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As officials scramble to get in front of a disease that seems to easily evade their slow-footed efforts, SARS-COV-II is growing exponentially in several countries.

Iran’s cases and deaths are certainly far higher then they claim, as recent gruesome video evidence supports.

The Federal Reserve took it’s only hammer out of its bag and performed a surprise 50 bp (0.5%) emergency rate cut. The last times the Fed performed such a cut were followed by bad moments in financial history including March 2001, and Oct 2008.

Further, the supply shocks are just starting to be felt, and China’s economic activity proxies (such as passenger miles, pollution levels, etc.) all point to a continued stoppage of a huge proportion of its economy.

You need to be ready for an explosion of cases in your country, especially if you live in a cooler climate.

Please, use every day to improve your circumstances.

Keep preparing while there’s still time.

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3) Coronavirus: Sanitation, PPE and Self Quarantine Megathread


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    8 cases in the Czech Republic now. Steps taken to chase the possibly infected and finally some precautions taken : planes from Italy cancelled. About 24 000 Czech on holiday in Italy, so Covid 19 is going to be a big problem here, when they all return.

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    so far its really no big deal in the west. leaning toward more hype fear mongering over this than reality. i give you two more weeks but my guess is the china sitch wont be repeated no matter how much fear is pushed over this. we will find it was other factors that made china unique with this. so far nothing burger in america. 10 cases so freaking what…not 1000s not tons of people dying. when are yo going to admit its not that big a deal chris. this thing was in america in december btw def all jan. take some wild oregano and dont worry about this anymore. over blown problem reaction solution again…

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    At 30:04 you hit the nail on the head : our politicians are either dead stupid or in clinical denial.

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    I’m afraid Italians mistrust their government as well. I am Italian and I live abroad. I have been talking to my family every day and see all my Italians friend’s Facebook pages. They laugh, they laugh and they make jokes. They don’t believe it for a second. They are pissed because now all Europe and the world are being “racist” with Italians, with all these travel restrictions in place. The government shuts schools and churches and asks people older than 65 to stay home. In Italy retirement age is 67 so they are all pissed at the government making fun of how ridiculous it is that they are too young for retirement but considered old and at risk for the coronavirus. My heart is broken. People are not taking this seriously by any mean in my country.

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    What about transparency in US? CDC effectively disrupting flow of information … hiding behind inability to test. WHY???

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    The Director of Rhode Island Dept. Of Health USA, on March 1 or 2nd, stated that asymptomatic persons who are infected cannot spread Coronavirus. People who are "in charge" need to be held accountable for disseminating erroneous information. Either they are incompetent or purposefully misleading the public.

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    I think it should be renamed Carnivorous Virus. Think of the headlines!!! 😉

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    PC has gone lethal.

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    Chris The Biggest thing , that point it out to me that this is not the Flu , and it is something much worse , is on how fast borders have been closed and plain travel to certain countries , and it is a pretty big group of countries that are on a no travel to ban list , so there a lot places that plains don't fly to at this time

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    This is our end ,,only rich people will make it

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    Thank you, as always, for the work you are putting into these videos!

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    Could you talk about the recent research showing that the virus mutated into two sub viruses?

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    Our government in NZ has come out and stated today:

    Bloomfield agreed there could be transmission in the community, but he did not believe the "genie is out of the bottle".
    "Whilst it's called silent transmission, that doesn't mean people don't have symptoms. "We know from the biggest study done so far, the [World Health Organisation] nine-day mission in China, that it's symptomatic people that transmit that virus. "If you are unwell with symptoms then stay at home and take precautions. "I think that's a really key message here." Covid-19 was not as transmissible as the flu which spreads when people don't have symptoms, he said.

    Wow, just wow. NZ is not testing if there are no symptoms, even those who sat on the same plane as a confirmed infected person, AND who are now reporting to feel unwell, are being turned away at the hospital, sorry you don't have enough symptoms for us to test you. Go and take some panadol.

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    china is putting quota limits on doctors then they have to make up other reasons. Most like thailand are reporting as viral pneumonia which they have several thousand of. China is lying out is a** like usual.

