Excerpt taken from episode 30 of Coopers Mystery Babylon series.
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‘As British politics appeared to descend into chaos this week, one senior Conservative MP remarked that Brexit had sparked nothing short of a revolution that had engulfed both the country’s major parties.
Whether that’s precisely the right word or not, it’s clear this “revolution” or current crisis was indeed sparked on 23 June 2016 when the majority of voters voted for something – in Brexit – many elected British politicians then & now think is a catastrophic mistake.’ – BBC Dec 2018

‘Trump’s year of chaos in 2018 promises yet another…Throughout 2018, President Donald Trump turned the White House & America into a source of instability, unpredictability & disruption. The past 12 months saw many fears about the 45th President, in the United States & around the world, come true. But it also meant promises delivered for voters who prescribed his electric shock therapy & who relish the sight of political, legal & media establishments in Trump-induced meltdowns.’ (Stephen Collinson, CNN)


  1. The royals are gargoyles ogres

  2. Poorly done. Nearly unwatchable leaps of logic with one unsubstantiated claim after another.

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