>AI influencers are making real money selling content on websites like OnlyFans. Learn about the latest generative AI tech, like Stable Diffusion XL, and how to run it locally on your PC for free.

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🔗 Resources

Fooocus on GitHub https://github.com/lllyasviel/Fooocus
Aitana Influencer Article https://www.entrepreneur.com/business-news/this-ai-fitness-model-makes-11000-a-month/465975
OpenAI Drama https://youtu.be/4Ff2ZrhVkp0?si=gyRHZl_LJw_NU6Co />
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🔖 Topics Covered

– Who is behind Aitana Lopez AI
– StableDiffusionXL tutorial
– Fooocus tutorial
– How to make money with AI
– How to generate AI images for free
– AI business ideas

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