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Very promising developments on the covid-19 treatment and vaccine fronts.

First, PittCoVacc, a vaccine candidate out of the University of Pittsburg, follows previously existing approaches, very similar to the way the flu vaccine works. Initial tests on mice have proven successful in producing copious antibodies against covid-19.

The vaccine delivery system is both painless and highly scalable. 

So whether or not PittCoVacc is the “silver bullet” here, it’s existence shows that the energies and innovation of our research companies is yielding good options — a process that should only accelerate from here.

And now that we have more data, it really does appear that the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin cocktail combo reduces the severity and duration of covid-19 infection — provided it’s delivered early on enough.

These encouraging developments, plus an exploding set of citizen-entreprenuers creating their own DIY solutions (especially with masks) give us the first real sense that we are beginning to make real progress against the coronavirus.

We’ll need to hold tight to that good news, as the next few weeks will be quite traumatizing with the expected huge increases in # of infected and deaths.

But we will get through this. And it’s heartening to see promising developments like PittCoVac and hydroxycholoquine begin to put points on the board for our side.


Young patients BBC

Shop towels better mask

Promising vaccine candidate


A novel Theory Porphyrin

Blood Type A more at risk

DIY Garden


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    I wonder if Geemany does well because of the Dallmann's sage cough drops that are popular there?

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    You are not going to believe this, but countries in Europe like Austria for example or Sweden, are going to release restrictions on the 15 of april, I cudnt believe that reading it. It's going to be horrible. Please say something about that and share your thoght.

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    The Swedish hospitals were using chloroquine, not hydroxychloroquine. Chloroquine (Ararlen) is a more toxic medication, and does appear to be as effective as hydroxychloroquine. Also the Chinese chloroquine regimen was a higher dose for twice as many days as the South Korean regimen.

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    So glad to hear someone talk about vitamin C. Seems to be a crime to talk about it these days.

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    Great stuff. A lot above my pay grade. But I enjoy listening. And I learned a lot.

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    Looking at the swedish reports gives me the imprechen the there are different results in different parts of the word and that makes me think this cud be proof of different strains of the virus about. Spatially looking at the rate the virus seems to effect. I dont know I'm not a doctor nor qualified to make a statement. Is just what I observed.

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    (New IPAK COVID-19 Research Study To Be Published) Do you know what Pathogenic Priming is? It occurs when a vaccine makes you more susceptible to the ill effects of the virus it is supposed to protect you from. With coronaviruses, this has been called "Disease Enhancement". In response to the outbreak, and to guide society's reaction, IPAK jumped into studying SARS-CoV-2 proteins to see which, if any, proteins might be expected to induce autoimmunity in humans. This week, we learned our study, "Pathogenic Priming Likely Contributes to Serious and Critical Illness and Mortality in COVID-19 via Autoimmunity" has been accepted and is being rendered for publication in a serious scholarly journal. The abstract of the study can be found on our website. This paper will have major impact on the vaccine/therapeutics debate raging at the highest levels in our government, but only if it's Open Access so everyone can read and share it. The journal offers that option for $2250. We're seeking one-time donations TODAY to help us make that cost-neutral. Donors will receive a copy of the pre-publication galley proofs – which we are told to expect on 4/9/2020. Now's the time to register your opinion on whether coronavirus vaccines should be allowed to skip animal safety trials- our study concludes they are 100% essential because 1/3 of the proteins that match human proteins may be targeting human immune system proteins.

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    Sounds to me like somehow cooked blood .. low microwaved maybe looks same?

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    Grainger is an industrial supply store.

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    I do not trust hydrox-clorq for a number of reasons but mostly because it was being promoted by the president off of 6patients in china and 4patients in france. This leaves me to believe that he is benefiting futhrr than the patients or China would have pursued this as a standard treatment. Politicians should never promote treatments especially ones we know can't be truthful.
    Now the scientific mechanism of the drug and other drugs can do the same thing. Finding a treatment that works for the masses is less important than getting testing figured out. Think about it, if they cant get test you, how are they going to treat you or get you a vaccine? The system is officially broken.

