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Very promising developments on the covid-19 treatment and vaccine fronts.

First, PittCoVacc, a vaccine candidate out of the University of Pittsburg, follows previously existing approaches, very similar to the way the flu vaccine works. Initial tests on mice have proven successfully in producing copious antibodies against covid-19.

The vaccine delivery system is both painless and highly scalable. 

So whether or not PittCoVacc is the “silver bullet” here, it’s existence shows that the energies and innovation of our research companies is yielding good options — a process that should only accelerate from here.

And now that we have more data, it really does appear that the hydroxycholorquine/azithromycin cocktail combo reduces the severity and duration of covid-19 infection — provided it’s delivered early on enough.

These encouraging developments, plus an exploding set of citizen-entreprenuers creating their own DIY solutions (especially with masks) give us the first real sense that we are beginning to make real progress against the coronavirus.

We’ll need to hold tight to that good news, as the next few weeks will be quite traumatizing with the expected huge increases in # of infected and deaths.

But will well get through this. And it’s heartening to see promising developments like PittCoVac and hydroxycholoquine begin to put points on the board for our side.


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    The virus doesn't need to get into the blood, it just needs to affect the immune response and that will affect the blood.

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    In France, Professor Raoult, a mondialy know virologist, who run an institue say Hydroxychoroquine with Azythromicin, an antibiotic, works ! You have to take it before becoming to much ill. For some reasons a lot of mass média don't like this and try to shut down the Professor, but it's difficult for them coz this guy is one of the best expert on virus in the world.

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    Chinas death count is a fucking joke!!! They just ordered 200,000 body bags? At the beginning i calculated you could add 00 to there number of 141? When they started the 2 hospitals to make the leaked doctor math work of 90,000 actual suspected cases in wuhan? Found here (Sorry its been deleted) but this may infer what we are up against think rock & hard place with meat grinder at the end of it So you could probably add at minimum 0,000 to the back end at current now? Lets play with some numbers to at least make 200,000 body bags relevent but remembering natural death rates still exist? +0 = 33,290 +00 = 332,900 +000 = 3,329,000 +0,000 = 33,290,000 I base this last figure on the mobile phone use decline figure of 21,000,000 at the time? Info found here Actual case numbers & death's if they can be belived what so ever 75,762 deaths world wide? Thats low even for an order of 200,000 body bags by china alone? Preemtive planning order more than you need? Or people are dieing locked in there homes starved to death plus china has its own powerhouse production facilitys & there ordering extras from taiwan? Aparent current world population Fucking BS the world is beying Mothballed down to say 500,000,000 Georgia guide stones has my vote. Notice vids 60-63 or these 4

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    I recommend “catalyst university” here on YouTube who has a couple of videos that explains the coronavirus replication cycle and also how the virus works inside the human body and causing the lung cells to be flooded and unable to perform the oxygen exange to the blood.

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    I wonder if Mediterranean Thalassemia has an effect on outcomes?

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    I've been watching Chris' videos since the beginning. I appreciate everything he's done but I'm beginning to suspect that this whole Covid-19 thing is more of a scam than anything else.

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    now their towels are all sold out:(

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    Things we do not know or do not know for a certainty.
    1. real death rates
    2. doubling rates
    4. Sweden needs explaining
    5. What will the world do with China who clearly purposely infected the world. 60 Minutes Australian showed that Xi purposely and knowingly let 5 MILLION people travel around the world.
    6. What are the economic effects of staying on lockdown and can the world start up again? Is it true that more will die as the result of economic collapse than from the coronavirus?

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    Good to rest sometimes 👍🏻

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    Exclusive: Florida law firm sues China over coronavirus outbreak | Gravitas

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    Can the use of chelation therapy help clear the toxic iron particles?

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    Thank you for doing these updates. Honestly, you should be given an award or something. I'm not religious, but you really are going God's work.

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    Have you heard that coved-19 is not causing Pneumonia but rather it is causing Hypoxia? Also, ventilators are causing lung scarring/damage. hypoxia vs pneumonia. So, we are treating the wrong disease!