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    The World Health Organization has not described Covid-19 as a pandemic. Back in 1918, the Spanish flu was killing people at an alarming rate and it didn’t matter if you were young, old, healthy or sick. If you came down with it you were dead in days. In October of that year over 190,000 Americans succumbed and died from it. Those are staggering numbers, This Coronavirus is nothing compared to that. I can’t stand fear mongering and that’s all this bullshit video is about.

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    Living in Sweden the numbers are quite scary. My school discussed the honey badger and all they said was wash your hands but most off them don't even have soap!

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    Don t tell the Fullerton informer . It's a Sham. Only of few dead fro. This Flu in Hong Kong where there are more 3 million people! This is a overblown Exageration to control the public and force Vaccines and Quarantines. 5g and vaccines worst.

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    Damn you went from like 60k subs to 255k subs in a month

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    Wow, impressive channel, I’m sold and signed up

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    So in October 2019 close to 10,000 athletes were invited to Wuhan. Later after dispersing to their various military bases, athletes displayed 'malaria like symptoms'. Coincidence? You can't make this stuff up. If this was intentional then it is an act of war.

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    Can you believe it ? WHO asked for six hundred million dollars ( $600 millions ) of funding to promotes their causes.Whatever causes that is.I certainly dont appreciates whatever the hell it is they're doing.I think WHO doese more harms than goods.

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    Sweden got 22 more to day we got 52 to day

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    First positive case was reported in national media 1 or 2hrs before that came from Morocco through Italy to Slovenia.

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    Screw Apples well being

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    Kudos for that recent interview on Mikes channel. Your values are so on point it was refreshing to hear for a change. I also value gold silver land water farming and other things much greater then a dollar.

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    In a few years, there will only be young people.

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    Fulton County has… shitt This is in Atlanta

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    I don't think any body makes it past age 60 and very few people survive with stuff like HIV in Iran so it probably won't actually impact them very much lol

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    The chartist's would call that line a "Hocky Stick"

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    Thailand is not reporting cases as Corona virus. They are reporting only the deaths as pneumonia.

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    Who manufactures the test kits? Can they meet the demand?

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    Wow! This is some high quality REAL news!

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    Alarming. Good thing the death rate has been decreasing everyday. Good thing the recovery rate is so high. Good thing I'm not over 60 and have no conditions. I guess I have nothing to worry about. I hope I don't get a cold 😫

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    the problem really is going to be once we run out of medicine as China seems to now want to horde it all, thank our leaders for selling us all up shits creek will ya.

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    The formula I calculated on February 29 to predict future cases is: # of cases = 6762 x 1.22^y where y is the day of the month in March. For example the total number of cases outside of China today is approximately 6762×1.22^4 This formula may change but for now it is accurate

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    Your an amazing person. And I rely on your information daily. But please please please stop smacking your lips and making slurpy saliva noises. It's really hard to listen to, especially with headphones

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    Excellent report as usual…thank you.

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    Over all cases from 4th march 3pm german time are now at 262!!
    You can find daily updates about germany and every single "state" (idk if it is the right word for it im sry about that if its wrong we just call it 'Bundesland' over here in our language) on the RKI website (Robert-Koch-Institut/ CDC of germany).
    Just in case somebody wanna see the numbers their own, thats the offical website for the german cases every day updated at 10am & 3pm (sometimes they skip 10am!!!) and i bet they cover up numbers already here BCS 262 and nobody died here??? okay well we somehow have 2 ICU but they are there since weeks already and i bet they didnt updated it….
    although over 100+ cases nearby me… like RLY NEARBY about 10-15min with subway… (Quarantinestation for my "state" is in Duesseldorf which is 10-15min away from here with the subway..)

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    Are there any cases in South Africa?

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    Why the world is overreacting with the 3000 death toll which is very cute number? Time will reveal many things despite of many liars.

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    who is responsible for all of this?

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    This data website, updated every 10 minutes, was developed by a Seattle high school student.

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    Obviously a dickhead seppo, plain and simple. Get of my youtube aeppo!

