is just 80 can they even be considered covid deaths . The media have done an excellent scare fest here , thanks again

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    Andrew Mather is a hero. I am so glad to have found him. An oasis of sanity; a beacon of hope. Cool, calm logic soothes the anxiety, the fear, the anger, and the grief.

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    Do you think something is happening with our sun?
    After a whole town got locked down!!

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    i just sent the link to jimmy dore

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    I thought it was Seb Gorka reading this to us. Lol

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    Hey Andrew, just had a thought…. I got alot of flack with the video interview on the UK news column. They know it's a conspiracy theorist program and won't look at it. And if they do, they don't notice you, they only notice the two reporters that aren't mainstream and dismiss everything. If we need main media to take this seriously, I think it's important to take the video off your page here. I have saying it, but its going to go against the cause of your credible information being taken seriously by major m mainstream media. Once they check your page and see that video on your list, they'll likely shut off. I don't want any chance of this happening. I don't think you do either.

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    ["You probably already know this, but you cannot catch a virus, here's why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=4SA6IsHvSxU&feature=emb_logo "]without prejudice, non-assumpsit, all rights reserved.

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    we were warned SO long ago


    We are trading our future and freedom for a false promise of security. And who is promising that.
    Not a question: who is promising that. Not politicians, not national health care systems. Supranational institutions subject to no accountability, which are put in place by bankers and not by democratic procedures, that is: not chosen by the citizens, but self-appointed.

    We are witnessing History repeating itself -for the History we were told was written by those who own the media and our school books:

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    this assumes the reported cases are correct – a massive assumption

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    For some reason I trust the models made by Imperial College London and Harvard mathematicians over some fucking nutjob with a youtube account

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    You might find this little fact interesting
    CDC death coding for #CoronaVirus #Covid_19. Confirmed lab tests are not required when it is assumed decedents death could have been caused by COVID-19
    https://t.co/Junyx6GKIQ https://t.co/0hxs0k96VS

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    I'd like to share this video which explains how any 'virus' is in all of us as soon as it's created because we are all part of the whole in this holographic universe. And we have some special powers to be able to programme our reality in this construct.

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