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    I have a friend in Koln, Germany. She has Covid. They didn’t make the test… She called, gave her symptoms, and they told her she had the virus and should stay at home. That’s it ! Something is off in Germany!

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    Thank You ♾️

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    Checkout Latvia data, we had cases, and now they are really slowing down, only 6 new infections on 1500 tests yesterday.
    we are very introvert people, when lockdown / quarantine was announced, most folks sub-consciously was happy about it – because you don't need to meet and talk with someone.
    And also very low death rate and kind of small infected people count, comparing to Lithuania or Estonia.
    I'm doubting that we are hiding data.
    There was rumours that we have this low count due TB vaccine program, that was long time ago in our block countries.
    Any comments?

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    @peak.prosperity Thank you Chris for all the info you providing everyone and constant researches you share. I have so many questions. Probably i am not the only one. I am wondering are we fighting the same virus worldwide? Is there any factors thst can transform or change the nature of this virus? Are carrier a potential possibility for change of the nature of covid-19? Is the external environment effect it? If yes, Are we looking for vaccine that works for which covid-19? Numbers suggest that kids are not as much effected , we cant studies find an answer there and use it if possible to respond to stop covid-19 on adults effected?

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    thanks for your work CMart…stay safe

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    I think its possible different treatments are not working in some areas is because there are other strains of Covid-19.

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    Toxic Iron? I'm anemic, should I not take an iron supplement because it might help the virus infect and make the symptoms worse? My iron levels are already very low unless I take a supplement. Of course I can live without taking it just fine, but I get tired sometimes during the day.

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    OMG! – now take the thought one step further – what is the virus doing? it is protecting its breading ground from something that will kill it …. it is either going to be oxygen or co2 – it stops the gas entering the lungs so it can't transfer through the cells to the blood where it is replicating – and then it is inhibiting the blood to carry the gases so they can't transfer through the cells back to the lungs. it takes a long time to die because the body is always releasing new blood cells and it takes time for the virus to over come the process. rare is the patient that comes off the ventilator. OMG – they are treating the wrong problem… or rather they are coming at the problem the wrong way – the problem being the body suffocating and needing to find ways to get the oxygen into the blood other than a ventilator…. the HXQ might work but the virus is likely to mutate after extensive use so other more passive methods need to be found eg ozonated water?

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    No Pandemic here Chris just a mere Plandemic, you do the Math, I know you were aware of a coming Global Meltdown anyway, just seems a wee bit coincidental all this horseshit coincides at the same time, Global Shutdown in a simultaneous fashion to screw the global population, you just can't make this shit up…..

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    This was planned years ago.. this is to push more vaccines. On top of all the vaccines we allready have.. wake up people. Look up lockstep rockerfella foundation.. also event 201 by ugenist bill.

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    Surgeon General………OMG. !!!!!

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    This is promising news, but scary too. No chance of getting early treatment here in the U.K. as people aren’t going to hospital or getting tested until they are at Ventilator stage.

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    Please can you put your source urls in the descriptions. Then I can easily select, copy and paste it; this not possible when in the video image.

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    This ER doctor has discovered something of great importance. dr cameron kyle sidell

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    Im immune to covid19. I have G6PD (malaria immunity) (glucose phosphate deficient 6) and O- blood type. Im 😎. I just did a video on this. I found this out when I was in navy boot camp. Tap in and subsxribe to me @peakprosperity

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    Does anyone know an equivalent to the shop towels in the Netherlands?

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    Great video Chris, I loved the Suay Sew Shop story.

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    Hi Doc! When you talked about the mechanism in hemoglobine, I connected this to an anecdote my father in law was telling me about cases in Sicily, where microcytosis is a relatively common genetic thing. My GF has this and her father was telling us that it seemed that in Sicily cases were not so rampant or serious as in the north. I immediately connected the dots when you started out on hemoglobine.

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    I'm am now furious with how people are STILL not taking this seriously!

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    Graingers is no “scientific company”.

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    I saw that vaccine as well, it looks awesome and will probably be easy to reproduce enmasse.

