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As the US approaches the half-million mark of # of people infected with covid-19, Chris shares his personal regimen for keeping his immune system elevated.

This is NOT personal medical advice, though Chris shares the research results supportive of his regimen.

Meanwhile, the damage to the global economy continues to amplify.

In China, half a million companies have closed already.

In the US, over 16 million people have filed for unemployment.

And the response from US central authorities is staggering in scope. $Trillions and $trillions in stimulus is now flooding onto the stage. Will it rescue the companies and households that are suffering?

Time will tell. Though it’s an easy bet to predict that the larger and more powerful parties will fare much better than the average joe.

Chris points out how the decision-makers within Congress and the Fed don’t fathom (or more accurately, can’t fathom) the magnitude of the steps they’re taking. The sums are just too big.

What ripple effects will this drastic action have for our currency’s purchasing power? To the already terrible wealth gap in this country?

Again, time will tell. But we very much may not like the answers we ultimately get.

On a more positive note: Happy Easter/Passover! Get out there this weekend and start/work on your garden!


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    Love you, Chris. You are the good science/maths/stats teacher I have ever had (till I started uni). Your rampant concern for all mankind and putting the subject before yourself deserves public recognition. After this shit is done you deserve a public service award/medal.

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    Interesting about the Elderberry. I take Oil of Oregano and it absolutely STOPS a cold immediately. As soon as you feel a cold coming on in any way, take about 4-6 drops sublingually and SLEEP if you can. Voila – when you wake its gone. I now have it stocked up. So I'm wonderful Chris if its very much like the Elderberry.

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    Quarantine is the perfect time to EXERCISE
    Push ups, sit ups, leg raises, anything

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    Need deep dive investigations to find out… where this new virus came from, what it really is, what analytical information is needed for identification, etc…. to decide how to fight it. What are we fighting? The science of it. Glycoprotein 120, gag, polyproteins… how this SAR2/covid19 different than SARS1? Random from nature or man made involvement and characteristics?

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    Hi Dr. Chris, I was wondering if there was any information on how long it takes for someone who was infected, to infect someone else, in other words, when does the shedding stage occur?

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    I was turned on to zinc in 2014 when a coworker told me about it. I did research and found that what she said had support, along with the use of selenium. The spring of 2014, I started taking zinc and selenium daily. That fall, I dropped it to every second day. When the flu and cold circulated at my kids' school, I up it to daily again for a month, then reduced the dose again. Normally, I'd get sick every October because the kids brought it home from school. Not that October, nor the rest of the school year.

    Since then, I've gotten two extremely mild colds. These were times I had run out of zinc and selenium and hadn't taken it for a few months. As soon as I felt symptoms appear, I started taking them, and within 3 days, the cold was gone. The only symptoms were a slight stuffed up nose and a slight sore throat when I woke in the morning. I haven't taken anything to fight a cold or flu in more than 15 years. I found them useless and a waste of money. Since I live in the Northern Hemisphere, I take Vitamin D from October to May. I am outside in the garden or working with the animals most days, so I am exposed to the sun every day it shines, and more so in the summer months.

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    Hi Chris! When you mentioned skin problems with relation to Covid 19, I had to think about the "skin lesions" associated with HIV, which I remember from the 80s, and since they are both corona viruses, it makes sense that our skin would be affected as well.
    As far as elderberry sipup or juice goes, I can highly recommend it's use. I am an American living in Germany, and one of the first things I learned with kids, colds, and fevers, is use elderberry. It is an old German remedy. It not only supports the immune system before you get sick, but also, IF YOU GET A Fever, it is one of the best ways to bring it down. While understanding that fever is good, it may, at some point, be necessary to reduce it. What is done here, is that towels are soaked in lukewarm (not too cold, otherwise shock) water, and the wrapped around the legs, from the calves to the feet, and left there 10 minutes or more. We have had great success with this method with our kids.
    Also, you mentioned planting a garden. If you have room for one managable tree anywhere, plant elderberry. They are very easy to grow and maintain, require minimal care and are great producers. We make every year, juice and jelly from them (apple – elderberry jelly is really good) and if you can cut only one small twig of it off, plant it, water it, give it some sun and it grows well and rapidly. Bleib Gesund! (Stay healthy).

