>This video is a quick overview of adding IPAdapters and LoRAs into your CLI workflow. Although the tutorial is for windows, I have tested on Linux and it works just fine. Just ensure to adjust any paths and commands to the linux equivalent.
The repo is located here:

The prompt template file can be copied from here:

Ensure to name it prompt_ip.json so that you can follow along with the video OR if you use a different name make sure to change the name in the CLI command when running the application.

The add_detail.safetensors LoRA file:

The embeddings used for this video:

The motion_modules can be found on the main AnimateDiff repo where you will be offered different sources to download them from:

The model used in this video was downloaded from CivitAI:

The specific one used was the epicrealism_naturalSinRC1VAE.safetensors model.

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