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    Here is what the science that says about Anti-Malaria Drugs side effects (not good).
    Sweden has already discontinued their use due to the side effects.

    Psychiatric Effects:

    "Specific substances Quinine and chloroquine …

    Abstract: Quinine and chloroquine poisoning are characterized by severe cardiovascular toxicity resulting from sodium and potassium channel blockade, leading to hypotension, shock, arrhythmias and cardiac arrest. Quinine poisoning can cause irreversible visual loss. Severity of symptoms is closely related to the ingested dose and plasma concentration. Single-dose activated charcoal can be given within 1 hour of ingestion to reduce absorption. Multiple-dose activated charcoal enhances quinine elimination. …"

    The first side effect listed is "wanting to kill oneself":

    "We need to point out, although HCQ is less toxic than CQ, prolonged and overdose usage can still cause poisoning. And the relatively low SI of HCQ requires careful designing and conducting of clinical trials to achieve efficient and safe control of the SARS-CoV-2 infection."

    These anti-malaria drugs share common ancestors to Fluoroquinolones antibiotics. They share many of the same devastating side effects, tho mental aberrations, such as suicides, murders rages, nightmares, are more common with the anti-malaria ones.

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    That's so cool You said shop towels are the best material 😁my dad's a Farmer so we had N95 masks but I told him if we use the surgical masks we should beef them up with shop towels!! I was thinking the same thing ♥️ I told my Dad awhile ago to cut some up to have ready 😉

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    This doctor seems to think that we are treating COVID-19 incorrectly, maybe Peak Prosperity’s new idea is more correct – maybe it is more of a red blood cell disease…

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    What are the European equivalents of these blue shop towels? I mean like brands? I've been looking, but can't find them.
    My girlfriend is making coton masks with inserts to put in more dense materials and this "blue shop towel" could be perfect!

    Of course there will be hundreds of thousands of idiots who will ransack the places that sell them….

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    Hi Chris, have been following your channel since very early on in this . Really appreciate your dedication to education. As a medically retired nurse in the uk 🇬🇧 I am in discussions with many in the medical field here and it’s grim, gagging orders in place, staff threatened not only with dismissal but with removal from medical register therefore no longer able to practice 😡😡. Frontline staff who eventually do get tested still awaiting results after 7 days. Still lacking PPE in most places and such limited testing that it’s a joke. Deaths in community not appearing nor deaths of pneumonia. Much anger about the protected community list, many people not on it that should be, leaving them unable to isolate. Public strongly advised NOT TO WEAR MASKS and social distancing failing.

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    Vulnerability to viral infection may be conferred by injuries to your autonomic nervous system. Causes include straining on the toilet, difficult first labors, different patterns of surgery, hypertension, etc Not yet accepted in mainstream medicine. Published Am J Med 2014:127:3-4

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    I just stopped making dresses and started making masks. I use recycled t-shirt and sweater fabrics, cotton and poly mix usually, triple layered, with a pocket to insert a filter or…blue towel! Doin' what we can. I love that.

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    I have Borreliose. So when I've heard that some people might be tested positive and later negative and then again positive I thought of spirochetes (borrelia bacteria) living in me. They are hiding in hemoglobin and they might sleep for a number of years, not causing any trouble until they are awake again. This smart – virus sounds to me pretty much like borrelia.

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    Wow, that brazilian artice made me unsubscribe. You do realise their president also said that if everybody would vast for one day the virus would dissappear. Do you really believe them when they say everybody walked out of their intensive care units and nobody is dying from it anymore? I was watching your video's because you made sense, but I'd trust a North Korean artice more than a Brazilian one at the moment. Stopped watching when you said everybody should use it now.

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    DId the mask-guys measure breathability ?
    Like, hard plastic container will block 100% of the particles, but I won't be putting that on my face since I like being able to breathe.

    Measuring filter performance only is just half the story.

    That being said, I love the effort they made, hope they are breathable and useful! 🙂

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    Try JErome Corsi talking to Karladine Graves and Dan Cole, Excellent summary of HCQ, vitamin D and Zinc. AZT for secondary infection. Full analysis !