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    Chris – I think you might be on to something with your iron toxicity theory. Here's another take on it that you might find interesting. This was on Medium but it was taken down.. but it's still on the Wayback machine!

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    Does anyone want to prove that corona virus is what we are being told it is ? Apart from the material that came from china…i have found it very hard to find any proof of the actual covid-19 deaths..the ones i have found are from the conditions that where already underlying.? (Basically im not even trusting anything you have been saying throughout this now?)

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    Germans are just better at social distancing. They are apt to just be less inviting.

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    You should cover New Zealands elimination strategy for the virus. We are already seeing promising results and could have eliminated the virus in the next 2-4 weeks

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    Even Carl said that he was grateful for the Hydroxychloroquine.

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    It's really sad to see a man in Chris, that I've liked and respected over the years, depending so heavily on published figures from the very networks that engineered (or have also blindly accepted) this corona farce.
    Aside from all the contrary evidence provided by respected Doctors, Virologists, Pulmonologists, etc. all you need to watch are the people-made videos of all of these "inundated" Hospitals all over the news – there's nobody there!
    Chris if you're unwilling to acknowledge the mismatch here between published figures and alarmist news feeds versus actual evidence (footage, etc.) then one can only assume you've just been effectively profiting from all of this fear.

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    Thanks for the info and I think you deserved some days off!!

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    SUGGEST WE  DEMAND  that the health cult vaccine bio-engineers/ promoters MUST trial test all vaccines on themselves and every family member FIRST; then report all of their granular data to US Surgeon General and FDA/HHS for 10 years of additional testing on fellow cockroaches!   Huge info supporting your video at CROUDSOURCE THE TRUTH2 today.

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    Thanks for this report! You are awesome, Chris! I hope and pray that this HCQ remedy becomes widely available SOON!

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    Thank you for keeping us up to date!

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    No where can I find how effective the less effective Scott Brand shop towel was. Anyone know?

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    I dont think we will turn the corner so easy. Why would they cancel the Euro and the Olympics, the two biggest sport events in the world this year if we are going well so fast.

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    Trump mentioned it so must be bad duh

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    All your info raises more interest in this 5G technology frecuencies affecting the levels of environmental oxygen being reduced in the air, this caused by the frecuencies. Zinc is used for treating Radiation patients, and many of the symptoms that Sars Cov2 has correlate to those of EMF radiation exposure… Very Very Interesting, any info on that Doc?

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    we need to panic buy shop towels

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    You're on you're on the right track. It's the 5G. Everywhere there's 5G already rolled out you will see that the covid-19 cases are spiking significantly higher. That's your answer.

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    All the 50 patients that got discharged in Taiwan were given hydroxychloroquine for the past 2.5 months. Having no symptoms, however, doesn't mean you can be discharged, you have to show negative in 3 tests in a row which takes at least 3 weeks up to over a month.

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    So, what I got out of this is. If the drug does work: Early testing/positive results of COVID-19 allows early treatment with the drug and possible saving lives. But current testing methods (testing people 1-2 days off of needing a ventilator) is too little too late.


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    Well deserved weekend off! thanks for your daily updates… it's been the absolute best update on COVID-19 anywhere.

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    Thanks again, Chris!
    Get some rest 😴😴😴😴

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    The infection/death projections for the US show a virtual end by June 1, which is probably before we get results of the hundreds of clinical trials. We could have sped results by elimination the control group (we already have that info) and we don't need a placebo as we are not testing a person's response – we are testing the virus response and it surely doesn't change its response based on a placebo. This type of test would have provided results immediately.

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    Fun fact Angela merkel was a chemist 👩‍🔬 so pandemic response might be playing right to her strength and hand.

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    A non-professional observation – the Chinese study of HCQ is that they could have had better results if the would have started HCQ earlier. The study state that all the patients had pneumonia. Is it not better to take it early? If so then their results could have been better, more like Zelenko and Cardillo?

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    I would perhaps be willing to take some of the vaccines being developed, but I will take nothing that Bill Gates has anything to do with!

