Alex Jones has finally met his most dangerous opponent.

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    What happened to part 2?????

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    It takes fear to make everyone shit their pants and turn into conspiracy theorists, take stability away and people don't know what's real anymore, if people saw what people would become 6 months ago you'd bet they'd see the utterly deluded panicking & paranoid about their precious government as they try to make sense of what they don't understand or care to understand because Ignorance is the best methodology to make sense of the world instead of saying 'No one actually really knows what's going on' it becomes 'There's a spooky hidden cabal centered around Bill Gates (I may have no evidence of it but it makes me feel comfortable and because of that I'm the resistance)'. Bill Gates 'Population Control' is literally just him saying that Wealth makes people have less kids because wealth comes from education, so to combat child mortality and overpopulation we need to help the third world go from being poor and backwards to being educated and in turn wealthy.

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    Don’t tell me you didn’t see, bill gates Arturo Sosa and dr fauci sitting together !

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    But seriously, fuck Bill Gates.

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    They deleted part 2. Youtube had no reason to ban that.

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    Do any of yall notice Part 2 is gone… very interesting

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    Part 2 was taken down due to "hate speech". Did no one watch yesterdays live broadcast..

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    All that zinc isn't done Alex's brain any harm!

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    Wheres part 2 gone!!??

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    by now alex jones deserves an orchestra that follows him everywhere he goes, and creates his own live background music. Totally deserved. If not he, who? If not now, when?

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    Did part 2 get deleted?

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    Need to get these two together

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    Where Is the second Video acailable?

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    Alex Jones inspires me

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    Any chance you can, upload the intro to part 2? I miss it already 😒

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    I still can't understand if he is literally insane or has simply cornered the market on selling insanity.

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    Folks this is no joke, let's kill them all will do the planet good

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    Alex " I'm going to suck you dry forever" Jones

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    4:15 actually creeped me out.

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    More funny than Joe Rogan's standup.

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    So this is what happens when god’s clash

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    Imagine AJ Working for the WWE

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    He s a funny guy . I know he s on to something. Some weird people out there .

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    Agree with him or not, but you can't not love this guy

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    You’ll be in your wheel chair

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    Weird how what Alex is saying in videos is coming to light.

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    Ping they took down your part 2

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    Alex Jones is a national treasure.

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    Alex Jones is some kind of prophet

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    this is one of my favourite videos on youtube

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    Nobody can make me cry with laughter like Alex Jones.
    God bless Alex Jones

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    When you can't decide if you're listening 60 IQ or 260 IQ content.

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    what happened to part 2?

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    What happened to the one that had the "dad rant" from the show in early April in it… Im trying to find the dad rant

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    6:57 when you hit it from behind.

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    Alex is a prophet, people with intellectual mind will not understand, because he talks from his heart not mind.

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    Jokes aside, it really makes u think about how much of it is true since the government has done so much to suppress him. He essentially has been wiped off the earth aside from archived clips.

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    Check out Gates, he is literally a devil that wants to kill people in order to keep population down

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    Someone brain raped this man to the point of insanity.
    Funny and sad at the same time

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    I wonder what it would have been like if Alex voiced Kratos

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    how did you get ads in this kinda of video wtf yt is broken

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    Isaiah 8:11 This is what the Lord says to me with his strong hand upon me, warning me not to follow the way of this people:

    12 “Do not call conspiracy

    everything this people calls a conspiracy;

    do not fear what they fear,

    and do not dread it.

    13 The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy,

    he is the one you are to fear,

    he is the one you are to dread.

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    Hilarious but sadly so true!!!

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    What happened to part 2?

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    Alex has officially been fucked by MK-ultra lol

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    The left and democrats need to hire late night shows to "try" to be funny. Somehow, Alex manages to be an all-in-one package of info and entertainment. LMAO

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    What else to do than play god if you have so much money that you can buy whole fucking countries. And people are surprised that these “non profit Organisations” run so smoothly…

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    What anime is this?

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    Alex Jones was right all along

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    Bill Gates is the goddamn devil, and Alex is our savior!!!

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    I agree with alex about bill gates

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    Jonsei wants to literally kill Billy boy Gatesy!

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    What the hell did I just watch

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    6:40: Epic rant. Any platform would have to be deranged to demonetize it.

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    When you don't know what you're hearing is IQ 60 or 260.

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    The best part is you dont even have to edit the Alex bits that much 😂

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    thank God for alex JONES

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    i believe everything he says.

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    This wasn't even funny. It's scary as shit

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    This is like if the Macho Man did an evil comedy show… this guy is hilarious. Anyone know where to find full seasons?

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    If anyone is into WWE, Alex Jones looks like the love child of Bubba Ray Dudley and Bray Wyatt

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    Something tells me Jones wasn't kidding when he said "ALEX JONES GOT THE DMT! THE DMT! THE DMT!".

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    The funniest video yet. Alex is too much haha

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    I unironically believe Alex tho.

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    0:24 I just realized that the music perfectly lines up with Alex Jones looking up at the camera. The way his eyes flick right up and pierce into your soul…

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    Damn how tf I end up here lol

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    Alex Jones is some of the best inspiration for writing sci fi cosmic horror

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    I never understood how many people hate Bill Gates because he is successful. This guy doing a hell of humanitarian work. Still I found people try to defame him with conspiracy theory or Photoshop some aweful name in his OG building n show it as a proof he is a devil worshiper or something.

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    I wish Alex Jones comes out as a Flat Earth. Then it will be complete. This is the only thing he left out of this conspiracy mind.

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    Keep Boycott the mask. Plz keep doing more of this. Don't wear mask on public. U guys r helping US to reach number 1. Number UNO.. thank u Alex n Right wing. U guys r doing Osama Bin Laden work without him being alive. Only if he alive to see this. Blamed the one guy who try to help n warn people. Good job

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    When you realize PingTrip understands how information propagates way better than you assumed he did.

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    Will someone please animate the part about getting cancer and sitting in a wheel chair while they do a marathon for you lmao

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    Shit! After this video my Win 10 laptop blue screened! Bill Gates is watching 0.o

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    Bill Gates is kinda authoritarian

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    You need more subs man. This channel is awesome!

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    One thing I wonder is why Alex Jones like Elon musk but not bill gates

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    This is real stuff that Alex Jones talking about.

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    Watching this on a 5G phone with 5G not yet enabled.

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    3:16 uuuuuh hello COVID-19

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    That smile is going to haunt my dreams.

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    the intro to this is like the greatest thing ive ever besides the rest of the video

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    Maybe the most epic edit of all time

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    jonesy lokking very fit and healthy

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    Hes always been right regardless of how crazy he sounds.

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    This is a masterpiece and Alex Jones is a legend, come at me

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    I mean, he’s not wrong lol

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    I dont think ive ever started laughing before I even clicked on a video before

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    Is this even edited besides the music 🤣 seems pretty typical of them both

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    Su blog es un éxito, muy completo. Ahhh cuando la pasión está ahí, todo es 🙂 Emily Freddy Davina

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