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As the US approaches the half-million mark of # of people infected with covid-19, Chris shares his personal regimen for keeping his immune system elevated.

This is NOT personal medical advice, though Chris shares the research results supportive of his regimen.

Meanwhile, the damage to the global economy continues to amplify.

In China, half a million companies have closed already.

In the US, over 16 million people have filed for unemployment.

And the response from US central authorities is staggering in scope. $Trillions and $trillions in stimulus is now flooding onto the stage. Will it rescue the companies and households that are suffering?

Time will tell. Though it’s an easy bet to predict that the larger and more powerful parties will fare much better than the average joe.

Chris points out how the decision-makers within Congress and the Fed don’t fathom (or more accurately, can’t fathom) the magnitude of the steps they’re taking. The sums are just too big.

What ripple effects will this drastic action have for our currency’s purchasing power? To the already terrible wealth gap in this country?

Again, time will tell. But we very much may not like the answers we ultimately get.

On a more positive note: Happy Easter/Passover! Get out there this weekend and start/work on your garden!


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    Quercetin, EGCG, & zinc sulfate.
    You’re welcome.

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    32”09, i like the auditive cues , combustion engine, nice..
    none of that pansy tesla

    my problem with exponentiality is for example when an IBM TICKER on NYSE goes a follows:

    32”09: 100.00 usd
    32”10: 100.02 usd
    32”11: 100.04 usd

    thats exponential, right? “it” doubles every minute, so in 64 minutes,
    indian maharajah and chessboard inventor and rice pellets wink wink, in 64 minutes the ibm price will be worth 100 usd plus billions upon billions in extra cents

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    Australia's case count flattened 3 days after level 1 lockdown was announced. We're beating the world!

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    Chris, my thoughts are reinfection may be linked to antigenic shifts?

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    Since they say they can't create a vaccine for the common cold and CV gives us the common cold, is a vaccine possible???

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    Chris, why do you think the rate of death in NYC is 6.7%? Is it because a lot of people aren't tested

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    Love elderberry, have you ever looked at the data for artismasia Annus aka sweetwormwood. It's been used for centuries to fight malaria. Could this also be a first line herb to USE?

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    Just fucking call it Covid-19 or coronavirus… not novel coronaviruz(gay), china virus(people claim its racist but tell that to the spanish flu), and now the "honeybadger virus"?! LMAO

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    Chris: why do you think the various health agencies have not been advising the use of Vitamin C and other neutraceuticals in addition to hygiene recommendations?

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    My grandad always said
    One day a man could push around a wheelbarrow full of 100 bills and couldn't buy a loaf of bread with it.
    Looks like that's coming at us

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    how about ozone therapy? it seems to be working in Spain and Italy, what do you think?

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    The French health ministry is warning against using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen to treat fever and pain associated with COVID-19 infection, and to use acetaminophen (paracetamol) instead.

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    Dr. Martinson, what do you think of this video?

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    What about colloidal silver?

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    I’ve been onboard from the beginning, thanks in part to finding your channel. However, as I see our freedoms being absolutely trampled upon with fear and control, implemented by power-hungry politicians, I must say this is the time I must jump off. This clearly isn’t as severe as predicted by the doomsayers, and we’re now finding out the numbers are being fudged for money…yet we’re seeing people getting yanked off of subways for not wearing a mask (which isn’t required), ordered into “quarantine” for going to a drive-up church, having neighbors calling 911 on other neighbors for not practicing “social distancing,” well, this is all very disturbing and something out of a dystopian novel…not to mention highly unconstitutional. If we all don’t wake up soon and see where this psy-op is heading, I fear we’ll be finding ourselves going from the breadlines to the MANDATORY vaccine lines.

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    Around 4:45 this virulogist says that some early cases on the west coast and in italy and iran can't be linked to the Wuhan cases. Anyone know why that would be?

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    If you want to risk vaccine damage, go ahead. I'll pass.

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    A Site Full of Voodoo Doctors colloidal silver, actetaminophen, ozone therapy, vitamincs C and D, Elderberries, Quercetin, EGCG, and zinc sulfate … about the only thing missing is bat piss soup and pangolin shit sauce .. These people would be better off being at home staying away from the virus and then they'd have no need of poisoning their bodies with all the crap they are constantly recommending .. Perhaps Peak Prosperity should change its name to Hypochondriacs Anonymous

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    How is a vaccine going to give us immunity if the illness doesn’t?

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    We will have to get a vaccine every year when they develop one.

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    Coronavirus Can Take immune System T-Cells hostage autopsy reports on more than 20 patients found extremely low T cell counts in people that had died from coronavirus, they also found the patients had almost completely destroyed immune systems.

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    Maybe you just get the flu vaccine every year so you don’t get the flu.

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    Oh fu—. Stacked hundreds. Hell. We need to go back to work Covid19 or not. 1 or 2 percent will die, but they will anyway as we will most all get the virus. A dollar would be worth 50 cents if that. Wages will not go up and retirement value in half.