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    While you were uploading your video, In some weird parallel universe, I was looking at an article about Covid-19 attacking hemoglobin…….

    #covid19 #presymptomatic For physicians and other health care providers, particularly the research minds, my husband showed me something that BLEW MY MIND when I connected the dots….

    Covid-19 is NOT a primary lung disease. It primarily affects RBCs, knocking the iron off the heme molecule.

    It replicates more in tissues with ACE2 receptor expression such as kidney, and GI tract. It attacks RBCs, primarily our hemoglobin.

    With this piece, I connected all the dots:

    This change in hemoglobin is evidenced by the dark blood my nursing friends have seen. It also explains the very low oxygen saturation in someone who does not feel short of breath. Lung damage, like other organ damage, is SECONDARY to impaired gas exchange at the cellular level. The CO2 is stuck at the tissues. The oxygen delivery is impaired. (People feel short of breath when CO2 builds up. It can’t build up because it’s stuck in tissues.). It’s similar to carbon monoxide poisoning or methemoglobinemia! Impaired RBCs.

    The increase in free iron from the virus kicking it off hemoglobin leads to an increase in ferritin levels. The increased free iron might also be the cause of a bump in LFTs.

    It takes time for enough virus to be present to attack enough RBCs to begin to have symptoms. This explains the presymptomatic phase. It also explains why young people have less severe disease. They turn over RBCs more easily, for the most part.

    It explains why chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are effective. They protect the hemoglobin molecule from losing the iron molecule, which is part of the problem with the malaria parasite when it eats our RBCs and is challenged by chloroquine. The parasite can’t thrive because it can’t knock the iron off the heme molecule when the parasite tries to digest its meal.

    It also explains why the Chinese were using blood from recovered patients to treat the sick. I propose that the most severely affected patients may need a blood transfusion, after they are loaded with protective chloroquine? Perhaps iron overdose treatment deferoxamine could help the sickest patients? Hemodialysis patients do much better than expected in some retrospective analysis… is it because of a small amount of removed iron? Removed proteins that are trying to attack RBCs?

    I don’t have all the pieces, and the details at the receptor levels, but the basic pathophysiology is different from the expected. And the treatment is different as well. Covid-19 is an RBC pathogen.

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    too many fan boys

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    The sugar spike vaccine sounds like a great way to get antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) going to make the virus an even better killer. This sounds like the dumbest idea ever.

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    Ganoderma lucidum shows ace inbition and Zinc bind and anti hypertension.!po=41.3043
    I drink ganoderma lucidum coffee, check it out samples, buy or distribute your choice
    I also drink alkaline microclustered water ph 9.5 that oxygenates blood
    Enagic KANGEN medical water device. Mom is distributor ill get her website as soon as i can.
    Could this be a treatment for covid 19 infected? Im no doctor can you check it out

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    Why is Suay shop not publishing their test results? If they want to help all the people they should be transparent. Not all the materials are available to everyone. So people need to know what the best next thing is. That they don't publish that info says to me that they only want make a profit by making masks.

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    PittCoVacc. 👍👏👏👏👏

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    Clear argument for prophylaxis. 75 years for malaria ??

