Author Annie Jacobsen presents a fascinating topic from her new book, Operation Paperclip, and takes questions from the audience. This event was recorded February 26, 2014 at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C.

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  1. 21:12 Does the “lesser of two evils” matter whether Trump or the Soviets? When you give up your morals

  2. Reminds me of Naomi Klein, another morality leftist but she did excellent work

  3. So Werner von Braun looks like a good choice vs this bunch of Nazi scientist criminals. We learn, you don‘t get punished if you appear to offer the victor country something valuable, especially if its in your head. Greed seems always to win over morals and humanity. Dr. Strangelove was all true! The point about the “need“ due to the cold war is well taken, debatable though as the US had the A bomb before the soviets. Annie is correct….did we really need these German Nazi scientists?

  4. Excellent presentation and this needed to be revealed. Superb journalism! “Jedem das seine“ would translate as “Each to his own“, meaning each to his own taste and preference. In the case of the context of Buchenwald, maybe “Each to his own fate“ perhaps, a fatalistic message perhaps that ….you get on account of your race your fate accordingly. Only Nazi racists can come out with that stuff!

  5. disinformation
    USGood, Nazi bad, operation was necessary because of cold war, … yawn

  6. Fascinating and informative, thanks. The founding Great x3 grandmother of mine was named Dr. Annie Jacobson from Norway. Your name similarity is interesting to me.

  7. There were NO gas chambbers at Austwic

  8. If ever there was justification for a March on Washington DC and the corruption within the confines of those buildings it is now. So what then? of all those who were in the 60s and marched on DC with flowers in their hair, what good did that do then?… they were corrupt, bringing us into false wars murdering our youth our Brothers our fathers and the American people allow this to continue! What have we been doing in the middle East? It's far past The hour that America needs to unite recognize their common enemy in the corruption in Washington DC. No amount of asking is going to solve this problem. Most I talked to can't handle the truth, they would rather not upset there lies, it might disturb their day… Wake up America!

  9. Von Braun the last 20 years of his life, became very much a believer in God. That was NEVER a part of any Nazi's life. But he has a simple grave marker from the Psalms which says, "The Heavens declare the glory of His handiwork." It's speaking about the firmament which Von Braun SAID we have never left the earth's atmosphere. The founder of N.A.S.A. for all practical purposes admitted to many people we never could get to outer space. There's many levels of the atmosphere. But if there's multiple atmosphere's, and there is, we "accidently destroyed the original space landing." Are you serious??? If YouTube hasn't taken them down, there's young people in N.A.S.A. that don't even KNOW we supposedly went to the moon. But they are saying we are going to go to Mars. They say that we have to solve the problem of getting through the Van Allen Belt which the younger scientists say we would need 6 ft of lead surrounding all the astroNOTS and sensitive equipment first. They don't even mention that we went to the moon and supposedly solved that problem with Apollo 11.

    Stanley Kubrick who made 2001 A Space Odyssey wanted to clear his name and is recorded unless YouTube's has taken down all the folly that has been created using a "Green Screen."
    He filmed the original moon landings after first telling Donald Rumsfeld and Henry Kissinger no. But when he was told that his movie was Nixon's favorite, he decided to oversee it. Then when he saw how amateur they were in filming it, he ended up doing it. Right from his own lips. He was getting older and this was tearing him up. He told and it's on video somewhere now but he died shortly afterwards. His daughter is still trying to clear her dads name. Look at all the hints in the movie The Shining he did after this. His son wears an apollo 11 shirt, room numbers that correspond with "the mission."

    Look at all the cables and harnesses that N.A.S.A. has been caught using. What a cash cow in tax revenue for black ops projects. And people wonder why we are trillions in debt. This goes so deep that we all have believed whatever we have been told all of our lives. The problem is now is the PEOPLE are waking up to the REAL REALITY.
    By the way, in Hebrew, I'm told NASA means "to deceive." I believe that's the case. I love my country. I'm at a loss how to live in a fake history. It's written by the victors so you can expect to look like you are righteous when you aren't as a nation.

    People who mock me, it's okay. I was once a sheeple too. It's a hard pill to swallow.

  10. They formed NASA and have deceived us all for generations into believing we live on a supersonic ball in an infinite vacuum. This is absurdity.

