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In this episode, Peter discusses with PeterBot, his AI robot version, the public’s fears about AI, particularly its potential impact on job loss. The episode underscores the transformative potential of AI in various sectors, especially healthcare, and the importance of distinguishing between science fiction fears and the real-world implications of AI.


0:00 – Finding Common Ground With AI
0:27 – AI: Should We Fear It?
1:42 – Exponential Thinking with AI
2:32 – AI: Benefits & Challenges
3:32 – Prepare For Change, Not Fear It
7:17 – Combating The Deep Fakes Threat
8:06 – AD: Personalized Sleep Temperature
9:42 – AI Solving Post-Truth Issues
11:39 – AI: Threats To Humanity
12:30 – AI, Deep Fakes, & Democracy
15:57 – AD: Longevity – Fact Check For Change
17:18 – AI: Safety & Ethics matter
20:21 – Responsible Development of AI
21:50 – AGI & Super-Intelligence Emerge Soon?
24:18 – Fears Around AI & Job Loss


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