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    Wouldn't it be smarter to compare SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) with the first SARS virus –SARS-CoV-1, rather than compare it to the common cold? The first SARS virus disappeared in 2004 and never came back…

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    stop listening to Martensen and wake up, this goof is leading you to your grave, you are in the fight for your life right now and the enemy is not the virus, wake up for christs sake, you think this isn't an agenda, you don't think people are running this op? this is all about transforming society, and if you don't step up you are not gonna like the transformation

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    Come on MAN start telling the real story how many people are going to live compared to the people that may pass away

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    Crazy study on how they created super dangerous Coronaviruses from bats.
    Engineering Coronaviruses to Evaluate Emergence and Pathogenic Potential.

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    Everyday I take at least 2 probiotic capsules, vitamin D, Milk Thistle and Omega 3 Capsules. This is mostly to clear up my eczema but I think this also can help reduce the symptoms of Coronavirus if you contact it.

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    Hi there,

    here is Life extension advanced list what to do:

    Instead vit C try liposomal vitamin C –

    Elderberry juice take all time during Covid infection – there are more studies out there except hose 2 🙂


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    Chris stop spreading lies. Covid-19 is a scam, and germ theory a hoax. Wake up and watch Ammandha Vollmer

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    What do you know about the possibility if a super virus? Two RNA viruses (like a flu and CoViD19) combine to make one super virus?

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    these lines are very straight because they're very fake, dummy

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    Self Employed women make 500000 masks at less than 10 cents each in India. Worth a read.

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    Have you read this study, about whether the HB virus targets T cells (lymphocytopenia)?

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    WHY ARE HOSPITALS AROUND THE WORLD SO EMPTY? Perhaps it's to avoid this sort of stuff happening … "..Tasmanian outbreak forces 2 hospitals to shut down and thousands to self-isolate .."

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    I read that ancient Rome had a 15 year plaque during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. I imagined traders on the Silk Road bringing back the silk robes the Senators coveted.. Have you addressed the L strain and other mutations which could make resumption of the economy dangerous? The L strain appeared when China eased restrictions.

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    Overdose D3 may cous problems. Dont pass 2000 a day.

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    I strongly recommend the following from a NYC doctor on his treatment of COVID19 and how we may be missing a key element of this disease.

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    Yep….china is totally fucked.

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    "The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation" One step closer.

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    A wise man who we were not worthy of once said 'END THE FED'.

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    Check out Transfer Point's Beta 1,3D Glucan. It may seem a bit expensive, but this immunomodulator is the best stuff for helping strengthen your immune system. There are thousands of studies and research showing that Beta Glucans are good for you. Some people who sell Beta 1,3D Glucan derive it from mushrooms, which is cool if you like an inferior product lol. Transfer Point uses bakers yeast to extract Beta Glucan from, and it is much more potent.


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    wow! 4 trillion is beyond imaginable!

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    I been having skin lesion on my toes on and off for all my life when it’s winter. I know is lag of oxygen in the blood vessel. Drinking aloe have been helping me a lot. It detoxify my blood and expanding my end toes blood vessel and heal my frostbite much faster. I don’t do it every week. Only a maintenance when I needed. It heal my body’s from in and out.

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    Thanks for mentioning NAC. I was taking NAC for a couple years and never got sick. Checkout this study: N-acetylcysteine improves oxidative stress and inflammatory response in patients with community acquired pneumonia –

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    Another good immune booster is Chaga Mushroom

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    Skin lesions: those lesions on the feet look like the blisters from EV71 (Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus). It is the genetic cousin of the honey badger. There is a vaccine for that.

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    France. Chart. You used the number from 10th April and said it seemed to high. the chart was for march 31st. Look back at march 31st, and I am sure the numbers will work.

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    Have you heard about the cytokine storm elderberry can cause if you have the china virus?

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    Good info, good data. Thank you for separating fact from fiction.

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    Chris, have you heard of Dr. Shiva AyyaDurai? I feel like both of you are extremely knowledgeable about the whole virus thing but some of your views differ a bit.

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    So much for cluster cluster boom". It's all a farce. Empty Hospitals and Dr's being bribed to lie on death certificates to raise CVid deaths. Does this guy work for CIA or something?

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    elderberry (g holunder, f sureau) has a long history in europe
    the bushes are weak non-thorny and prosper in shade.. all things that indeed lead to think they have other perhaps fairly unique mechanism to fend against parasites and viruses and such

    its the most important cordial in the alps, especially austria, check out its corona stats..

    its also popular in other countries although uk’s prime cordial is blackcurrant (ww2 ribena brand) and france’s main syrup would be from pomegranate(grenadine)..but elderberry certainly figures in their top3 historically

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    People who are sick can lay prone for up to 16 hours a day. You get better ventilation that way.

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    New Zealand is trying to eliminate it totally so far they are doing well. Australia is doing well. The cases aren't high. Death rate is low.