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    2:13 In the United States the dead that die at home and in nursing homes are "not" tested in order to not waste the very short supplies caused by all the investments in "Christian Warmongering" demanding "Christian Rule" of "Petroleum;" therefore, the deaths in the United States are "under reported" and this is the result of what the United States has become as the true colors come out in a pandemic, and it leaves the citizen of the United States in shock of just how deeply the United States is invested in "Christian Warmongering" demanding "Christian Rule" of "Petroleum" that now has left the United States in short supplies of equipment to save lives in the name of "Jesus Christ" because the United States is too busy taking lives in the name of "Christianity" demanding "Christian Rule" of "Petroleum," and this "Zombie" phase of the United States is now waking up to realize what otherwise would have remained unknown if it were not for this pandemic in the year of 2020 CE, and most likely afterwards the United States will return to the "Zombie" phase again because unfortunately that is what the United States has become.
    And the number of dead of the ill prepared United States compared to the well supplied South Korea that was hit at the same time being January 19, 2020 CE will prove my point, and the shame is that the United States has five times more resources than South Korea, and the United States spent it on "Christian Warmongering" demanding "Christian Rule" of "Petroleum " with Iraq and Afghanistan, and now The Caspian Sea, and now Venezuela, and now Iran, and now Libya, and now Egypt, and now Syria, and now Sudan, and who knows who else will also be added to "The Christian Warmongering List" of the United States, and this is what the United States has become and its investments are enslaved to; as well as, enslaving the United States itself to the point that the United States can barely invest in making people healthy, and keeping people healthy, and saving lives; thus, "Christian Warmongering" demanding "Christian Rule" of "Petroleum" with "The Christian 666 Petrodollar" that is the number of man claiming it is for Peace in the name of Christ through the Religion called Christianity comes with a price, and it is the required mark to "buy or sell" Petroleum such as the now enslaved Nation of Iraq, and Afghanistan and Venezuela are soon to fall as well as with Iran in the deep vision of how the "Christian Warmongering" United States can pull it off because the September 11, 2001 CE trickery card to look innocent invading The Middle Innocent has already been played and the World knows it, and so does GOD, and this behavior of the United States sooner or later will be the cause of World War Three just as the demanding of "Christian Rule" of "Tea" caused the revolt against "Christian Rule" known as "The Boston Tea Party" of the year 1773 CE that led to "The American Revolutionary War" against "Christian Rule" that began in 1775 CE, and now you can see how treasonous the United States has become demanding "Christian Rule" of "Petroleum," and it does not get anymore UnAmerican and Treasonous than that, and it is the "Christian Warmongering" itself that has come back upon the United States like a curse that has come to collect its price and the short supplies to "Save Lives" is proof of that. EYE 5

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    President Trump had a good hunch about hydroxychloroqine. But for some reason it seems to be downplayed as a gamechanger. Evidently, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients currently taking the hydroxychloroqine for above ailments on a regular basis ARE NOT CATCHING THE DISEASE. Sweden sounds like a bunch of dopes in their medical community. Next few weeks will be very revealing. Things are looking up in my uneducated opinion. Keep the good work… By the way, Dr Oz is going to say good things today about hydroxychloroqine (and fortifiers). These are good things happening!

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    The Chinese death and case figures seem so much less believable when juxtaposed with the figures of the USA and the European countries

  57. Avatar This guy might have our answer. It is antibodies that protect us for 8-10 weeks and we'd get the shots or however it is distributed as long as it is affordable and maybe the govts would help us with it. This seems like an answer short of having a vaccine. There might be hope and light at the end of this.

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    I don't know when I will trust being normal again. I don't see me feeling comfortable like I was in December anytime soon. But one can't hibernate forever right? I guess I'm gonna be wearing a homemade mask for the next year. In the last 2 years I've had 2 bouts with bacterial pneumonia and that was bad enough that I had curtailed going to crowded places even this past fall. Now I just want to grocery shop without panic feeling everything is contaminated.

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    Uk is lack of testing we are hardly doing any. Also the death rate is under as not counting deaths in community

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    There’s a brand new Royal running around
    He’s not very big but he wears the Crown
    As well as any Villain from History
    He infects his subjects with COVID-19

    The New Corona King will change things up
    From the way we all work to the way we all sup
    Isolation, cancellation and Quarantine
    Decontamination, Social Distancing
    The new-norm now thanks to COVID-19
    Four out of five good doctors may say
    The mostly-mild sickness will go away
    When one in five needs urgent care
    Most of us will start to wonder where
    We’ll find the extra money to make up
    For closing all of our workplaces up
    Will we partake of our last offered cup?
    When we all have COVID-19.

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    With regards to the swedish news article: It means with a decent certainty "hard to dose".

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    People, please watch David Icke on London Real:

    Don't know who to believe but there are too many things that don't make sense about how nearly all countries and mainstream media have conducted this so called pandemic.

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    I'm not worried about the virus anymore. I'm very worried about the governments plan to take away freedom after this shit show.