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    WATCH ON YOUTUBE NOW: [Exclusive investigative report] The first documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus(Coronavirus)

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    Sloppy presentation.
    1. There is no "novel" coronavirus anymore. As of February 11, 2020, the official name assigned by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) was SAR-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2).
    2. The disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 was named COVID-19 (coronavirus disease of 2019) by the World Health Organization (WHO), also on Februay 11, 2020.
    3. The word "cure" is a red flag. It detracts from the credibility of the presentation.
    4. Random ANTI-US statements with no source cited are inexcusable and provide no useful information.. "There is news out that the United States has not been recording deaths properly." Are the deaths being recorded as births or what?

    "News" is not necessarily accurate or scientific information, anyway. "There is news out" is not a proper citation. Off-the-cuff statements like this, especially when the speaker cites other sources, leads me to believe the intent is to be prejudicial. Cite the name of the author, the publication and date, or it's a sloppy, unprofessional presentation, plagiarism, or at worst, a lie.

    Deaths in the US are reported according to individual state laws.

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    If a microwave oven can heat up a burrito, would our lungs be able to withstand it if we stood in a microwave?
    🤔How about those trees in California that burned from the inside out?
    🤔 How exactly does neuro link sattelite frequency work?
    🤨Why are they installing 5G in our schools while we are inside?

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    The conspiracy virus

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    Very Promising = WE DON'T GOT JACK!

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    Ivermectin is traditionally used to treat head lice.

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    Thanks to all the ingenious people making homemade masks with Shop Towels, the world wide supply is gone, just like toilet paper. Price gouging on Amazon and Ebay. One roll is $40-50 which normally sells at Home Depot for $1.98. I hate the ugly human behavior that this virus has brought out in people. Too bad that trait is not selectively attacked by HBV.
    It is truly amazing what you CANNOT prepare for in these epochs. People never cease to amaze me.

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    Dear sir, I watch your program every day and I like what you are doing just 1 remark that a country like Belgium where I live are now 2240 deaths on a population of 11.000.0000, number of deaths 240 a day . If you compair that to Italy with a population of 61.000.000 that would make 1331 a day, or in Spain 1091 deaths a day. Imagine 7257 deaths a day in the USA, your country. These numbers we never saw in Italy, Spain the USA…. Keep on the good work

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    This site or You tube itself is censoring comments that disagree with this false narrative.

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    so it the problem the iron coming out of the hemoglobin? or is the lowering of iron levels lead to less oxygen and that's the worst part? (asking because I have low iron levels and wondering whether supplementing with iron would be a good idea or not re: covid 19)

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    Men typically have more iron in their blood so that could be a reason men are dying a higher rates if the blood disease theory is correct.

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    Peak Prosperity:will it attack the S receptors in covid19 ?must watch

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    Vitamin C actually cures Covid-19 and other viruses as proven over 60years ago by orthomolecular med..But its Cheap andnobody can make billions from it.Nobody should die –

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    Where is Sweden on this list? They don't have lock down. I would like to know how they are doing vs the countries in lock down.

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    The iron theory is interesting. I started craving red meat strongly a couple of days after catching the virus. This is unusual as I normally only want to eat fruit when I have the flu.

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    This report is from South Korea indicating virus reactivation in some recovered COVID-19 patients.

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    "We shut down the entire world, looks like the spread is slowing a little, look everything will be fine!" No.

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    Chris, any idea how zinc would fit into the hemoglobin covid story ? Would it still be to fight off the virus replicating capabilities inside the cell ?

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    Hi Chris , I would encourage you to read this link, it has some interesting information about Aspirin , Quinine , and the Spanish Flu.

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    It was Apollo 13 with the exploding tank requiring a lot of McGyvering to make a filter to get them back from the aborted moon landing. Apollo 11 landed safely on the moon.

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    Excellent and Thank-you for this informative and insightful video. Much appreciated.👍👍

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    What do you make of this video on the reported numbers?:

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    Have you covered the vitamin c protocol in any of your videos? Seems promising, would love your take.

