Digital life – Towards the goal of Total Decentralization

Once you have perfected this game you will be ready to play for real. Real Crypto and free expression at


Digital life is an idea or rather an epiphany induced by years of research and observation.


On the heb i am making a series of films that will accompany these theories.


Phycospritual, Creativity, Freedom, Dream Matrix.

A heb is a knowledge coin. It’s value to you is infinite, but not on this current plane of reality.

A heb has no monetary value and is just a fun way to learn crypto, educate yourself and donate to the projects.

Signup for free and get 100 hebs for Free and that’s just to get you started. Real Wealth exists beyond monetary gain.

Instance Amount Limit
Heb's for becoming a member 100 -
Heb's for logging in 1 Maximum once per day
Heb's for referring a visitor 100 Maximum once per day
Heb's for referring a new member 10 Maximum once
Heb's for Approved Comment 3 Maximum 10 times per post
Heb's for viewing a post 1 No limit
Heb's for viewing a page 1 No limit

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