  11. Thus, the state of our Country today. Leftist lunatics.

  12. W.V.B. Father of NASA tombstone reads psalms 19:1. The heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament shewith his handiwork. He knew we are in an enclosed flat stationary system. You are all under a spell. Call on the Father in the name of Jesus Christ to give you eyes to see. Mountains of Evidence prove Biblical Cosmology is , was and always will be reality.

  13. If any of the scientists where found to have did any work that was used to kill or torture or use mind manipulation and the one's brought to the US that created germ warfare etc SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT TO DEATH.

  14. If Russia didn't know anything how is it that they have almost as many nuclear weapons as we do?

  15. The map at 5:00 shows Germany in its current borders, not pre-war or wartime borders. Another sad instance of suppressing the fact that my country lost a quarter of its territory, and had ~15 million civilians expelled from their land and homes, due to the war.

  16. She sounds aroused by the subject.

  17. More like 35,000 in total. 1,600 "scientists" the rest were intelligence, police and other assorted members of what is now known as the Deep State.

  18. This is the Big Brother System… A total invasion of our privacy rights… which the Constitution defencs… Where is Trump on this? We need Nuremburg Trials 2… No it happened because The globalist types were behind Hitler… just extended it to America – they were actually pushing Hitler in America at a point… The difference between then and now is that now the man who stood up and said that is a Nazi war criminal this is a mistake would be pushed off a building late one night … and the media then would rave on and on about how awesome this doctor/Nazi was…

  19. It wasn't only scientists that were brought to the US from Germany. Who was Reinhard Gehlen? There were many, such as Gehlen, who was brought to the US. Also, the US and Germany were not the only nations to have the same diabolical research programs, all the allies did.

    There were Russians who contradict Mrs. Jacobsen on how far the Germans had advanced with nuclear weapons. The Russians stated that the Germans were doing research that Hitler had no idea about at Peenemünde because they knew that Hitler dismissed their research. They also stated that the Germans may have used an early bomb on them. The US made a dash to Peenemünde in order to beat the Russians there in order to grab the research.

    It seems that Mrs. Jacobsen is also unaware of other things that happened, such as what really took place in Argentina after the war, as well as sending ex-Nazis out into Europe to spy on and disrupt the Communists.

  20. I may be wrong…you've certainly done more research than I, but I don't think Ambros invented rubber. Rubber dates back to the ancient Mayans. The Englishman, Hancock and the Scott chemist, Macintosh certainly had a part in bringing a commercial rubber product to the world. And of course, Charles Goodyear is credited with modern rubber… Vulcanized rubber… And all though I'm going to watch this entire video, and, I'm sure, get great info from it, or at least I hope I do, reaching only 13 minutes into your video and already having questions about your comments and research, make me question everything about your presentation… If you have time, I'd love to hear what you have to say about this. Because if I believe your research is wrong or incomplete in one area, I will of course carry that lack of trust and discrepancy throughout your entire presentation. Thanks….

    I got to 17:09, and by your logic, which not only may be true…I will actually agree with you. And though I do not know your political inclinations, again…by your logic, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hillary and Bill, knucklehead, McCain and even Obama (and SO…SO MANY MORE) absolutely knew what was going on with Trump being spied upon, and thus should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Got it!

    I was wrong…couldn't get past 17:09. NOT because I may have a different political view, but because in that little amount of time, your research (or lack there of) AND possible political bent, made me choose a different video to watch.

  21. politics and prose near comet ping pong etc….

  22. Write about Project Monarch I can give you info n locations n there are survivors wanting to tell their stories


  24. Rothchilds funded both sides if the war. That way they always win and get richer. Also they are Satanist!

  25. He deflected from Germany and he was in Germany living under a cloud of secrecy and had to be of utmost secrecy to save himself from death before he deflected! You have to be very very convincing your on their side when involved with tyrants like the Germans were then!

  26. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t politics and pros something to do with David Brock ?

  27. Get a life….you know who was behind this…not the goy..

  28. The Mossad were too busy planning 9/11

  29. The real story is that the Rothschild funded (((Frankfurt School))) marxists came here and the left is following their roadmap 100% that is every single attack were facing from forcing pedophilia is a “lifestyle choice” to illegal alien invasions to pushing race wars —- and the rest ALL OF IT- is a Frankfurt School Zio-Globalist agenda 100%

  30. "Once the rockets go up, who cares where they come down. And that's the story of Werner Von Braun."