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    evicted, lost the car, no job, enemployment denied, no fed relief, im penniless, live alone , mixed soup and powder mashpotoatoe for dinner and saved rest for tomorrow good things its spoon food.. this morning, had a metalic taste in mouth by mid moring throbbing headache, exhausted, now dry mouth and sore throat… im coming down with something… coming down with being an american.. i have UnitedCovid…" what is being built now is an architure of oppression"

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    If natural immunity to this virus after exposure is possibly low, how would a vaccine be different. Vaccine's expose our body to harmless viral particles in an effort for our body to produce accelerated immune response on re-exposure. But if this isn't happening naturally, how would it be any different synthetically? Sorry if I'm just ignorant in this matter, I'm not an expert.

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    For the sickest patients, infection with the new coronavirus is proving to be a full-body assault, causing damage well beyond the lungs. And even after patients who become severely ill have recovered and cleared the virus, physicians have begun seeing evidence of the infection's lingering effects.

    In a study posted this week, scientists in China examined the blood test results of 34 COVID-19 patients over the course of their hospitalization. In those who survived mild and severe disease alike, the researchers found that many of the biological measures had “failed to return to normal.”

    Chief among the worrisome test results were readings that suggested these apparently recovered patients continued to have impaired liver function. That was the case even after two tests for the live virus had come back negative and the patients were cleared to be discharged.

    At the same time, as cardiologists are contending with the immediate effects of COVID-19 on the heart, they're asking how much of the damage could be long-lasting. In an early study of COVID-19 patients in China, heart failure was seen in nearly 12% of those who survived, including in some who had shown no signs of respiratory distress.

    When lungs do a poor job of delivering oxygen to the body, the heart can come under severe stress and may emerge weaker. That's concerning enough in an illness that typically causes breathing problems. But when even those without respiratory distress sustain injury to the heart, doctors have to wonder whether they have underestimated COVID-19's ability to wreak lasting havoc.
    “COVID-19 is not just a respiratory disorder,” said Dr. Harlan Krumholtz, a cardiologist at Yale University. “It can affect the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the brain, the endocrine system and the blood system.”

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    Vit D3 should ideally be taken with vit k2

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    FYI, 30 ml=1 tablespoon; teaspoons come in two sizes: 5 ml and 7.5 ml.
    30ml=30cc=1 fluid oz.

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    I bought some elderberry with zinc and vitamin D supplimental capsules that I found on Amazon.

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    learn the german language and listen to Christoph Wenisch please, doctor from Austria. He knows that Chloroquin is harmful and has better solutions! do not trust the pharma industry! listen to these honest doctors! so we can save more people!

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    What form does zinc have to be in to make it effective?

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    @Peak Prosperity
    7:45 France is aswell undereporting. The numbers of deaths shown in this graph are from March 30th, you compared them with death reported as of April 9th. If you look at the numbers of deaths reported as of March 30th for Coronavirus they are at 2314 ( which means France is heavily underreporting, as probably all countries.

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    Time to get to work on that elderberry garden!

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    No magic bullet for viruses flu and cold (other than avoiding people) many studies are paid for by the industry ie elderberry farmers or those who make products from it.

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    Not recommended to take elderberry or vitamin D3, because it helps to induce the cytokine storm source:
    University of Arizona College of Medicine
    Recommended for Influenza, yes, but this one is different.
    I've been taking Quercetin and Zinc and VItamin C.

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    Hi Chris,
    What do you think about Chlorine Dioxide against Covid-19? Found this link:

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    Are there any studies to Link severity of symptoms with people who have had their tonsils removed, tonsils being a part of a bodies defense.

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    Any large dense mono-culture has a similar problem….

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    Thought the thumbnail was the guy from the film human centerpeed

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    Got them all.. thnx for supreme info. Your channel is the best in posting new progressive information. Didn't knew about NAC, got it. I can really recommend hd sodium-ascorbate, in addition liposomal-C-vit is a way to feed your system with higher ascorbate-levels. Keep up the great work.

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    Chris, everyone talks about Ibuprofen and that Acetaminophen is better. I have 2 knee replacements and have been taking Naproxen (Aleve) 1 tab 2x a day. this is an NSAID, but not Ibuprofen. Is Naproxen also best to avoid??? Acetaminophen does not really do the same as an Aleve for me. What do you think?