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    This "disease" /pandemic was allowed and permitted as is the pansy ass corrupt WHO

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    Good evening and that’s you for your life saving work. That said. Since you have studied disease and have knowledge in area of protection in order to study yourself. I great benefit to me would be a video in what a day out in an infected area getting supplies you just had to get looks like. Only as far as disinfecting yourself, disposal, or reuse respirator etc. What procedure would we use after coming home? What must be thrown away and what can be disinfected and how. PLEASE. Thank you.

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    We are breathing Red Iron oxide dust, this oxide produce pneumonia dust
    it is in all over the world.

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    Whore Humble Organization – WHO

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    The reason why the Chinese economic activities are not getting back is because people who travel after the Chinese New Year are not allowed to get back to work until they've been isolated for another 14 days. I know many people from various industries in China, the factories are not back at work because they are afraid if even one person is infected, everyone else will. The numbers are very likely to be correct in China because everyone is taking the highest precautions.

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    I love how every country from the third world (South America, Africa, East Europe) hasn't reported any cases, for instance Bulgaria – all of its neighbours have it, but Bulgaria doesn't, huh. Or look at Africa, only rich countries report it.

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    China has no new cases because they wont let people leave, likely not much testing, and only trying to control the virus.

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    At the rate we're going we'll surpass South Korea in total deaths this week. They've done a WAY better job at managing this than we have.
    We were unprepared and dragged our feet too long, esp on the west coast.

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    Sounds a bit like the Andromina Strain..

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    Dude China is coming back to activity slowly. They cautious. Why not? Because they cautious to return to normal, just need to read Chinese news. They will wait to stabilise the low numbers. Gets to 0 and waits more 14 days to be sure its clean and safe. Obvious

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    As of this evening, Fort Bend County (Sugarland outside of Houston) has their first case from someone who returned from overseas. My mom lives in San Antonio, near the hotel and mall where the woman was released and then tested positive again. The mall was closed after her visit.

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    Those 7 were Chinese restaurant workers living in Italy. Those people just returned home. They were infected in Italy. The Chinese gov’t recently passed a law requiring everyone to wear masks outdoors. Non compliance means jail time for endangering public safety. They employed extremely strict policy tracking everyone’s movement. Everyone is issued a QR code, which must be scanned once one leaves home. To get on a subway, you need to scan once to show you are healthy, scanned again if you want to move to the next section on the train. Groceries and packages were delivered at the community gate where people go picking up once one’s name is called. They want to keep economic activities down to ensure continuing decline in infected numbers. If other gov’t were applying the same procedures, we should not be having increasing number of infected.

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    Although the case fatality rate of COVID-19 is lower, the virus has already killed more people than the other two outbreaks combined, which some have attributed to the pathogen’s fast transmission.

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    Its time to stand up and fight…otherwise they will kill millions, its your decision, fold and give in or deal with these morons

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    This is what is going to happen..

    1.) The USA will implement self quarantine..

    2.) Self quarantine doesnt work next shut down a 30 mile radius of the epicenter..

    3.) virus spreads at a rapid speed all major cities on lock down

    4.)food shortages medicine shortages mass cahos military gets involved

    5.) virus mutates into something that is way deadlier…

    6.) The big pharma tries to come up with a vaccine takeing short cuts in return creating something thats out of the movies..

    7.)The list goes on and on get ready 2020 is comeing in with a keg of coronavirus.✌

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    So far this coronavirus outbreak in the USA is proving to be a non-event. As Dr. Fauci and Dr. Adams the Surgeon General have stated, there's no need to panic at this time in America. It's clear that California isn't going to turn into Hubei Province and Los Angeles isn't going to turn into Wuhan. Why is this? Well, the largest concentration of Chinese nationals in this country is in Los Angeles County. Before travel from China was cut off, huge numbers of Chinese arrived in this country with thousands of them headed to Los Angeles County. The San Gabriel Valley in L.A. (Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, San Marino etc.) is home to hundreds of thousands of Chinese Americans, permanent resident Green Card holders, students and other Chinese nationals and around the Chinese New Year large numbers of Chinese come here to visit family and friends.

    So the one place in America that received that highest number of Chinese before the travel restrictions were activated should have been where the location where Coronavirus cases starting popping up. Over a month has gone by and there have been almost no cases in Los Angeles County among the Chinese or Asian American population. All of the hospitals in the County and the L.A. County Department of Health Services have been on the alert for Coronavirus cases, but there have no cases of infection from community spread–the 6 recently identified cases were all linked to travel or a person already infected with the virus.