  31. Super dooper shocking. US betrayed their own people to work for the establishment of the NWO, so that this globalist program could be pushed could be supported

  32. My late mother served in ww2 and was stationed in Nuremburg after the war .She later told me that most of the trials were for low level and unimportant nazis..and the big boys got away scotfree and with secret allied help. When America advanced very quickly , she said that America had gobbled down what had been left of Eve's apple that had caused the fall from Eden. She very bitterly said that in fact the Nazis sacrificed Germany and took over America ergo : They were the true victors .She had worked in US HQ in London and knew the Kennedys Roosevelds and Generals Patten and Eisenhower. Not much really surprised Mother in last 60 years of her life about the Evil that has exponentially grown since then. Salute to truth tellers ,then and now.

  33. Exceptional presentation

  34. Annie, I've read a couple of your books and there very comprehensive and well done. I view Operation Paperclip as a positive for our Nation not a negative. We were at a time in history where the Russians were a threat to us. The scientist that came in this operation catapulted us to #1 status in both space and defense. So, I look at it as a good thing not bad. Try and imagine the world had these scientists had gone to Russa.

  35. Good goy, er chonsenite…

  36. Those in power have come from these and believe in this evil many are in government and worship Satan

  37. Follow the money not the people.

  38. So crazy, many of these bike men look Jewish???. I'm part Jewish….

  39. The question we should ask is as follows. How much technology did the Nazis originally get from the fallen angels or "aliens". How much technology did the Nazis get through their participation in the satanic occult groups such as the Vril Society and Thule Society? The same satanic work that was done at Area 51 to get in touch with fallen angels "aliens".

    I try to tell my friends that the Nazis (not the German people) were no smarter than any other race. They just were more satanic and got advance knowledge through satanism and fallen angel worship.

    There are no new sins. The fallen angels deceived man in Genesis and they will deceive man again before Christ returns.

    Luke 17:26
    And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

    When the fallen angels appear in this world, the False modern scientist and the lost people will call them "aliens" and worship them just as their forefathers did in the Book of Genesis. But those who believe in the Word of God and have repented unto the Lord Jesus Christ will know these evil angels for what really they are. Devils!

    Revelation 12:9
    And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him

  40. Liar. This is all bullshit.


  42. Thank you, Awesome report and presentation.👍

  43. I think, this problem doesen't went a way, if I look around the today scientists.THEY ALL DOING SAME AGENDA, Vaccination, Geo-enge-killings and genocides, NASA, DARPA etc…

  44. It looks like at the 32:57 mark that both Einstein and the American Judge are using a "funny" looking handshake. Why do masons always show tell-tale signs with their hands? Let us ask the Lord.

    Proverbs 6:12-15
    12 A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth.
    13 He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his finger;
    14 Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.

    1. winked with his eyes – The one eye symbols of the entertainment world
    2. speaketh with his feet – A freemason stand where their feet are at right angles
    3. teached with his fingers – The freemason secret hand shakes.

  45. Outrageous. More Democrat crookery.

  46. The German Secret Societies operate just like the Democrat Party.

  47. Black Gold, White Gold, monolithic Gold, the pope is surrounded by Gold.. Gold is everything to the satanic (((cult))).

  48. My brother and I were invited to the home of one of the PROBABLE “paperclip-scientist imports” into America: Dr. Armin J Bickel. We were interested in following up on casual indications Dr. Bickel made to me about a “hydrogen-fueled engine” he told me HE had invented in the 1940’s ! He and his wife lived at Lompoc, CA near Vandenburg Air Base. His curious, heavy, German-accented personality was something between arrogant-to-proud for BEING one of the brains for “inventing MANY new things! ”

  49. I consider imported NAZI Germans in psychiatry / psychology to have been the MAJOR damaging, psychopathic factor shifting Americans’ perceptions into NUTSness !