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    Sir can this be used against covid-19?



    Methylene blue, also known as methylthioninium chloride, is a medication and dye. As a medication, it is mainly used to treat methemoglobinemia

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    Hey Hey… everyone has a tshirt , just like everyone has an excuse for not wearing a mask… I say great job. There is no excuse NOW because you got an old tshirt.

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    Sweden is just a mess, I would not want to live there

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    My wife has been making me take Zink pills for the last 6 months because she heard it makes me more potent. She wants to. Have another baby. Glad she did now. Probably put the baby idea on hold for a bit though 😩

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    There are loads of people who already routinely take hydroxychloroquine for autoimmune disease. That group should be studied to see if they have fewer instances of Covid19.

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    perhaps the process is the body's response gone haywire as an attempt to defend

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    Hey Chris, I have been trying to find if there is any correlation between deficiency in G6PD in COVID-19 since I heard that the hydroxychloroquine has been announced as a potential treatment. This could explain the higher mortality rate in the Mediterranean and African Americans. I still haven't seen data from African countries. Could the deficiency in the G6PD increase the alveolar damage? I saw a proposed mechanism for hydroxychloroquine that the SARS-CoV-2 needs the low pH of the endosomes to lose its envelope, and the hydroxychloroquine turns endosomes to a basic pH, so even if the SARS-CoV-2 enters the cell it'll not expose the RNA in the basic pH. However, hydroxychloroquine increases the hemolysis to danger levels in G6PD deficient people, which would make it even harder to breathe. Am I totally wrong? I have a son and a nephew with G6PD deficiency.

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    Chloroquine is widely taken for malaria in India and Pakistan. Is that why the virus has not taken the feared path in those countries ?

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    I just donated to Suay See Shop and mentioned I saw their stuff here first. So cool

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    Buy a Russian gasmask in stead of this shit

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    A Russian surplus gasmask can be bought with less than 25 dollars including extra filter

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    This idiot is irresponsible

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    The toxic iron theory doesn’t make sense tho. Pregnant women are on prenatals and are usually taking extra iron supplements. If this was true, we’d have MANY MANY MANY more pregnant women infected….

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    you are goiing to have to reailse this is going to be a problem for a long time,…. stop telling people this is over in a 14 day period … this is for years..
    drop the vaksine… it will only result in cyto storms… you might think …you are strong enogh….your not,,, anyone who understand and r knot of 3 or more…even martinson
    have been understending this for a long time… its good he sees the good sides of this,, but the reality is,,,928 humuans where buried in New York from yesturday to this day…
    i dont know WhY chris is trying to positive…in the new begging of a catastrofe!!!!!! ONLY THINK CHRIS IS RIGHTN OBOUT SWEDEN

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    Great, thanks, keep it up

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    discovered the following info re: Zep's Industrial towels


    WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer andbirth defects or other reproductive harm.

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    29:00 you know what also affects hemoglobin? 5G

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    Damn, just realized I got unsubscribed 👎

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    Thanks Doc we missed you.

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    A virus has never been ISOLATE no once we do not need any vaccines at all… there's no data for vaccines and have look who produce vaccines how their get approved and who get a lot of money for to support studies pro vaccines after the polio vaccines was a lot problems with polio…we get in USA 72 vaccines are you nuts??? More people with problems with paralysis and the link between vaccines and autism sterile woman condition narcolepsy and deferent disorders… Neumonia kill 2.5 million people every year our bodies not need any antibiotics meaning anti life.. why you don't say anything about the test itself…stop misguided people..and put some real studies the once that are honest

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    Dr Zelenko is a flake. You can not treat patients based on his proclamations without data.

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    I would like to see a comparison chart for death count in the United States f"rom all the other causes" like the common flu diabetes low blood sugar heart disease cancer liver Disease pneumonia obesity strokes malnutrition allergies and all the other 1 million ways to die. What exactly happened to those statistics since the beginning of 2020 till mid July compared to 2019 2018 and the years before.

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