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    Folks, if you haven't constructed your CV safe room, get after it while there's still lumber available at Home Depot!

    Once built, when you spot a coronavirus, simple run inside the safe room and bolt the door, and stay there until it leaves.

    It really is THAT EASY!

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    You are mentioned in this documentary. Great report on the origins of the virus.

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    Before too long, could you cover somehow, what happens in America if we “open up the economy” to soon and what will be the ramifications with another spread of the virus? My fear is at some point Trump stops listening to the health experts and relies instead on the insatiable appetite to get the economy going again. Understandable to some degree but the economy will be effected negatively once more if we false start this thing.

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    I absolutely love my elderberry syrup and gummy‘s I’ve been buying the $17 4 ounces bottle from Walgreens here lately and the airborne elderberry gummies for quite sometime but everywhere is sold out of the airborne elderberry gummies even the website for the second time in the last month… I’m down to 6 gummies and can’t find them anywhere lol but the sambucol black elderberry advanced immune with vitamin c + zinc is the syrup I get but it’s 17$ for 4 ounces lol I’d like to find the same thing with zinc as well for less expensive I’ll check out this elderberry syrup you get! Thanks!

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    Why would anyone want to take a vaccine Chris? Only idiots take vaccines…

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    Will Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci give me an Elderberry Certificate? That would be cool!

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    What do you think about correlation between a blood type and risk of getting the Honey Badger?

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    With the new symptoms of fizzing skin, we need to find out if those people were around 5G! There has been no real stuff these interactions so they can’t say it’s been debunked as far as I am concerned!!!

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    A trillion dollars is less than you think it is. If a person earns 100.000$ per year, it means 10 million people will earn a trillion dollars in one year. So basically it's market cost of workforce of ten million US workers (in 100k class). And they only keep less than 30% of what they really produce.

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    So you think this will end by April? Microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung sai there was “almost no possibility of containing the virus before July”.

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    Hi Chris, thought this might interest you. Mushrooms as Medicine with Paul Stamets at Exponential Medicine –

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    Please put your frigging links down below in the "Show More" section. I can't copy the frigging things from the video screen, for crying out loud!

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    Wear a mask, keep distance and lets get people back to life and work.

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    Peak Prosperity – Dr, Seheult of the MedCram Youtube channel recommends taking 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. He says any more than that will cause dysregulation of vitamin D3 in your body and you end up getting much less D3 benefit.

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    Cloves are the best herb to take but it’s a spice it packs the most antioxidant. I make tea out of it I been using it along with anti viral bacterial fungus herbs n spices for three years now after I became chronically ill from amalgams placed by my dentist n I never had a cold in the last three years or been sick outside of what I’m dealing with n hopefully I’ll be able to recover completely but there are many powerful antivirals n I know many of them n what works I’ll b happy to share what n how to make tincture. Message me serious inquires

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    Always thought of numbers that big in seconds. Billion seconds = 31+years. Trillion seconds = 31,710 years. It’s an insane number.

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    Thanks again Dr. Chris for your excellent info on improving immunity! It is shameful that it falls to you, Dr. Roger Seheult, Dr. John Campbell, Graeme Sait and others, to do the job of informing people about how they can boost immunity, when that should have been done by the WHO weeks or even months ago. Thanks again and please keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

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    Are colds caused by rhinoviruses, mostly?

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    Get some Canna into ya system..That''ll stop it

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    Hey Chris, why do you omit and not analyze the testing rates provided by worldometers. I find it tells a huge story and makes prediction of soon to be slammed coutries.. such as sweeden, Russia and BRAZIL! Would be interesting to know why this is not being covered

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    Thanks Chris you’re the best my friend

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    Hi Chris. Thanks for this YourTube vid. I went to buy a bottle of Elderberry syrup straight after watching your video. Are there any studies out there that shows why some CV19 cases have such mild symptoms and others get so serious? Any there any coloration to perhaps something like eating habits or maybe routine exercise etc?

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    New Information 3 Strains of the new virus are now spreading … China’s Sichuan province plans to add 52,000 quarantine rooms … Residents are panicking as the situation worsens inside Heilongjiang province, which borders between Northern China and Russia.

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    Greatest fear is what if there’s no way to vaccinate from this? We’ll all just have to wear hazmat suits the rest of our lives?