  50. Great great research! Thanks for this video.

  51. Annie Jacobson…such a lovely lady with great delivery. This video deserves several re-looks.
    27:34…I re-work your statement: how you appreciate when fate and circumstance work together (for good). I title such events: Then God Stepped In. The female survivor of the holocaust on whose leg Nazi doctors experimented, who "just so happened" to arrive in the right place at the right time…fate, circumstance, accident, happenstance, coincidence…all miracles of Yahweh when Almighty Heavenly Father God chooses to remain anonymous. Always give Him His due.
    II Corinthians 3:17 Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

  52. 32:27…You justify my action when I took a photo of "laughing Einstein" to my Sunday School class, held it up for the men and women to view and testified how grateful I am for his research and activities in getting the bomb to the US, thus, saving the lives of so many of our military by shortening the war. Since then I've been remorseful for doing it…what with the terrible things that have been done with nuclear capabilities.
    Lately, I've decided the latter doesn't void the good done by the former. Einstein continues to be a hero in my mind. His statement: "Science and justice are now in the hands of a raw and rabid mob of Nazi militia." Perhaps, had this nation turned to God seeking His will in prayer, we could have kept that fiery dragon chained close rather than witness horrendous travesty perpetrated upon human beings.
    King David was torn by the bloodshed his men perpetrated and prayed to Jehovah to forgive them for the harm done in battle.

  53. Annie, in all due respect you have not done original research. Assuming you accept the official narrative of shrunken heads, lampshades etc. there is a practical aspect to the paperclip narrative. If the Allies did not grab these scientists then the Russians would have happily taken this talent pool on board and where would the US be in terms of military technology compared to the Russians.
    I suggest that you look at some of the revisionist literature and books and lectures by Norman Finkelstein. Not saying that jews were not killed and perhaps tortured by Nazis but the 6 million number has been revised several times and over 60 million non jews were killed in the war and nobody talks about them.

  54. Mengele went to Stanford University post WW2. Valerie Jarrett, Obama's CIA handlers, went to Stanford for psychology in the same program that teaches MK ULTRA and Monarch Butterfly programming. Obama is a monarch butterfly child. Clinton (Bill) went to a mental hospital after killing an 8 yr old. I think he was 12!? Obama killed a classmate as a child. Two presidents that killed children when they were children.

    Some time's it take decades, but the TRUTH slowly Comes OUT"

  56. You kill one man you go to jail , You kill 1000s you get medal of honour . go figure

  57. You are welcome to our world! Of the turth of the things that have been so decptive!

  58. A dire subject….makes my stomach churn ! Am amazed that a graceful woman meets it head on.

  59. Great presentation Annie!

  60. This history needs to be shared over the whole country and world because it is true education.

  61. Her breathing annoys me too much to continue

  62. Great presentation but it is just the tip of the iceberg… mkultra. sex slaves, secret space program, etc, etc… and the globalists behind it all including the Bushes etc. and other satanists…

  63. These are truly children of Satan. They are evil people and they messed up our beautiful world .

  64. OMG your voice is fucking annoying.

  65. Everybody has to take a transitional shift of spirit oh, and that goes for everyone regardless of whether they enjoy anointed status of the peak of the pyramid or it's very Foundation, we must move towards economic freedoms sound monetary system, ironically we cannot achieve this unless we actually Advance towards a new world order model, taking from the generic model several components while discarding the others and shifting towards turn on the freedoms based on a One World Government currency backed by precious metals and the people's productivity in a true genuine ancient free market founded system. What is the motivation to do so? Motivation is Humanity's ability to develop and maintain for the first time for Thousand Years sound mind, self-worth and maturity as well as intern from there the capacity to Foster and nurture love, empathy and forgiveness. Some understand that it is the six primary components of human spirit that must be amputated in order to participate in our globalwide monopolistic system. This is much too great a sacrifice for anyone regardless of their social economic and worldly status. This downtrend of the human Spirit began with the Sumerians as they introduced first initiations and birth of Monopoly over the economy and the money supply. The Monopoly over the economy and the money supply are the very two components used to determine the official misery index. Please promote economic freedom and the return the sound money for the benefit of all…. this is the only means by which to address genuine sustainable and practical way all societies psychosocial and socio-economic challenges of human spirit. Watching these kinds of videos prevent the human Spirit from transitioning towards the capacity to develop and maintain when I call the six primary components of human spirit. It becomes an Endeavor of engaging in escapism from which the human Spirit remains stagnant. This is very harmful is it causes many people to suppress generational injuries and damages of human Spirit rather than to confront they're demons so to speak.

  66. They also let Japanese scientist go for all there gruesome data from unit 731. They did unspeakable stuff there.

  67. Operation Keystone/Rusty is even worse. Investigate declassified CIA files. Rheinhardt Gehlen a Nazi who duped the CIA into letting 4000 Bolsheviks and their families into America instead of germans. Their offspring are still here and operational.