    So as Dr. Fauci has said, 80% of the people who become infected with Covid-19 have minor signs and symptoms–it's just a case of the flu. Twenty percent of people, mainly older and with pre-existing conditions will develop more serious disease. At this time there is no evidence of any widespread community infection and no widespread serious cases occurring anywhere in this country. The current number of cases is about 160 and only a handful are in serious/critical condition.

    The public health officials at the Federal, State and local levels have a thorough understanding of the problem and are acting accordingly. The guy who made this video is not an expert–he doesn't know the first thing about infectious disease epidemiology. The doctors and people who run hospitals in this country are well prepared for action. There is no data that suggests that America is going to turn into Hubei Province. Why? The obvious answer is that Hubei Province is in China, not America. The "environmental conditions" are completely different there as are the conditions in Italy and Iran.

    This guy is just dumping gasoline on a bonfire and spreading fear and misinformation to promote his website and profits. Don't listen to him. Go check out what Dr. Anthony Fauci is saying and listen to your local health departments.

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    Coronavirus Drinking Game –

    Every time Chris says "honeybadger" – take a drink
    Every time Chris says "get arms around it" – pick someone else to take a drink
    Every time a new country gets it's first case – take a drink
    Every time the WHO says something politically-correct over something that's actually helpful to stop the virus – take 3 drinks
    Every time you hear "it's just the cold/flu" – start coughing violently and then offer them a drink
    Every time you see politicians point to the stock market as an indicator of how the virus will behave – shake your head and try not to drink
    Every time you hear the CDC say "the threat remains low" – buy some extra supplies including some extra alcohol so you can keep playing

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    China Bought WHO –

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    Check out what's happening with 2 cruise ships. The Grand Princess, and the MSC Opera. More misinformation, I fear, is going to result in another horror.

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    >Blame PC Culture
    >Ignore the fact that mobs have attacked busses and hospitals
    >Ignore that Asians from all parts of Asia, as well as ones born in Europe are being targeted and harassed about virus concerns
    >Profit off right wing low information viewers

    This is not to say that the information is not important, and that I believe all the "good news" but pretending that the people who are infected are not under threat from the not ill out of fear is irresponsible.


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    in Italy the test is free.

  67. Avatar

    or Apple can invest into robotics and automated assembly and not rely on assembly by hand.

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    It did mutate. More agressive and transmissible. National Science Review published paper on origins state that 70% are the newer more lethal L type & 30% are the ancestral S type. Its mutated to get worse

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    About why Thailand has so little cases (just a thought, comments appreciated) :

    The main route of transmission of SARS CoV infection is presumed to be respiratory droplets. However the virus is also detectable in other body fluids and excreta. The stability of the virus at different temperatures and relative humidity on smooth surfaces were studied. The dried virus on smooth surfaces retained its viability for over 5 days at temperatures of 22-25°C and relative humidity of 40-50%, that is, typical air-conditioned environments. However, virus viability was rapidly lost (>3 log at higher temperatures and higher relative humidity (e.g., 38°C, and relative humidity of >95%). The better stability of SARS coronavirus at low temperature and low humidity environment may facilitate its transmission in community in subtropical area (such as Hong Kong) during the spring and in air-conditioned environments. It may also explain why some Asian countries in tropical area (such as Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand) with high temperature and high relative humidity environment did not have major community outbreaks of SARS. © 2011 K. H. Chan et al.

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    So you believe you have more accumulated knowledge of the virus than the World Health Organizatioon. Got it thanks.

  71. Avatar

    Also a spokesperson at the hospital in Ghent, I believe, said they were working together with the Bill Gates foundation!! But Bill Gates ordered a study done on the Corona virus in Leuven, where I live, before the outbreak! And then there is the simulation that was done, Bill Gates was involved in that too, just about a month before the outbreak?!

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    China do have millions of Chinese citizens living working or studying overseas. If the pandemic overseas are out off control, many of them will eventually come back to China. That's why those import cases came from. Alreay hundreds of Chinese in Iran evaluated back to China. Chinese in Italy are also coming back. If the EU fail to contain and control the pandemic, Chinese will eventually decide to go back. I am one of them. When you see China is doing all the rigour measures and EU did nothing, you better leave.