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    You are quoting and even misquoting a tabloid newspaper from Sweden. Misinformation causing even further misinformation from your listeners.

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    The real question is why are reporters falsely claiming that hospitals are overwhelmed and having to put beds in the hallways. Then when people go to confirm this information the hospital is nearly empty.

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    Chris, Not all of us have resources to make masks. The Surgeon General was trying to target that audience of people who might know that drug on the tee shirt he was demonstrating with, and not because they have a Doctorate in Pathology as you do. Please be merciful, we are all coming up the learning curve, but, perhaps, not on the same level.

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    In order to return to normal life, we will all have to find ways to boost our immunity against infection.

    COVID-19 is a more virulent, and a very much more infectious, version of the influenza that occurs world-wide every year towards the end of the winter – examples of which are SARS and MERS.

    A vaccine is never going to prevent the next strain of Influenza, since vaccines take many months to develop and we are always chasing ways to stop the last one – not the next one

    We are not going to learn from the medical profession or government about natural ways to boost our immunity, since most modern doctors do not understand anything which is not a licensed drug.

    I have spent 10 years interacting with many NHS scientific advisory committees including NICE, and none of them can cope with "Diet and Lifestyle" – because they don't understand it. An example if this is a GP who proudly told me that "I know nothing about Nutrition" – how sad and dangerous ! Another is an eye surgeon who told me that she does not give advice about Omega-3 – because "Vitamins are dangerous"

    Dr Andrew Saul maintains that we should take large amounts of Vitamin C when we are stressed or ill.

    Dr Cicero Coimbra, Dr William Grant and Henry Lahore show evidence that high levels of Vitamin D boost our natural immunity against the annual Influenza and COVID-19

    Dr Sarah Myhill suggests that we should inhale iodine vapour, since that coats our nasal passages and upper airways with an antiseptic that kills the virus when we breath it in

    Dr Paul Marik has a protocol involving Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and steroids that have a synergistic effect in treating Sepsis, that also helps to treat Influenza and Pneumonia.

    Dr Joseph Mercola has published "10-Tips to Beat Coronavirus" that add several foods, traditional herbal remedies and supplements, such as Elderberry, Spirulina, Beta Glucans, Glucosamine, Selenium, Zinc, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Sulphoraphane

    We are not going to hear about these ways to build immunity from the medical profession, because the doctors in NICE in the UK do not understand them and the FDA in USA has banned anyone making claims for treatment or prevention using anything but licensed drugs.

    Also, Google and Facebook altered their search algorithms in June 2019 to block any claims that do not use licensed drugs, mostly as part of their war against Fake News but probably to keep the advertising revenue from the drug companies.

    Many of the general public do understand some of these natural methods of boosting our immunity, including how sunlight is the best disinfectant – except that the dermatologists have taken over the lunatic asylum and told us to stay out of the sun !

    So if we aren't going to hear these messages from our doctors or our search engines or social media or the mainstream media, where and how are we going to learn about ways to prevent infection from COVID-19 and the next version ?

  68. Avatar

    A Korean doctor who’s giving patients and hospital staff 100,000 IUs of vitamin D and 20 to 24 grams of vitamin C by IV reports virus-infected patients are getting well in a matter of days. Big Pharma is actively suppressing this to protect future trillion dollar profits from drug/vaccine. Posts on facebook are being deleted as fast as they can find them. People are dying meantime. The doctors are either willfully ignorant or employed as consultants by big pharma which means they are effectively gagged as no one bites the hand that feeds them. IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY. In any case we wait for no one and use our initiative.
    we take 25000 i.u. and 2000 mg of vit C timed release plus multivitamin to supply cofactors like vitamin k and magnesium and zinc, etc. f**k big pharma and corrupt authority figures. Look under Pneumonia, Respiratory, Breathing and Tuberculous.. Read and weep. Weep at all the lives being lost due to suppression of this information by Big Pharma and MSM so they can get trillions of dollars from the patented drug/vaccine many months away…

  69. Avatar

    This "toxic iron" theory you've brought forth, I wonder if this could help explain why women have a lower mortality rate due to covid than men because they have much lower blood iron levels on average than men

  70. Avatar

    Germany just doesn't write real death numbers. I mean if person who got corona died and if he had some other health issues outside covid, for example heart disease , they will write that he died because his heart was weak and stopped, they won't write that he died due to corona.