  68. As a ADOS man they talk about nazi Germany like this and how evil they are over a 4 or 5 yr period what would you call ppl who did these same things to my grandparents for almost 400 yrs and made this country the world power it is?🤔🤔🤔

  69. As a child of the 50s and 60s I knew something was odd about how we gave these people a pass. I think U.S. felt security gained by their knowledge, outweighed the idea of them being " on the loose " . Did it ? I always have known we compromised our principals and wondered how it was justified. This is why my generation has been so torn about politics. It caused us to always question these actions while the very people who fought in WW2 ran for office and condoned the forgiveness of some while prosecuting others. In the 80s The Boys From Brazil was riviting and made us even more suspicious of who got a pass and who didn't. Tough call and some bad leadership post war time. Propaganda is a hell of a drug.

  70. They are done the solar down load can not be stopped and they know this

  71. As I look at the comments I am proud people are discussing this subject and are using discernment coming to their own understanding of a difficult subject. This shows we as a people are not so indoctrinated as it appears in the U.S. Nice to see the comments not blocked and freedom of speech not treated with fear. Rare.

  72. The world wide satanists the illuminati was behind this entire insane demonic mess known as World War 2 and the leaders of these countries be they America, Germany, Japan, England, Italy Or Russia was as evil as their illuminati masters who these leaders were the meat hand puppets for and the average shepeople got brain wash into supporting fighting and dying for this hellish grab for world power satanic con game.

  73. My grandparents have told me that the Germans were very intelligent and almost won the war. The people in the US had to be convinced that Germany was winning until Pearl Harbour had taken place. The bombing of London was relentless. It took Winston Churchill to convince the US that England was in trouble and needed help. It took several meetings on the boat to convince Roosevelt, so it looked like the US did not wish to stop the evil and was not part of Europe nor the war.

  74. I bet they are responsible for climate change among other lies.

  75. FDR never any morals or ethics of he never would have backed Stalin to being with. To keep up the war economy, the only one that actually worked at all to get us out of the Depression, the people that actually run the country needed a new enemy. Using German counter-intelligence people who in reality were no worse than Allen Dulles and our very own OSS or MI6 or the GRU or the Gestapo, NKVD etc. etc. It made perfect sense to the criminals running out country at the time. ALL of these countries together were warmongers that just succeeded in getting 55+ million people killed and putting Communism in power in half of the world. People made a ton of money on that war and they didn't want that to stop.

  76. Nukes are probably a hoax.

  77. Auschwitz was run by the German company IG Farben that is now Bayer, BASF and Merck.

  78. This is why nazism is growing thru morphing. Same dog new names. All cabal. I think based on the level of impact and other items there were a lot more that 1500 or 1800 clipped to that sheet of paper.

  79. The Soviot Union was funded by western banks from the get go. From the Bolshevik revolution all the way through the cold war.

  80. Huntsville Alabama is my home town.  This is where Verner Won Bra ouwn was turned into a "HERO". We gave him parades and named streets after him. We named a large civic center "Von Braun Civic Center"   as a kid I marched in Christmas parades with Von Braun as the center ""Not Santa"   In Germany  Von had a room built for vacuum testing space suits, "HE would put prisoners inside it and remove the air and change it to a vacuum just to see what the body could take. These test would stop as soon as the prisoners eyes exploded and sucked out of his head.

  81. Jewish science is code for pseudoscience.

  82. Some serious cognitive dissonance in the room

  83. Russia helps against the Nazi's in WWII and immediately somehow Russia is a threat at the end of the war and the whole Russia BS came about to have a boogie man for the next 70 years. Just the NWO freemasons and pope and jesuits setting in place their next plan for war and fear. Now see how many of these Nazi's were in secret societies and were raping and torturing kids and doing human sacrifices. The satanic catholic church, and ruler of the world, as they own it through old treaties, were right there funding the Nazi's, have shares in Baretta guns. When we reveal the whole plot of the NWO going back 1000 years, then we see all was planned by these elite families, running the world for a very long time.

    See Albert Pike and his writing on what the 3 WW's would be about.

  84. I'll bet that these paper clip dudes were just regular people and THAT'S why the US government had no problem taking them in. You can paint ANYONE as evil, and I think that's what she's doing….. to make it seem shocking, when really it isn't. (He shook Hitler's hand! Oh MY god) not really a big deal.

