A bipartisan group of United States politicians is pushing for the U.S.-Canada border to reopen.

But Canadians are having none of it, and they aren’t sorry they feel this way. In a letter this week shared by New York congressman Brian Higgins, 27 members of Congress called on the U.S. and Canadian governments to begin a phased full reopening of the border when the current agreement expires on July 21. Restrictions on the border were first introduced in March, and have renewed them three times over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. “We are asking that the United States and Canada immediately craft a comprehensive framework for phased reopening of the border based on objective metrics and accounting for the varied circumstances across border regions,” the letter’s authors wrote. Leading a bipartisan push calling on the U.S. and Canada to begin preparing guidance for the reopening of the Northern Border https://t.co/aJR5AZrfTXpic.twitter.com/ZxARKfhH62— Brian Higgins (@RepBrianHiggins) July 3, 2020Canadians, on the other hand, have a different perspective on the prospect of the border reopening. And they didn’t mince words online. No thank you… clean up your backyard before you attempt to enter ours.. sincerely Canada— MichelleTypoQueen (@MichelletypoQ) July 8, 2020please keep your spreading pandemic and market-based healthcare system firmly within your own borders, thank you— joseph gordon-lenin (@joelaf) July 8, 2020keep it— vacuum sealing beef jerky so it doesn’t get stale (@guydebort) July 8, 2020keep it closed I don’t want my family and friends to die, thanks— Adam 🍞📈 (@ChalicothereX) July 9, 2020No. Just no. And I’m not sorry.— MaggieMay 🇮🇪🇨🇦🇮🇪 (@CailinasEirinn) July 9, 2020Why would Canada even THINK of reopening the border with the US when the US is completely incapable of keeping the virus in check? This is like inviting zombies into your house. https://t.co/3mG6LzCJ13— Matthew Rossi (@MatthewWRossi) July 8, 2020Some were a bit more measured — and characteristically Canadian polite — in their responses, but still not in favour of a swift reopening.I’m sorry that so many of the responses from my fellow Canadians are uncharacteristically rude. But it’s fair to say there’s a lot of anxiety on this side of the border about opening the border right now given the escalation of cases in the US.Maybe we give it some time, eh?— Corey Hogan (@coreyhogan) July 8, 2020Former B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver even weighed in, saying the border must remain closed until the Americans get the outbreak there under control.This has to be some kind of bad joke. The border needs to remain closed. Sadly, @realDonaldTrump who campaigned under the MAGA slogan has instead “Made America a total COVID19 trainwreck”. Until they get this pandemic under control, the border must remain closed. #cdnpoli#bcpoli— Andrew Weaver (@AJWVictoriaBC) July 9, 2020While Canadian COVID-19 numbers have begun to stabilize in recent weeks, the U.S is in the midst of a terrifying spike in case rates. On July 8 alone, the U.S. confirmed over 62,000 cases — its highest single-day total yet and nearly half of Canada’s total case count. As of July 9, south of the border, there have been over 3.1 million total cases and 135,000 deaths, compared to just over 107,000 cases and 8,700 deaths in Canada.The global case-rate map produced by Johns Hopkins University, with circles representing case rates in Canadian provinces and U.S. counties, paints a vivid picture of the difference in case rates between the two countries. A recent poll found that 81 per cent of Canadians are in favour of border restrictions remaining in place. 


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