  71. Avatar

    This could be the most dangerous channel on all of youtube. Unsubscribing.

  72. Avatar

    I really appreciate the reporting and all the hard work by you and your team. Thank you for hearing and implementing my earlier suggestions about putting your credentials in the presentation, giving a diy for gardening, and for presenting about blood type. God bless you and your team.

  73. Avatar

    "Silver bullet"?
    Maybe the price of silver will reach true market value and redeem the faith of all the stackers.

  74. Avatar

    Chloroquine is the key. China and their media has been trying to downplay the efficacy of the drug ever since 15/2 when they approved it for use following extensive studies in 10 hospitals. Of course, they "forgot" to tell anyone about it and instead their WHO and media have been going to war against it, in spite of all research and clinical experience.

  75. Avatar

    Not sure about ivermectine many parasitic meds only work in entrically ie do they get absorbed in to blood stream? Might need to be given IV or IM !
    Chloroquine Zn best option so far!

  76. Avatar

    us deaths wont exceed 50k…no big deal!

  77. Avatar

    Chris pls see what is happening in South Africa….the numbers when compared to Algeria for example just don't make any sense

  78. Avatar

    I’ve been seen the question is it safe to order out?. I believe it’s not but wanna hear more of y’alls answers

  79. Avatar

    Can we please stop quoting the lay press on HCQ. That’s not evidence it’s hypothesis generating. In vitro does not equal efficacy. We should be skeptical of 10O% success

  80. Avatar

    MANDATORY vaccinations against corona coming soon, laws already passed in Denmark (from

    "As well as enforcing quarantine measures, the law also allows the authorities to force people to be vaccinated (…)."

    And of course Bill Gates is working on a vaccine.

    from Naturalnews:

    The vaccines that Gates is planning to introduce will come with so-called quantum dot tattoos, a type of small microchip that will have to be inserted underneath the skin in order to function.

    Much like – if not the embodiment of – the Mark of the Beat spoken about in the book of Revelation, Gates’ digital microchip vaccinations will be required for all people who want to open back up their businesses and participate in society. They’ll also likely store the “digital dollar” cryptocurrency that was included as part of the stimulus bill recently signed by President Trump.

    What’s truly amazing about all of this is that people like Gates aren’t even trying to hide their true intentions anymore. The general public is apparently so distracted, disinterested or just plain dumb that the truth being laid out right in front of their faces isn’t motivating enough to get them to rise up against it.

  81. Avatar

    Chris, is this New York ER doctor talking about the same thing? He argues his COVID19 patients are suffering from oxygen starvation, similar to Hypoxia.

  82. Avatar

    Curious segment, thank you for the information. I am wondering if toxic iron explains the greater risk to men than women? It seems men have a naturally occurring higher iron count and that women are more prone to iron deficiency.

  83. Avatar

    Chris have this guy as a guest. best video ive seen nect to yours

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    FOR SALE Wheelbarrow full of American $100 Dollar Notes .. Price: A loaf of bread or a can of soup, will consider swapping for a cob of corn 🙁

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    I see that most of your study data seems to be from China. Can we trust anything out of China?

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    Is that shirt rx only or can I get it at a pharm behind the counter?

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    Excellent job! Most informative.

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    This week: Some hope

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    @Peak Prosperity could receptor CD147 be pathway into red blood cells??

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    China is using batsoup to Cure this shit

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    if this is already turning then this was a totally overblown "pandemic"…..

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    New York Governor Cuomo, Rejected Masks made in Massachusetts, and purchased masks from….CHINA!



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    please be careful attributing "fact" status to anecdotal evidence u wish were true. without double blind randomized large scale long period trials, it is all guess work and should be treated as such. these should only inform mercy treatment protocol.

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    Surgeon general, affirmative action in real time.

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    corona is history back to work!

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    Great info again Chris. Many thanks for all of your work!!

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