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    I think all of the efforts dealing with the coronavirus is a lesson in futility! Perhaps we should just let the virus run rampant in the USA and play with the cards we are dealt with. After all, this disease is going to make its way throughout the entire population.

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    Open your mind, you see how China sacrifice the economy to contain this virus, they shut entire Hubei province down even with over hundred million people living in. Yet, you still dont trust the results. What can I say……Many of the stories on Youtube and other Western media are holding a strong anti China sentiment. No matter what Chinese Gov have done, they all wrong. But how about take care of your own people first? How did the US gov and EU countries did to deal with this pandemic? Western mindset in completely different than Chinese way of thinking due to a huge cultural differences, when dealing with this highly contagious virus, Chinese always doing very cautious but optimistic. Chinese gov levels all provinces based on the numbers of infected they had, the more people infected the more rigour measures will be. The reason why factories are reopen slowly is because many workers are from the central China where the level of risk is high, during the Chinese new year most of the workers went back home for family reunion, but because of this epidemic they have to stay at home for self quarantine, they cant leave the province easily without full tests and scans. That's causes a huge difficulties for industries to restart. There are still a lot of knowledges that you needs to learn about China.

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    Waiting 3 or even 4 weeks before restarting Chinese industry to be sure(r) that no cases are being overlooked is a lot better than starting, having to stop and start the the two weeks all over again.

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    This is a bio weapon and the faster we act like adults and acknowledge that the better we can act on it.

  77. Avatar

    We haven't begun to test yet. Once we do the cases will rise. This weapon has a 3 to 5 year lifespan and will go around the globe at least 3 times.
    Prepare and Educate.

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    How does a person on the island collectivity of Saint Bartholemy get the virus? The population is about 10,000 people. Wealthy? Powerful?

  79. Avatar

    There is no reason that everyone cannot exercise Universal Precautions, in other words, assume we are all infected and base our community interactions upon that assumption. That way, individuals are not singled out and stigmatized and public health is maximized.

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    The Who is consulting with witchdoctors.

  81. Avatar

    Hubei is pronounced “hu-bay” just fyi

  82. Avatar

    Chris, make that at least 50 now!!

  83. Avatar

    This is what I have to say about Iran:

  84. Avatar

    Hey man, if you want to have the most updated cases in Italy, you should check this link:

    It's in Italian, but I'm sure you can figure it out.

    Great job, love your work!

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    We got 31 cases in Greece, why its not included in the spreadshit?

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    Thank you. Much love and respect from North Carolina. You've been on it since the beginning.✊🏾

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    What the WHO is practicing is "Framing in Perfection", same as our responsible Healthminster, they are all ignorant f….ing B.stards.
    Greets from Germany

    Keep America great!

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    All the health and government officials lying about the effectiveness of masks is another reason why people don't trust their advice! It would be much better for us as the general public if they would be upfront and honest. If you're worried that there's going to be a shortage of masks for healthcare professionals. If you want to make sure people that are putting their lives on the line to help combat this virus get protective equipment first, then that makes sense…we can respect that but don't tell us lies about the masks not helping us. It only makes us feel skeptical about anything officials tell us.

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    SARS-CoV-2 is the virus and Covid-19 is the disease caused by the virus.

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    Well, seems like it can not be contained and the epidemic going to stay for maybe a year, so it's time to snap out of the panic and to move on with life. Not gonna be skipping gym for a year to get it eventually anyway.

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    In China everyone called this illness: 武汉病毒 Wuhan Virus。Talk to the chinese themselves there…, am not exaggerating. Basically it is WUHANVIRUS. It is somehow well known as Coronavirus worldwide (but there are many different coronaviruses around). Politically, Tedros from WHO officially named it Covid19. By the way, I would conclude this here regarding the name: it is coronavirus from Wuhan, called simply WUHANVIRUS like in mainland China. and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus himself is officially the Covid19.

  92. Avatar

    Youre a fucking idiot, and so is anyone who is listening to your fear mongering.

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