1. Love the show, but was on spreaker earlier and had some difficulty tuning in, then second part never came on.

  2. Peirs needs to kick his brothers arse a great deal!

  3. 5G is a weapon and should be stopped before it starts, it is all about the population cull !!!

  4. I wonder if the politician listen to such programs?

  5. the sheeple down under have now started an Australian branch of ER, so sad!

  6. https://youtu.be/GgHYJ5vlyMA

    Global lectures from the UN habitat worldwide….the importance of urban law in the new urban agenda!

  7. Sorry, I know it’s juvenile, but the theme tune ending in ‘always be our souls’ I always hear something else. Why vicars are discouraged from saying ‘we should pray for our souls’ …but maybe we should- there’s a lot of them about especially in ER….

  8. Extinction rebellion ticks all the boxes of a practicing cult.

  9. The 'Stinking Rebellion' lot, as I call them, are a bunch of fake actors working for the globalist Agenda 21/2030 plans.
    The protests was done really badly, so badly it is so obviously a fake movement.
    One look at the nerd being interviewed by Adam Boulton shows that.
    These middle class ponces who the media interviews are not representative of the majority of people in Britain, yet they get the airtime.
    Great Thunderbirds is another middle class actWHOREVIST getting a platform by everyone.

  10. I do not think the amount of CO2 mankind has released in to the atmosphere is one of the main causes of global warming. The climate changes & always will. We have just reached the end of a warm period in time which has released a huge amount of Methane in to the atmosphere. History shows ice ages follow pole reversals which is happening now as we enter the solar minimum. Blocking the sun with Geoengineering will make it even colder in the future.

  11. Would like to know what conversation Piers has had with his brother Jeremy on this extinction rebellion nonsense!! Obviously, Jeremy Corbyn has no principles signing Labour party up to this climate emergency madness. He must know man-made climate change is nonsense and just another attack on the poor and working class. Politicians are bankers puppets!!

  12. Watch this and realise what this man is saying ; https://youtu.be/-kq0NdW7of8

  13. Gail Bradbrook (co founder of Rebellion Extinction) is also Chairman of a company that promotes 5G roll-out.

  14. Hi guys I'm a recent subscriber and huge fan of the content of the show. However, this is just a bit of constructive criticism, as I've noticed on numerous videos that the sound is very poorly balanced especially when audio clips are inserted which are much louder than the spoken interviews which quite jarring and I constantly find myself having to turn down or skip forward the segments.
    This can fixed very easily in final cut or what software you use. Any keeps up the great work lads and thanks for bringing us this information!

  15. The action they want is toward a resource based economy. This can be imposed by a technocratic takeover with the 5G smart grid as the control system. All funded by pension funds and forced acquisition of private housing. Disagree about opening new coal mines. Appropriate use of solar PV should be extended as far as possible. Reduction in energy use can be achieved by efficient loads, load reduction and insulation. Other electric and thermal renewables and appropriate wood fuel utilisation should be in the mix. Coal is finite. Some Oil may not be fossil, so can continue to be used.

  16. I see these middle-class Extinction Rebellion types as trying to reassert their social authority over the white working class by paradoxically adopting Marxism. Come the revolution comrades, who will be getting all the top jobs and be chairing all the committees? Somehow I don't think it will be Arthur my shop steward, let alone little old me!

  17. I have to give the CONservatives credit. They are very adept at CONNING people into believe white is black and up is down.

    I wonder how many of these CONNEDservatives appreciate the fact that is was the evil government that brought about smoke-free workplaces, bars, restaurants, hospitals etc.

    Imagine trying to accomplish that today.

    We would still have tobacco companies knowingly, intentionally addicting CHILDREN to a product that would kill 2/3 of them at some point in their lives and 30% of them in their 50s.

    But I guess that’s all fake news.

    Bring back smoking! Freedom!

  18. Its all a gigantic pile of steaming sh1t, for sure. What I want to know is the following – how/why did Global Warming 'morph' into Climate Change? Is there a difference between the lie of Global Warming and the lie of Climate Change? Which of the two is the bigger lie?

  19. The claims that trees are being cut down because they interfere with 5G radio waves may be true, but surely the brickwork of houses is harder to penetrate?
    I suppose that ties in with destroying everything and replacing it with 'smart cities'?

  20. Yeah schoolgirl activists are always a good way to convince people.. Remember the one who swore she saw Iraqi troops take babies from incubators and kill them? And surprise surprise it was all crap and she was actually the daughter of some intelligence guy linked to the Americans. People seem to fall for the same con time and time again. Yet the people who try to expose the con are the ones who are persecuted.

  21. If the UK reduced its' omissions to zero it would take China 7 days to make up the difference.



  24. Jeremy Corbin goes along with the popular narrative, looking for opportunities to enhance his 'special' relationship with the gullible impressionable young. To me he is not real, or original. Or genuine. Has his own Socialist Agenda.

  25. Just look at all those posh middle class idiots kicking off about 'poor people in Africa'.
    As if they give a damn about those people.

  26. Love your work and Pierce Corbyn I am currently drawing the nutters who are on the ER sites(the internet is flooded with them) to your ER site.

  27. Rebellion Extinction agents of the Evil Rabbi George Soros of The Synagogue of Satan – full of shite evil cunt-fuck:))))

  28. Great vid, but, people need to wake up to the fact that we are not living on a spinning ball flying through Space…we live in a pond, most likely seperated by ice, leading to other ponds and humans…Climate will change…The Sun is a holoprismatic glare created by the "field", and local..it is changing and will "die" and be "reborn"…causing an event of some kind…ice age? Floods? The melting of ice ( Antarctica is melting in parts which leads to more land ) leading to other ponds? So others can travel in between…think about it….Our pond is flat…we happen to be living and entering into a major climate event, which is a natural cycle of events….and civilisations come and go and inter mingle with other races….when they can travel between ponds…after or during climate events…

  29. 🗣 An indulgence is a excellent & precise description of these Clowns (Extinction Rebellion)!🤡🤡🤮

  30. Carbon dioxide levels have nothing to do with surface temperature. https://gvigurs.wordpress.com/2019/04/28/the-emperors-new-climate/ Greenhouses don't work by the greenhouse effect, neither does the atmosphere. I cannot understand how any educated person could take it seriously.

    The Earth is cooling anyway. Twelve years is as long as the public can continue to be fooled. By then the discrepancy between official global temperature and everyday experience will become obvious. Twelve years is the time required to take 'action' in order to save reputations. The 'action to save the planet' will be a spectacular circus attracting press coverage, but completely ineffectual. This is no more than the medicine man performing a rain dance. As the Earth is cooling naturally, the charlatans will claim their rituals were effective, and will be heralded as the scientists who 'saved the planet'.

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