  85. I wonder what Annie thinks about "Operation High jump "?

  86. Another poignant event in King David's life: his men fought long and hard. They fought most valiantly, winning the battle against their enemies. When they returned home, the men began to celebrate their victory but King David, filled with agony and pain over the subsequent death of his own son, remained in his chambers grieving. His sage and trusted counselor chided him: "his men had done battle for him and Jehovah, risked their lives…many dying, maimed–yet, he cried on his bed. This was an affront to his men who loved him greatly, who gave their loyalty and life's blood for the kingdom. he must get up and out, greet his men and celebrate them for the mammoth sacrifice they'd made for him"…he saw the value of those words and joined his men.

  87. We sold out to satan. When God is the only way to win.

  88. “A nation that does not establish law and order, or whose courts pervert justice or do not follow the principles of the Noahide Laws for gentiles, ultimately receives Divine punishment in the form of war – and may even be liable to death penalty en masse….” ~ Hacidic University Website law #7 Establish Legal Courts Subset:+176 To appoint judges
    So if Israel have a responsibility to MAKE the world accept the 7 mitzvot laws, even by FORCE as taught by Talmudic authorities then this will mean some kind of physical control over the countries of the world… A NOW run by Talmudic authorities?  
    Rav B Horovitz, the principal of the Jerusalem Centre for Jewish studies:
    To Keep Peace he believes
    1 to keep one’s power (status quo)
    2 to increase one’s power (imperialism)
    3 to demonstrate one’s power (prestige)
    The recognition of a Universal, Supra-national code would replace national sovereignty.  A world government!  The United Nations is striving to fulfill many of the principles of the Universal Code.
    2011-01-21 UN NGO Reps pledge to follow Noahide Laws by David Yisraeli
    24 Tevel 5771 a conference advocating for the acceptance and adherence to the Noahide Laws was held on Dec 22, 2010.  It isn’t going away people!
    When Jesus came, he ended the time of Mosaic Law…the old was passed away, the new covenant, his blood was shed the only way to the Father in Heaven not through our own works or obedience to LAWS.
    The conflict is between the ministry of Jesus and the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and their traditions.
    “Masonry is based on Judaism.  Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?” – Jewish Tribune of New York October 28,1927

    “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose: history; grades; official appointments; passwords; and explanations, are Jewish from beginning to end.” – Isaac Mayer Wise. Well known Rabbi, 1927
    “The technical language, symbolism, and rites of Masonry are full of Jewish ideas and terms. In the Scottish rite, the dates of all the official documents are given according to the Hebrew month and the Jewish era; and use is made of the older forms of the Jewish alphabet.” – Jewish Encyclopedia 1903, Vol 5, page 503
    “Masonry tolerates everything except a clericalism (Catholicism) and it possesses a special attraction for Jews.  Clericalism has always persecuted Masonry everywhere. There exists between Jews and Freemasons an invisible but potent natural alliance against a common enemy…together they fight… against religious fanaticism and racial antipathies.” – Jewish Chronicle, Oct 19, 1889.
    Albert Pike was one of the most influential and eminent Freemasons in history.
    A 33rddegree Freemason and Sovereign Grand Commander of  the Scottish Rite’s Southern Jurisdiction for over 30 years.
    In 1871 he published a book called ‘Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’
    Kabbalah=Jewish Mysticism

  89. What do you know about the Paper Clip NAZI at White Sands that was a serial rapist and killer?

  90. Outstanding talk, thank you.

  91. We the "people" will never be privy to what happened to the "missing" Nazi scientists and U-boats that sailed South to South Pole… IMO it would make Paperclip look benign … as pure evil, as it was/is

  92. Winston Churchill said we should watch the Russians after the war .

  93. Hindsight is always 20/20–"did we need the German scientists?" Love the self-righteousness on display here.
    Clearly she doesn't believe in the whole concept of "good Germans."
    On the upside, she's better looking than your average "investigative" journalist.
    Edited to add: Maybe she doesn't believe in the concept of good scientists or good soldiers.

  94. Really it seems that the cover of your book should show the american flag rather than the swastika. It was the americans who scrambled to get these German scientists to the us after the end of the second intentionally orchestrated world conflagration. It has always been the trio of the satanic, us, britain and the newly cobbled together "israel", which has caused all of the world's problems, including this one. That God for the law of karma! What goes around does in fact come around ugly people. You all will stew in Hell for what you did to me on that night in 1967.

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