1. Those that Control the Fed are Trying to Make the U.N. a Socialist World Government through the CO2 SCAM and Agenda 21. The Federal Reserve was set up by the Rothschilds and their Cronies. The Rothschild Family however has the Official Title : " Guardians of the Vatican Treasury ", its even in the Encyclopedia Judeica. And Dynasty Founder Mayer Amschel Rothschild was Already a Member of the VATICAN Knights of Malta. So yes the Rotschilds have a Degree of Power, but they SERVE the 1500 yearold Vatican System. Once Again : All ( NWO ) roads lead to the ANTICHRIST Papacy in Rome. And Yes this Current System will Fail and the Papacy will Play the Role of " Savior " : Offering the Marxist One World System and One World New Age Religion as a " Solution ". While Unknown to Many the Papacy, the JESUITS, Freemasonry and Other Secret Societies Created Much of the Problems in the First Place. Please do your Own Research and Get Born Again, God bless.

  2. I could be the first thumbs down on this vid.. [Insulting nonsequitirs] [series of personal attacks] [virtue signals] [tautological redundant political canned newspeak statements] [claim of nebulous ideological superiority] [race card] [indignation] [threats] [dramatic accusation of presenter harboring discriminatory views against select victim status ingroup] LIghts OUT!!

  3. It's the same as the vegan anti cows milk campaign, no vegan can tell you which part of it is about the cows welfare as it is a human ego identity campaign masquerading as an animal welfare one taking fake news to another level , being a cows milk demonising co2 hounding trump hating gender confuser is the new must have ego identity of the pseudo intellectual left without a real cause

  4. You cannot reference soundly based refutation of the greenhouse effect theory. It will not be posted on warmist sites. It will be dismissed out of hand.

    You have to overcome academic hubris, which ensures work is never assessed on its merits. Cronyism, nepotism and plagiarism form the three pillars of modern academia. Only the derivative is permitted, originality is strictly prohibited. Indeed, academics are so arrogantly stupid that they sincerely believe themselves to have a monopoly of wisdom, whilst most have never had an original thought in their lives.
    The result is what I call academic in-breeding, and as with physical in-breeding the net result is idiocy.

    In a society characterised by widespread innumeracy, technical ignorance and scientific illiteracy there is the universal appeal to the guru. Rather than concerning themselves with what is said, the emphasis rests exclusively on who says it. We are acting out the Emperor's New Clothes on a daily basis. The opinion of the little boy who sees that the Emperor is in fact naked, is suppressed because the charlatans are the ones who control who may be heard.
    Forty years ago the general public had sufficient scientific knowledge to recognise BS when they saw it. Nowadays scientific knowledge and rote recitation of Star Trek scripts seem to be recognised as equivalent.

    This is why despite the colossal professor population so little of any value has been produced in recent years. Any undergraduate in physics or engineering can demonstrate that the green house effect is thermodynamic nonsense. But of course, they aren't the ones on the gravy train.

    I challenge any adherent to this theory to refute https://youtu.be/U4ipAE4L87k. I do not expect much of a response, after all integrity and honesty are conspicuous by their absence from modern academia.

  5. CO2 is what plants breath & in turn, plants produce oxygen for us! I defo cannot see anything wrong with CO2!

    You only have to look at the way the job market & housing market have gone over the years to realise we have a form of rationing! It's now far too expensive for the average employee working as a cashier/shelf filler in Tesco & Sainsburys, to buy or rent a property! If you can't afford to buy or rent a roof over your head, the most basic necessity of life, then there is something seriously wrong in the world! Simple as!

    I've said it before & I say it again, Agenda 21 sustainability is like repackaged Nazism, survival of the fittest, & that's the culture we seemed to have been indoctrinated into now! The sooner people wake up to this BS, the better! ๐Ÿ˜

    Cheers for another great show guys! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  6. Agenda's and there agent's whom have no idea what is behind the said agenda are being used for the benefit of the few , the so called elite. In Scotland there is a movement called ,all under one banner, an off shoot from the Independence referendum, it attracts thousands. I do believe this is an agenda, imo this movement will become politicised as per plan,thus reducing the affectiveness of the SNP and the crown achieves it's ultimate goal. They are clever aren't they .!!!!

  7. there is NO greenhouse gas, NO sustainable energy, NO peak oil, the Alarmist/Lukewarmist debate is FAKE….

    "Mommie, Can We Play Obombie Truth Origami"


  8. Many thanks to Mark and Piers; good and very important stuff.
    ย well done Tony – Windows on the world is coming through with much more consistent audio levels these days

  9. Record temperatures around the world as the poles shift & we enter the grand solar minimum which comes every 30,000 years.
    There is nothing new under the sun. The change will be how we use the internet.

  10. That Club of Rome quote is an echo of the 'Report From Iron Mountain' which also suggested environmentalism as a substitute for war for the purposes of controlling populations.

  11. We must stop the Chnage Agents!

  12. the bbc are a bunch of intellectual terrorists i do fear for the weak minded among us that don't take the time to learn. The only thing i can do is tell the truth people don't want to listen to honesty. Yet honesty is the best policy most of us that are listening to this are open minded and will listen to other points of view even one's we don't agree with and that's is a result of us being self thinking individuals and not a part of any collective

  13. The bad news is that in 2019 an experiment to dim the sun and reduce global temperatures is planned. SCOPEX ( partley funded by Bill Gates ), stratospheric controlled perturbation experiment will release plumes of calcium carbonate and measure how it scatters light and changes stratospheric chemistry!. 3 million dollar project. Endorsed by Royal Society scientist. The world is gone mad!

  14. In response to the request at min 21:10 (There is no claim ,nor theory that is spared the counter argument thous that are, are simply lies.)

  15. What a great channel! I'm glad I've discovered it at last!!

  16. Having listened to a an interview with Roger Hallam, it really is clear to me that the scenario you guys have being describing is unfolding. It's such a can of worms. I have been working in the ecological sphere and renewables over the years and did an environmental science degree back in the late 80's when this psyops was just being devised. Whilst I believe that we need to change our ways and live in harmony with nature, what is emerging is Eco-fascism. The whole environmental movement has been co-opted by the AGW story and are so invested in it that there is no turning back. In one breath Hallam talks about democracy, in the next he talks of his movement forcing the elites to change and adopt new "Eco-friendly" policies. This by passes the democratic process, but he an his ilk believe they know best for the rest of us. Even if he was correct about AGW, the prospect of a technocratic totalitarian global state as a solution, is the death knell for the human race. Sovereignty of the human spirit is central to our existence and everything we do to undermine this is a retrograde step. If humans can't get their act together we will face the consequences and the rest of nature will spit us out. To use enslavement to keep the planet as it is, does nothing to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness and our relationship to nature . It's so sad for me to see the people I used to be aligned with in caring for the environment falling into the hands of the dark forces that seek our destruction. The young are the most vulnerable and brainwashed and will follow the pied piper gleefully to their demise.

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