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    Considering that every major economy in the world is deciding to inject billions to trillions, i don't see how inflation will necessarily be a problem. Everyone is going to inflate their currencies at the same time so there shouldn't be much inflation between currencies. Apart from golds prices increasing. These central banks have been doing everything in there power the last ten years to prevent deflation so that plus the economic disaster i think will overpower any inflationary forces.

    Specifically based on fundamentals that a lot of things are too expensive. Especially housing. And the demographics mean gen x, millennials and gen z can't support or afford the type of housing baby boomers could at the same age. Plus there isn't enough of them.

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    Vitamin C and vitamin D3

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    Young people are not affected … so far. This is a novel virus. It can be, God forbid, but it is amoung the unknowns at this point which must be considered, that they, the young once infected, will have some serious problems, accuring over their lifetimes, from hidden stores and damages of this beast. Like the herpes class of viruses, but worse maybe.

    Also once in the CNS what stops this? Is it a brain eater?

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    Don't forget the polyphenols and specifically the flavanoids.

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    Vit C and Raw Garlic is the key.Not 1 clove a day,EAT that Garlic like Blade takes is Garlic shots.

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    Your updates are my daily ‘go to’ posts Chris!! Accurate and factual every time 👌keep it up! On the immune boosting I take my D3 gels with cod liver oil and Vitamin K2 to help absorption, also with zinc and full spectrum Curcumin as a powerful anti inflammatory. Hope this helps?

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    22:25 I also take Quercetin brother!

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    What does “532 frequency” have in relation to this novel coronavirus? Entertain this thought.

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    Why would you stop the Elderberry supplement if you caught COVID?

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    Hopefully we will destroy the world soon.

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    Hey, any way to boost the immune system for the 9 millions that die of hunger every year?

    Oh, I forgot they weren't rich.

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    Isn't elderberry toxic? How does it become non-toxic? Do they cook it first? "They contain a cyanide-inducing glycoside")

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    Elderberry: what about the “cytokine storm”?

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    Very Interesting lecture by a PhD student:
    Vitamin D deficiency in acute respiratory distress syndrome | Dr Dhruv Parekh
    sepsis, pneumonia, cytokines, acute lung injury, ARDS pathophysiology

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    Damn at this "printing" rate US will eat it's own tail in no time.

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    Avoiding doctors and dentists for fear of getting contaminated. It is a relief and incentive to look after your own health.

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    I tried quercetin for the first time yesterday…added it to my regular vitamin stack. It really screwed up my sleep. Feel like I'm hung over today. Wonder if the body adjusts to this stuff or if this is ongoing? Anybody know?

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    Mr. Martensen thank you for your very useful videos! May I have a question: I don't understand why Elderberry not necessary AFTER somebody get sick with Covid? (why stop Elderberry consumtion after that). Thank you, Zoltan

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    it's well-documented that Coronavirus covid 19 is reoccurring in patients that have recovered and tested negative before, by the hundreds. and has also been lab-tested and proven that covid-19 is breaking into different mutations as most know pants no possibility of a vaccine they're outdated as soon as they're developed.

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    Hi, thanks for your information. Very helpful. Question, is C60 similar to NAC? I started taking C60 a couple of years ago.

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    Except a 1000 yen is only worth a little less than 10 dollars.

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    As always, thank you for your priceless information and your impersonation of a car is spot on. If you ever want to expand your career, you should definitely consider doing sound effects. 😉

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    Vit C (the best form for covid19 is Oral Ascorbic Acid, not the buffered ones)! Vit D3K2, Zinc and Melatonin!!!! Check Doris Loh on youtube on Vic C and Covid 19!!!

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    What do you think about the CEO of YouTube saying they will take videos down who promote vitamin C?

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    How about starting an grass roots initiative for the Federal government to fund a (or several) clinical trials for hydroxyquinoline.

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    High Level Summary
    Pre Covid19
    1. Vit D +k (2000UI at minimum up to 4000UI)
    2. Vit C depending on weight 500mg up to 1500mg preferably u SR form
    4. CRITICAL Zinc 2x15mg (pre infectio ) per day or much more if infectedw

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    The problem with taking the elderberry syrup for the onset of those, "scratchy throat" feeling days is that the expiration dates aren't very long and this stuff is not cheap. At least the Gobble Mountain variety. I suppose you can overnight it as needed. And make the expiration dating work for you a little better that way. But still far from ideal.

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    Hi 3 months is a long time, but I want to discuss that antibodies don’t stay around, however memory T cells do, and it is that they made more antibodies.

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    There are known traditional herbal medicines that boost one immune system and prevent hospitalization when taken early once got Covi. I know at least 4 families that got the virus and all recovered in Va, NY, and OH. Of course,you won't hear this on main street news thanks to the strong powerful pharma who made billions each year selling treatment instead of cure. Be safe and good luck to all.

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