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    this paper seems to confirm the theory of hemoglobin destruction with COVID_19. "Despite the heterogeneity observed among the available studies, the results of this meta-analysis show that hemoglobin values are essentially reduced in COVID-19 patients with severe disease, compared to those with milder forms, thus confirming previous evidence garnered from patients with other types of pneumonia. Some clinical considerations can hence be made. First, initial assessment and longitudinal monitoring of hemoglobin values seems advisable in patients with the SARS-CoV-2 infection, whereby a progressive decrease in the hemoglobin concentration may reflect a worse clinical progression. Subsequently, studies shall be urgently planned to assess whether transfusion support (e.g., with the administration of blood or packed red blood cells) may be helpful in this clinical setting to prevent evolution into severe disease and death.

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    have you tried moringa yet ?

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    wwe dont habe elderberry in czech republic. is it possible to get to know the main ingrediences??? may be we can make it on our own.

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    An interesting documentary on the orgin of the virus. It references Chris in the video at one point…

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    Chris can you please discuss the food shortage and how to start farming pleaseeee

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    You can buy dried elder beets.and look up on making your own syrup. I'm looking into that. I usually mince raw garlic. And eat peanut butter and coconut oil sandwiches. When i eat that daily. I don't get sick.😷

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    It is interesting to re-visit the dangers of flooding an economy with cash. 70 years ago Uncle Scrooge comics featured a classic story where his wealth was sucked up by a tornado and distributed across the land. Everyone quit their jobs to go off and see the world with their new millions. Uncle Scrooge & nephews just stayed on the farm and tended their vegetables etc. Pretty soon people showed up trying to buy food as no shops were open. Scrooge charged 1 million dollars for a fried egg. An interesting exercise in right-wing finance. I remember reading the comic as a kid, and found a synopsis link for it today: Enjoy! (or cry, as the case may be)

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    Cov patients need a CBC as well as a chemistry (basic metabolic) panel and nutrient serum test for Zinc K and D.

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    Chris, I have been watching daily for over a month. Thanks so much. Have you also heard of Dr. Shiva, also from Massachusetts? I think you would be interested in what he has to say about current situation.

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    The fat soluable Vitamins, especially Vitamin D3 have saved me from infections.

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    Chris Martensen is great for covering the viral outbreak. But he doesn't understand macroeconomics or the Fed. I would absolutely not study anything he has put out on economics. If you want to understand the Fed, watch this:

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    Boosting you immune system: Eat orgainc dry fruit and vegetabes and salads. Eat organic nuts and seeds if you like them. Use only plant based minerals and vitamins. Use natural toiletries and avoid any synthetic chemicals on your skin. Try to use mineral waters (although these non-organic minerals are not healthy) or even better still use a home water distiller to purified your tap water!! That is my best advice for you !!

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    Organic food and a balanced diet are way better than a collection of supplements. We'd better learn how to be resilient and self-sustaining (by starting our own garden and engaging with local communities) instead of continuing our dependence on the system by buying more. Also, that looked like an advertisement for supplements.

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    8:41 "Hives" … fascinating. I'm on day 13 of no sense of smell or taste, an occasional cough, and had multiple minor hives attacks on chest-neck-face. In past two weeks, I've had as many hives attacks as I had in the past 50-ish years.

    Combined with: I work at a Chinese grocery store and had many sick customers starting in January. Several employees out sick for two weeks… all before coronavirus testing started.

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    Complete bullshit. Those deaths , as well you know, are deaths of people with the virus which was detected using a PCR test. As we know a PCR test is not a scientific proof that a virus exists. The virus needs to be isolated, purified and characterised and found in ALL infected people and not just anyone before we should be concerned. This has not happened. You are a fraud and you know it.

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    Chris, may have already been mentioned, I can't look through all the comments but you say around minute 7 that deaths due to covid 19 in France may be overstated. But the c5000 you hypothesise is only up to March 30. If you add in another 10 days worth I think it would probably look similar to the published numbers at about double that.

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    This guy is either a shill or willfully ignoring the developing facts. Hospital workers are now saying their hospitals are empty. They are counting many deaths as from covid when its not clear or is simply a lie. Why dont you cover this Chris? You blindly follow the numbers from the USA, but question China. How could that be? Think about it.

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    What about the risk of cytokine storm with elderberry? The same reason professionals are recommending people don't take NSAIDs with COVID-19.

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    Hey Doc,

    Since you have shared your immunity boosting pill regimen, what is the role of exercise in boosting immunity?

    At age 57, I have a job that provides some exercise, installing about 70 blinds a day.

    I also run and do push ups and pull ups to keep up my heart, lung and muscle strength and stamina.

    Could such a program improve one's chance of survival should they be so unlucky as to be infected by HB virus?

    Thanks for all your informative videos!

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    I have 16 one hundred trillion Zimbabwe dollar banknotes. So that's 1,600 trillion or 1.6 QUADRILLION. I'm a quadrillionaire! Not that it helps much. 😉

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    Money printer goes brr- clickety click.

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    Stop showing Chinese Statistics – they are meanigless and almost certainly fake!

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    You say plan a garden, governor of Michigan won't let the people buy seeds or plants or anything from a garden center to make a garden. Check that out.

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    Black seed oil and curcumin together, studies to back this up, fights flu viruses and pneumonia

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    The Federal Reserve…..just wow. I have no words. A trillion dollars, mind blowing but if they say it……does the trillion stack reach up into space, can NASA see it?

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    Want more info from the netherlands? Hit me up. We are getting f*cked by our government

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    You would think the CDC could offer a program where healthy young people with no compromised immune system could volunteer to become infected with the virus in a quarantined environment. On a mass scale with no chance of infecting others, there are thousands of people getting it anyway that are healthy enough to get it in a controlled environment rather than in the uncontrolled environment we all face now. The herd immunity would build much faster with far less casualties and a great many of those gaining immunity would, I am sure, willingly volunteer their services that right now leave others open to infection who's immune systems are compromised. Jobless and socially disconnected at the moment it isn't like there's something more important to do and there are millions who would jump at the chance to turn this nightmare around.

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    Hi Dr Chris,

    Thank you for your incredible daily updates.
    SARS was not the most recent enterovirus. EV71 2012-2014.
    No successful vaccine has been produced for SARS. There was one released by Beijing in April 2014 for EV71. Please contact the Enterovirus Foundation.

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    Hey, Mr. Martenson, why don't you address the issue of the death rate increasing as the number of those testing positive increases. It is a kind of strange phenomenon. Like it says on that Germany is now at a 2.4% death rate and the U.S. is at 3.9%. The death rates of both nations continue to rise as time goes on. When Tedros announced the global death rate of the virus was 3.7% had it at 3.7%. Now the global death rate on wuflu is 6.2% and still climbing.

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    Check out the above link, best representation I’ve seen of social distancing:)

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    Quercetin, EGCG, & zinc sulfate.
    You’re welcome.

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    32”09, i like the auditive cues , combustion engine, nice..
    none of that pansy tesla

    my problem with exponentiality is for example when an IBM TICKER on NYSE goes a follows:

    32”09: 100.00 usd
    32”10: 100.02 usd
    32”11: 100.04 usd

    thats exponential, right? “it” doubles every minute, so in 64 minutes,
    indian maharajah and chessboard inventor and rice pellets wink wink, in 64 minutes the ibm price will be worth 100 usd plus billions upon billions in extra cents

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    Australia's case count flattened 3 days after level 1 lockdown was announced. We're beating the world!

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    Chris, my thoughts are reinfection may be linked to antigenic shifts?

  86. Avatar

    Since they say they can't create a vaccine for the common cold and CV gives us the common cold, is a vaccine possible???

  87. Avatar

    Chris, why do you think the rate of death in NYC is 6.7%? Is it because a lot of people aren't tested

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    Love elderberry, have you ever looked at the data for artismasia Annus aka sweetwormwood. It's been used for centuries to fight malaria. Could this also be a first line herb to USE?

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    Just fucking call it Covid-19 or coronavirus… not novel coronaviruz(gay), china virus(people claim its racist but tell that to the spanish flu), and now the "honeybadger virus"?! LMAO

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    Chris: why do you think the various health agencies have not been advising the use of Vitamin C and other neutraceuticals in addition to hygiene recommendations?

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    My grandad always said
    One day a man could push around a wheelbarrow full of 100 bills and couldn't buy a loaf of bread with it.
    Looks like that's coming at us

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